Disasters - SERIES 343


Main articles: 14

Melting glacier in China draws tourists, climate worries [2]

Ex-India state official: Most train victims migrant workers [1]

Japan to invite ASEAN air force officers to observe SDF training [1]

Voter message to the Liberals is clear: turn back to the people

Theresa May warned of leadership coup if there's no Brexit deal by Christmas

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Fashion - SERIES 331


Main articles: 28

Victoria Beckham cried for 2 days after David said marriage was 'hard work' [2]

Sex trafficking drama 'Joy' named best film in competition at London Film Festival [1]

Take This Lazy Girl Test And We’ll Guess How Big Your Boobs Are [1]

One Direction slapped with eye-watering £24m tax bill during their hiatus

Michelle Keegan's movie debut in Strangeways Here We Come 'FLOPS'

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War Countries - SERIES 305


Main articles: 18

Trump says U.S. will pull out of 1987 intermediate range nuke pact [3]

Japan-South Korea spat over wartime flag continues [1]

Afghanistan election is rocked by violence and chaos - Los Angeles Times [1]

Islamic State group frees 6 hostages in exchange with Syrian government - Los Angeles Times [1]

'Dark day': Congo rebels kill 2 health agents fighting Ebola [1]

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Autos - SERIES 170


Main articles: 11

Sunday 7: Capable off-road chariots | Drive.com.au

Tesla's future 'dog mode' would prevent humans from panicking

From Ford to Volkswagen, rivals become frenemies to share the cost of building self-driving cars

New F-Type Jag is too precious to get down and dirty on the race track

Peugeot confirms hybrid performance model | Drive.com.au

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War Countries - SERIES 304


Main articles: 21

UK government considers 'next steps' as Saudi Arabia admits Jamal Khashoggi died in consulate [19]

Africa's youngest billionaire ‘home safe’ after being kidnapped by masked gunman [2]

Jamie Dornan cuts a dashing figure in a three-piece suit [1]

Sex trafficking drama 'Joy' named best film in competition at London Film Festival [1]

Fears Hong Kong is losing its freedom as China tightens grip on city

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Travel - SERIES 298


Main articles: 13

Travel Around The World And We'll Tell You Which Language You Should Learn [6]

The Dark Lore of Black Cats [1]

The 25 best TV shows to watch on Netflix UK [1]

22-year-old man says mom packed his bags after gun was found by TSA at Baltimore airport

Watch this plane make an incredible sideways landing at Bristol Airport due to storm winds

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Disasters - SERIES 342


Main articles: 20

'Calm before the storm' Meghan gazes at Harry rehearsing Invictus Games speech [3]

Africa's youngest billionaire ‘home safe’ after being kidnapped by masked gunman [2]

How alien encounter inspired Jo Wood to embark on new mission [1]

Almost 700,000 march to demand ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit deal [1]

The Dark Lore of Black Cats [1]

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War Countries - SERIES 303


Main articles: 13

Jamal Khashoggi's death: what will Saudi Arabia do next? [12]

Saudi admission on Khashoggi's death won't touch 'reformist' crown prince [2]

Cate Blanchett defends straight actors who play gay characters [1]

Nikki Haley mocks Trump and Elizabeth Warren in speech a week after resigning

Congo's controversial voting machines start arriving

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