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War Countries - SERIES 542


Main articles: 31

Yemen's warring parties agree to Hodeidah ceasefire at end of peace... [4]

Yemen rivals agree to ceasefire around 'lifeline' port city [2]

The winners of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 competition [2]

Fire destroys new voting machines ahead of DRC election [1]

Senate prepares vote to curtail U.S. support for Saudi-led military effort in Yemen [1]

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War Countries - SERIES 541


Main articles: 21

'What gives them the right to bomb us?' Exhausted Yemenis demand halt to war

Canadians detained in China could be held incommunicado for months

Buchanan: America Is an 'Unserious Nation" in a 'Deadly Serious World'

10 Things to Know for Today

South Koreans argue over plan for objectors to substitute military...

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War Countries - SERIES 540


Main articles: 10

China detains second Canadian in fallout from Dec. 1 arrest of tech executive Meng Wanzhou

[INTERVIEW] NGOs 'better at solving some of North Korea's intractable problems'

Forever prisoners: were a father and son wrongly ensnared by America’s war on terror?

Senate to vote on aid to Yemen in wake of Khashoggi slaying

U.N. chief joins Yemen peace talks as pressure builds for port deal

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War Countries - SERIES 539


Main articles: 18

Defying Trump, US Senate advances measure to end support for Saudis in Yemen [3]

Easing tensions along the Korean DMZ | Pictures | Reuters [2]

A Senate Vote Signals That An End Is Coming To US Aid To Saudi Arabia's War In Yemen — If Not Now, Then Next Year [1]

Punishing the Saudi prince [1]

US Senate rebukes Saudi Arabia over Yemen war, Khashoggi murder

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War Countries - SERIES 538


Main articles: 28

Defying Trump, U.S. Senate advances resolution to end support for... [4]

Yemen warring parties agree to reopen Sanaa airport, resume oil,... [3]

Senate starts debate on US role in Yemen [1]

Twitter CEO responds to Myanmar criticism: 'I need to learn more' [1]

Trump's says he's not worried about impeachment. After what just happened to Cohen he really should be [1]

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War Countries - SERIES 537


Main articles: 19

Turkey primed to start offensive against US-backed Kurds in Syria [2]

Maduro accuses U.S. official of plotting Venezuela invasion, gives... [1]

Nicolás Maduro accuses White House of direct role in assassination attempt [1]

Sen. Chris Murphy Says He Is "Not Planning" To Run For President, But Wouldn't Explicitly Rule It Out [1]

While Working for Trump, Giuliani Courts Business Abroad

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War Countries - SERIES 536


Main articles: 24

The 24 Best YA Books Of 2018 [16]

Strasbourg 'Christmas market gunman' who killed three and injured 13 [6]

Analysis | The Daily 202: Five implications of Trump’s Oval Office clash with Pelosi and Schumer over the border wall [6]

Turkey expanding military operation in northern Syria: Erdogan [2]

Yemen warring parties agree to reopen Sanaa airport, still in talks... [2]

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War Countries - SERIES 535


Main articles: 17

Khashoggi murder: Trump says he stands by Saudi crown prince [4]

Fueled by Jamal Khashoggi murder, Senate poised to open historic debate on U.S. role in Yemen war [1]

Turkey will start operation east of Euphrates in Syria in a 'few... [1]

Analysis | After years of crisis, there are small signs life in Venezuela could get better

From Aretha Franklin to Billy Graham: A look at those we've lost in 2018

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