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Fashion - SERIES 1280


Main articles: 13

Damian Hurley recreates his mother's iconic Versace ‘Safety Pin Dress’

'Purple Rain' 35th anniversary: We dive into the Prince cult classic for the first time

Lisa Rinna reveals she 'probably' has issues with food from being 'in this business'

Lizzo: Her wild style from the stage and red carpet

'No, that's not for me': Chris Colfer on returning for a 'Glee' reboot

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Fashion - SERIES 1279


Main articles: 16

Analysis: Mueller has spoken, but 2020 may be the final word [1]

Boris Johnson's shambolic style marks a new era for political dress [1]

Tinder announces new safety feature to protect LGBT+ users in countries with discriminatory laws [1]

Forever 21 apologises for sending out diet bars with orders of plus-size clothes

Mr Porter is providing a safe space for men to discuss mental health

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Fashion - SERIES 1278


Main articles: 11

Where is Kate Middleton’s £1 million wedding tiara now? Did it cost more than Meghan's?

Review | ‘Tiger Style!’ roars about stereotypes in Mike Lew’s comedy

The Best Cover-Ups for Summer 2019

Inside 'The Hunger Games' World At China's New Adult Theme Park

Theresa May’s exit look secures her leopard print legacy

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Fashion - SERIES 1277


Main articles: 11

Dan Walker: ‘Very important’ BBC star's cheeky underwear remark amid Boris Johnson win [1]

Nike's rare 'Moon Shoe' is sold for $437,500, shattering the auction record for sneakers [1]

Remember when Ursula Andress emerged in a white bikini?

Sending a message: Runner restrictions set to be eased in 2020

'It will make brands a lot of money if they do it properly'

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Fashion - SERIES 1276


Main articles: 11

Boris Johnson and the Rise of Silly Style [1]

Shop pulls ‘body shaming’ plates with ‘Skinny Jeans’ portion sizes following backlash

Opinion: We should axe every pale, male and stale superhero character we can get our hands on

How much money does Ivanka Trump have? Does she get a salary from Donald Trump?

Lisa Rinna praises daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin for revealing mental health struggles

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Fashion - SERIES 1275


Main articles: 10

Les Coyotes de Paris Is The Clothing Brand Inspired By The Arts [1]

The anniversary of Sharon Tate's murder is no 'beauty inspiration' [1]

Queen Letizia looks glamorous in head to toe pink on outing in Spain with King Felipe

Ariana Grande speaks out after celebrity photographer is accused of 'predatory' behaviour

True Life: I Got Conned by Anna Delvey

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Fashion - SERIES 1274


Main articles: 15

The voice of Hong Kong's silent majority must be heard - Opinion [1]

It's good to be king: Disney's 'The Lion King' remake rakes in a record-setting $185M [1]

Eating more fruit and veg can reduce risk of developing diabetes by almost a quarter

Trump says Mueller shouldn't get 'another bite at the apple'

Everything you need to know about the huge update to GTA

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Fashion - SERIES 1273


Main articles: 10

'You're breathtaking': Keanu Reeves pulls another classic Keanu move, surprises fans

An Ethical Crocodile Handbag?

Perspective | I’m thrilled to be a grandmother. Just don’t call me granny.

Comic-Con: Why Scarlett Johansson feels it's 'the right time' for solo 'Black Widow' film

Linen is no longer the last taboo of winter dressing

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