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Disasters - SERIES 1518


Main articles: 20

North Korea Launches Short-Range Missiles, South Korea Says [2]

Shipwreck kills up to 150 people off the coast of Libya [2]

UK heatwave: How to keep your dog cool on what’s set to be hottest UK day of all time [2]

PG&E expects $4.8 billion of initial contribution to California... [1]

Bagan temple climbing off-limits as city named Unesco site

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Disasters - SERIES 1517


Main articles: 24

Editor's Choice Pictures | Pictures | Reuters [6]

Rattled Trump threatens journalists questioning him on Mueller hearings as impeachment calls intensify - follow live [2]

Analysis: Mueller has spoken, but 2020 may be the final word [1]

Rapper Meek Mill granted new trial 11 years after gun conviction [1]

Robert Mueller has spoken, but 2020 may be the final word [1]

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Disasters - SERIES 1516


Main articles: 11

China says some Hong Kong protester actions 'intolerable' [1]

Mueller answers Trump taunts in testimony unlikely to change the political dynamic [1]

Opinion | Democrats wanted to see the Mueller movie. They didn’t get it. [1]

House Democrats should be rounded up, arrest for elder abuse

The Blockbuster That Wasn’t: Mueller Disappoints the Democrats

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Disasters - SERIES 1515


Main articles: 21

Live: Mueller says he could’ve subpoenaed Trump but declined because he knew Trump would fight it and prolong the Russia investigation [11]

Opinion | The Mueller bombshell that wasn’t [6]

Analysis: Mueller has spoken, but 2020 may be the final word [2]

Opinion | The Opposite Flaws of Trump and Mueller [1]

Boris Johnson's shambolic style marks a new era for political dress [1]

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Disasters - SERIES 1514


Main articles: 17

Tigers fed chicken ice cubes as Europe swelters under record-breaking heat wave [2]

Ice cubes for tigers as heatwave smashes records in Europe [2]

New PM Johnson's arrival speech in Downing Street [2]

Analysis: The Robert Mueller hearings are nasty reruns and depressing TV [1]

Boris Johnson had alarm bells ringing in EU with maiden speech - 'Trying to pin blame'

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Disasters - SERIES 1513


Main articles: 20

Trump responds to 'disaster' Mueller testimony [18]

Mueller says he did not exonerate Trump, defends inquiry's integrity [12]

Beijing hints it can deploy troops in Hong Kong if requested [1]

Macron-backed EU-Canada trade deal is a ‘disaster’ - anger as CETA approved by France [1]

Analysis | The Daily 202: Trump’s threats against Big Tech create the appearance that a new DOJ antitrust probe is political [1]

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Disasters - SERIES 1512


Main articles: 24

Boris Johnson Cabinet news: Latest line-up leaks as Boris Johnson prepares to enter No 10 [11]

Editor's Choice Pictures | Pictures | Reuters [8]

Boris Johnson SHOCK: The new Prime Minister’s real name is NOT what you think [1]

Moon trees, moon film, monk honored: News from around our 50 states [1]

Japan's Tepco to decommission second Fukushima nuclear station [1]

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Disasters - SERIES 1511


Main articles: 22

Beijing indicates it can deploy troops in Hong Kong if requested [1]

Dozens killed, thousands displaced by flooding in Bangladesh [1]

Japan's Tepco to decommission second, undamaged Fukushima nuclear... [1]

Royal bombshell: Queen Elizabeth ‘disturbed’ by one Prime Minister reveals expert

Landslides in southwest China kill 12; 34 missing

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