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New Zealand shooting: Sadistic attacker LIVE STREAMED his callous act on Facebook A CHRISTCHURCH gunman live-streamed his sickening attack on Facebook as at least nine people were shot dead at a mosque in New Zealand on Friday. At least nine have been killed in the attacks (Image: REUTERS) In disturbing footage made by the gunman, he says he identifies as a 28-year-old white man from Australia who had planned the attack for the last two years Commissioner Mike Bush said it was a very serious and grave situation and warned people not to leave their homes
Trump-loving 'Brit' gunman wrote sick manifesto before mosque attacks A ‘BRITISH’ gunman who is believed to have filmed himself slaughtering Muslims in a New Zealand mosque wrote a chilling manifesto before the “terrorist attack”. The white-supremacist shooter, 28, w… Who decided to take a stand to ensure a future for my people, he wrote Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called it one of New Zealand’s darkest days A massive police response is under way with the city locked down Canterbury Police tweeted: We have a critical incident in Christchurch
Some critics would like to veto Beto O’Rourke Journalists continue to wallow in admiration for Beto O’Rourke, who jumped into the White House race surrounded by adoring words just about everyone else in the press — except those who favor certain Democrats who already have entered the White House race. “Betobuzz” and “Betomania” lingers among those who can’t quite get over Mr. O’Rourke’s cool and casual mien, or the moment he leaped atop a lunch counter in an Iowa coffee shop to make a speech. It found that 33 percent of Americans overall would like Christmas Eve declared a national holiday Source: A Pew Research Center analysis of American Trends Panel polls and multiple surveys conducted throughout 2018 • Kindly follow Jennifer Harper on Twitter @HarperBulletin
Christchurch shooting LIVE: Several reported dead at Al Noor, Linwood Mosques Police say a serious and evolving situation continues with an active shooter. reports that the shooters' rifles had Alexandre Bissonette and Luca Traini written on them - the names of mosque shooters in Italy and Canada A witness inside the Christchurch mosque said a man came in with an automatic rifle and shot people
Congress has a breaking point. Trump may have found it this week. This week, in a remarkable series of bipartisan rebukes to the president, Congress showed sings of pushing back. Analysis World North America US border battle Congress has a breaking point The War Powers Act was written to prevent military engagements without congressional approval Some judges may count that as evidence of congressional intent, Goldsmith said, though he added that he disagreed with that view
Menacing messages from jihadi bride who wants to RETURN to Australia The stunning hypocrisy of a jihadi bride who is demanding to return to Australia after joining ISIS in Syria is laid bare in menacing messages she sent at height of the group's reign of terror. Poison your teachers, go to haram restaurants and poison the food in large quantities,' she wrote But Jerah died aged 18 days old last week after suffering pneumonia The British government stripped Miss Begum of her British citizenship It said it was able to do so because she also held a Bangladeshi passport
Korea to offer $12 million in humanitarian aid to Syria, its neighbors Islamic State militant along with women and children walk as they surrendered in the village of Baghouz, Deir Al Zor province, Syria, March 14 Led by Deputy Foreign Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs Kang Jeong-sik, the South Korean delegation unveiled the plan during the Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region in Brussels on Thursday
When Democrats surrender to Kim Jong-un There’s no living with a nuclear-armed North Korea If we are lucky, increased likelihood of nuclear war with more nuclear-armed actors is merely additive So compared to the Cold War, the triple threat from Russia, China and North Korea increases likelihood of nuclear war merely threefold Peter Vincent Pry, chief of staff of the congressional Electromagnetic Pulse Commission, served on the House Armed Services Committee and the CIA
'We don't have time to wait': Teenagers fight for a greener planet School students around the world take part in the Global Climate Strike to protest climate change and government inaction. Jerry Brown, President Donald Trump, Paradise Mayor Jody Jones and FEMA Administrator Brock Long survey damage left by the Camp Fire in Paradise, California, on Saturday, November 17 She hopes that the youth climate strikes will achieve more action from world leaders, pointing to the success of campaigners in Germany, who lobbied the government to phase out coal by 2038
Trump: We'll know in next 3 or 4 weeks about possible China trade deal President Donald Trump said Thursday the U.S. will probably know in the next three or four weeks about a possible trade deal with China. Jonathan Ernst | Reuters President Donald Trump listens to a question as he meets with former hostage Danny Burch, an oil engineer who was taken hostage in Yemen in September 2017, in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, March 6, 2019 The world's two largest economies have been embroiled in a trade war the past year, hitting each other with retaliatory tariffs
'I don't want to go back to Syria' Eight-year-old Rouaa used to dream about leaving Lebanon and returning home, but the "shelling and war" there has changed her mind. For the past few years, we have been visiting Rouaa, who is the same age as the Syrian conflict The eight-year-old used to dream about leaving Lebanon and returning home, but the shelling and war there has changed her mind Producer: Cara Swift Camera and editing: David McIlveen 15 Mar 2019
South Korea, US defense chiefs to meet later this month This past year we did what we call a Korea readiness review, and we played out the first 60 days of a Korean conflict to include the detailed logistics planning that was necessary to support operations for the first 60 days, he said He also expressed an intent to work to bridge gaps between South Korea and Japan ― two of the U.S.' closest allies in Asia
Opinion | China’s assault on human rights is the one thing bringing Washington together A bipartisan alliance condemns Beijing’s persecution of Uighurs. By Josh Rogin Josh Rogin Columnist covering foreign policy and national security Email Bio Follow Columnist March 14 at 5:58 PM It has become accepted Washington doctrine that, when it comes to foreign policy, the splits between the parties (and within them) are too wide to bridge Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) are at war over the Russia investigation, but they agree on this
Greg Massialas is patriarch of America's first family of fencing. His target: gold Greg Massialas' San Francisco club has contributed to a surge in American fencing, churning out a string of top-ranked competitors in the discipline of foil. The list includes his son, Alexander, who took silver at the 2016 Summer Games, and daughter, Sabrina, a junior world champion. The plan was audacious, devised by a fencer who had fallen short of his dreams He wanted them to try for the Olympics as teenagers and be ready for medal contention by their early 20s As an Olympic coach for Italy and then Russia, Stefano Cerioni watched this rise and noted Massialas’ part in it The silver in Rio along with a team bronze has him wanting more