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Senior Afghan official publicly criticizes U.S. negotiator on visit... A senior Afghan official on Thursday accused the U.S. peace negotiator of "... We think either Zal, Ambassador Khalilzad, doesn’t know how to negotiate (or) there may be other reasons behind what he’s doing, Mohib said The reason he is delegitimizing the Afghan government and weakening it, and at the same time elevating the Taliban can only have one approach Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
US Senate rebukes Trump over wall, but he vows veto The 59-41 vote marks the second Senate rebuke of Trump in two days. Under the emergency declaration Trump signed on Feb. 15, he would take money from other federal programs to build the barrier, which he says is needed to curb illegal immigration and drug trafficking (Reporting by Amanda Becker and Richard Cowan; additional reporting by Susan Cornwell, Doina Chiacu, Lawrence Hurley and Susan Heavey; editing by Jeffrey Benkoe and Bill Trott)
Republican senators defy Trump, reject national emergency declaration Donald Trump will be forced to issue his first presidential veto, after 12 Republican senators voted to reject his declaration of a national border emergency. Republican Senator Mitt Romney Republican Senator Lamar Alexander said: This declaration is a dangerous precedent On Wednesday seven Republicans defied the administration's wishes by voting with Democrats to end US financial assistance for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen
RAF fliers take Tornado for its last ever flight The single jet flew over a disbandment ceremony for its last two squadrons at RAF Marham in Norfolk, with Ian 'Doorknob' Dornan (left) as pilot and Stephen 'Bamber' Beardmore (right) as navigator. The RAF Tornado has completed its final flight after nearly 40 years in service A pilot and navigator nicknamed 'Doorknob' and 'Bamber' steered the plane for its final flypast as members of the two squadrons watched it roar overhead A disbandment parade takes place for the final two Tornado Squadrons at RAF Marham today
Analysis | The GOP Senate’s biggest rebuke to Trump yet Republicans have voted against Trump, but usually on symbolic measures and rarely this many. When momentum built for a bill to protect special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, it was eventually tabled Perhaps the biggest substantive rebukes to Trump have been on Russia and Yemen It was quite substantive, but the defections weren’t as big If Republicans suddenly become more comfortable bucking him, they’ll be emboldened to do it again
‘They will STAY’ French minister says ISIS children will remain in Syria ‘for now’  FRENCH minister says the children of ISIS fighters ‘will stay in Syria for now’ despite loudening calls to bring them home. The decision to cancel the jihadi bride’s passport was heavily criticised following her son’s death and the UK has since been urged to do more to protect the children of British terrorists These are children entitled to a childhood, deserving a fair chance in life
Senate votes to overturn Trump’s border wall emergency Republicans rushed to join Democrats Thursday in rebuking President Trump and his border wall plans, voting to overturn his emergency declaration and prevent him from using some Pentagon money to build new fencing. Mr. Trump tried to calm fears, saying Thursday’s vote wasn’t about weighty constitutional issues he insisted he was on firm footing there but rather about whether the border is secure GOP senators who opposed Mr. Trump said Thursday that when combined, the non-emergency funds give the president access to nearly all of the money he asked for originally
Senate Rejects Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration, Setting Up First Veto The Senate voted to overturn President Trump’s national emergency declaration, delivering a bipartisan rebuke for what lawmakers in both parties saw as executive overreach Advertisement WASHINGTON The Senate on Thursday easily voted to overturn President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the southwestern border, delivering a bipartisan rebuke to what lawmakers in both parties deemed executive overreach by a president determined to build his border wall over Congress’s objections How Every Senator Voted on Ending Trump’s National Emergency Twelve Republicans joined Democrats to block Trump’s emergency declaration
In Cuba, Obama's detente becomes history as Trump threatens Cuba has jettisoned rhetorical restraint toward the United States and is broadca... He branded Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro a Cuban puppet and a man controlled by the Cuban military and protected by a private army of Cuban soldiers Cuba has furnished tens of thousands of doctors, educators and other technical assistance including intelligence and military assistance to Venezuela’s socialist government since the time of Maduro’s predecessor, the late Hugo Chavez, who forged close ties with Fidel Castro Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
U.S. senators say Pentagon budget plan would use 'slush fund' for... Democratic U.S. senators berated top Defense Department officials on Thursday ov... Last year’s OCO request was only $69 billion with no separate funding broken out Senator Jack Reed, the top committee Democrat, called the move a particularly egregious misuse of the OCO account that exceeds any precedent and cannot be justified I do believe we may be heading in the direction of a full-year continuing resolution Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Ambassador Burns' Delusional Book About Russia Is a Neocon Job Application for 2020 The author is the longest serving foreign correspondent covering Russia. He published his fascinating memoirs in December of 2018. The author is the longest serving foreign correspondent covering Russia That semi-psychotic episode leads to more of the same According to Burns,  Obama’s initial question produced an unbroken 55-minute monologue filled with grievances, sharp asides, and acerbic commentary I sat wondering about the wisdom of my advice and my future in the new administration
Thieves steal fake €3m Bruegel masterpiece after police swap painting with copy Authorities frame art gang after being tipped off about plot The French air accident investigation authority said that it will handle the analysis of the black boxes retrieved from the crash site and they have already arrived in France but gave no time frame on how long the analysis could take AP 2/50 13 March 2019 Men carry a child who was rescued at the site of a collapsed building containing a school in Lagos, Nigeria Reuters 3/50 12 March 2019 A crab stuck in plastic in Verde Island Passage, Philippines
Four dead, hundreds detained after Venezuela blackout: rights groups Four people were killed and at least 300 were detained in association with prote... Venezuela plunged into a deep political crisis in January when Juan Guaido, head of the opposition-controlled congress, invoked the constitution to assume an interim presidency, arguing Maduro’s 2018 re-election was a sham Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
DRC health officials trained to combat spread of Ebola They do some decontamination work themselves, and also provide cleaning supplies for the households and health workers to use to prevent spread of the disease. Today in this health center in Mbaou, there have been two positive cases that have happened here, and we came with the team of hygienists for decontamination But the outbreak in a region of DR Congo with frequent fighting makes it hard for health workers to move around and monitor potential sufferers and to spread messages about how to avoid becoming sick
Rate of Ebola cases dropping but violence, mistrust impede progress warn experts The rate of weekly Ebola cases in Democratic Republic of Congo is declining but the picture on the ground remains dismal as a "criminal element," armed rebels and community distrust prevent aid... Despite WHO’s optimism, Doctors Without Borders this week said the disease is hard to track at its epicenter in Katwa in Butembo, with 43 percent of new patients in the last three weeks having no known links to other cases And we can’t pretend diseases are stopped by borders or walls or bans
U.N. raises $7 billion for Syria from donors The United Nations won almost $7 bln in aid pledges for Syria on Thursday, overc... under secretary general for humanitarian affairs, said that emergency aid would not solve the Syria crisis RUSSIAN ROLE That underscored Europe’s dilemma in its efforts to isolate Assad ($1 = 0.8850 euros) Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
British ex-soldier to be charged in Bloody Sunday killings A former British soldier will be charged in connection with the deaths of two civil rights protesters in Northern Ireland more than 40 years ago, part of an event known as Bloody Sunday. After the announcement, they were unable to hide their disappointment with the decision One of Saville's more damning conclusions was that Wray was shot twice once as he ran away, and once as he was on the ground Veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have also faced prosecution in the U.K
Yemenis bury children killed in Hajjah air strikes Hundreds of mourners in northern Yemen on Thursday buried 17 civilians, includin... Death to America, death to Israel! the crowd chanted HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS DISPLACED UNICEF said in a statement that since the beginning of March more than 37,000 people had been displaced within Hajjah province - around half of them children Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Opinion: The Bloody Sunday inquiry promised to give families closure. They're no closer to achieving it today Now that one former soldier involved in the killings has been charged, it’s clear there’s still a long way to go before those involved will feel like justice has been served Many prominent Conservative and Unionist politicians as well as senior army officers saw the tribunal, 28 years later, as a betrayal of the armed forces and pandering to republicans Consideration will now be given to allegations of perjury in respect of those suspects reported by police, he said Subscribe from just 15p a day for extra exclusives, events and ebooks – all with no ads
Billions pledged to help refugees inside Syria and on borders Numbers returning to Syria likely to exceed those leaving for first time during conflict The EU pledged an annual €560m (£477m) for 2019-2021, as well as extra cash for Turkey The US offered $397m, but Germany is the single largest national donor, announcing today it was making available €1.4bn But we must seek to minimise the number of ‘losers’ in the interest of creating lasting stability in future
General killed 100s of British troops in Iraq then fought with UK against ISIS Powerful Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani is rarely seen or speaks in public, but has shaped the Middle East's most important wars He is one of the most powerful figures in the Middle East , a military mastermind who has singlehandedly shaped some of recent history’s most world-changing wars The general, who is in charge of Iran's foreign military interventions, was blamed for causing the deaths of hundreds of British and American soldiers after deploying Iran’s military might to support Shia militants during the Iraq war And so our interests met and the result was achieved
Man City great Bert Trautmann's amazing life sounds like a movie — and now it is EXCLUSIVE: 'The Keeper' tells how Trautmann went from prisoner of war to winning the FA Cup — playing with a broken neck His life was phenomenal when you think what he went through he had been in Ukraine digging mass graves in the war Read More Mirror Football's Top Stories Coutinho puts Man Utd on red alert What Van Dijk shouted at Robertson Giggs backs Bale over Real woes What Messi said about Ronaldo
Civilians killed as government air strikes hit Syria's Idlib First strikes in weeks kill civilians, including children, in last rebel-held province, Syria's Civil Defence says. Last September, Russia and Turkey, which backs opposition groups in Idlib, agreed to create a demilitarised zone that put on hold an offensive on Idlib which was dubbed dumping ground for evacuees who fled government offensives in other parts of the country
Opinion | GOP unity behind Trump is cracking. Here’s how it could get worse. If they defy him, he'll lash out. That could make for a complicated 2020. They believe the president’s powers are limited and he shouldn’t be able to circumvent Congress with a phony emergency declaration whenever he doesn’t get what he wants Republicans don’t have any remaining significant legislative goals, and he himself certainly doesn’t All of which suggests that the GOP could be in for a bumpy 2020
WHO chief insists long-running Ebola outbreak is being brought under control The head of the World Health Organization has dismissed accusations authorities are failing to bring the long-running Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo under control. The reasons behind the attacks are unclear, although the authorities believe that the many armed groups in the area are trying to foment chaos The only language they know is shooting and that complicates the situation Protect yourself and your family by learning more about Global Health Security
How NATO is shaping up at 70 The Atlantic alliance has proved remarkably resilient, says Daniel Franklin. To remain relevant, it needs to go on changing On his watch America has increased, not decreased, its defence efforts in Europe, with more equipment, more troops and more money Preparing for conflicts by cyber-means What NATO is doing to keep abreast of new challenges What NATO needs to do to live to its 100th birthday Sources and acknowledgments → Keeping Russia in check: Decades after the end of the cold war, Russia is showing new aggression
Claims MH370 fragments 'probed for links to assassination of Malaysian diplomat' An MH370 hunter claims he was told pieces of the missing plane carried by a slain diplomat never made it to Malaysia The diplomat was murdered eight days after I handed those pieces in, Mr Gibson told Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online Alesha MacPhail's mum speaks out Snow to return and 65mph gale warning Meghan on maternity New York Godfather dead
Who will be the next PM if Theresa May resigns and what are the odds? THERESA May’s leadership has been an uncomfortable display of crumbling credibility combined with resolute determination to push through Brexit – no matter what. In these turbulent time… But Mr Johnson (incredibly) claimed: I didn't say anything about Turkey in the referendum ...since I made no remarks, I can't disown them Sajid Javid - 8/1 The Home Secretary ended up backing Remain during the EU referendum but is popular among the Tory parliamentary party Email us at or call 0207 782 4368
The history of the RAF Tornado, in pictures The history of the RAF Tornado, in pictures One of the six RAF Tornado GR1s from 14 Squadron, Bruggen, Germany, en route for duty in the Persian Gulf A VC10 from RAF Brize Norton refuels one of six Tornado GR1 from 14 Squadron Bruggen Germany, as they make their way to the Gulf RAF Panavia Tornado GR1 photographed over desert training ranges near MCAS Yuma, Arizona during a joint execise with US Marine Corps On Parade - RAF Tornado pilot & navigator with their aircraft and a range of the weapons that the Tornado GR1 is capable of carrying