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Analysis | The Daily 202: Ralph Northam should read these books to better understand racism, historians say The Virginia governor says he wants to get woke on white privilege. Here’s a syllabus. … Another funding lapse could affect many Americans within days because one of the agencies that would go unfunded during the shutdown is the Internal Revenue Service … Lawmakers on the 17-member conference committee had been trading offers over how much money could go to barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border
Maduro launches Venezuela's 'biggest military drills' as he clings to power EMBATTLED Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has overseen military exercises this weekend in a bid to shore up military support and ward off US meddling. The 56-year-old has so far retained his gr… EMBATTLED Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has overseen military exercises this weekend in a bid to shore up military support and ward off US meddling The doctors protested on the Colombia side of the border, saying they would face repercussions for holding a similar demonstration on the Venezuelan side
Russia set to DISCONNECT from internet temporarily The test - set to take place before April - will see data passing between organisations and Russian citizens remain inside the country instead of being routed internationally. The Foreign Office said the National Cyber Security Centre had assessed with 'high confidence' that the GRU was 'almost certainly' responsible for multiple attacks which have cost economies millions of pounds That means, by default, your ISP, every WiFi network you've connected to, and your mobile network provider have a list of every site you've visited while using them
Brother of hero soldier BRUTALLY KILLED by Taliban in Afghanistan to fight in his honour A TEENAGER whose hero brother was killed in Afghanistan is joining the Parachute Regiment - so he can wear his big brother’s maroon beret in his honour. I couldn't think of a better job than doing something that I think matters, especially for something my brother laid down his life for Paying tribute to JJ, mum Joyce, 45, said: There was never anything else, nothing else was an option, it was the parachute regiment or nothing I didn't know how I was going to get through the next hour, let alone the next day
Morning Update: Rachel Weisz Is The Prime Minister Now Virginia's governor says he's not stepping down, tensions rise in Venezuela, what you missed at the Grammys. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 11. To get this in your inbox every morning, sign up right here Northam’s policy team will craft a set of proposals based on the premise that the governor’s mistakes made him more acutely aware of the inequity and injustice black Virginians face Sword-wielding Michonne is reportedly leaving The Walking Dead It was a huge night for Kacey Musgraves and Childish Gambino (and deservedly so)
Lebanon calls for Syrian guarantees to speed return of refugees Lebanon's foreign minister urged Syria on Monday to offer guarantees on pro... FILE PHOTO: Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil speaks during a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, Russia August 20, 2018 More than half of Syria’s pre-war 22 million population was displaced by the war, over 5 million of whom left the country as refugees, mostly to adjacent Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
A Better World: Maduro Wins, North Korea Keeps Its Nukes A second summit meeting for the US and North Korea is reportedly scheduled to take place in Vietnam at the end of the month. Expert opinions on where these negotiations are headed range from the insightful to the incredibly naive, with mainstream media consumers consistently f A second summit meeting for the US and North Korea is reportedly scheduled to take place in Vietnam at the end of the month Maybe Kim’s power base could be persuaded to consent to relinquishing the DPRK’s sovereignty like so many nations before (including my own) and join the blob to relieve the pressure
Man accused of fatally shooting five women at Florida bank may face death penalty Zephen Xapher called police while still inside bank and surrendered himself to SWAT team A man charged with the fatal shooting of five women at a bank in central Florida could face the death penalty if convicted, prosecutors have said He then made the five women inside the bank lie face down on the floor, and he fatally shot each one, the affidavit states The 34-year-old, is retiring from competitive skiing after winning bronze in the race
Trump’s possible collusion with Russia is still at ‘heart’ of investigation, Mueller’s lead prosecutor suggests Comments come after fresh evidence shows Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort continued Ukraine work after his indictment A hint that special counsel Robert Mueller is still pursuing the question of whether there was collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia has emerged during a closed-door hearing According to the transcript, which was heavily redacted, Mr Manafort and Mr Kilimnik repeatedly communicated about a so-called peace plan for Ukraine starting in early August 2016
Walter Jones, ‘freedom fries’ congressman who became Iraq War critic, dies at 76 The 13-term North Carolina congressman became a prominent Republican critic of the war after a dramatic change of heart. Jones called his effort a response to France's self-serving politics of passive aggression, while liberals lampooned it as knee-jerk jingoism He also hung posters displaying the faces of the war dead along the hallway leading to his office on Capitol Hill
Post-Brexit Britain ready to use 'hard power': defense minister Britain will use military force to support its interests after Brexit, defense m... Opponents describe it as a blow both to Britain’s influence and to the West as a whole Nevertheless, the armed forces face a long-term budget shortfall estimated by a parliamentary committee to reach 15 billion pounds over the next decade It was Washington’s main battlefield ally in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with more than 600 troops killed Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Exclusive: Venezuela's Maduro seeks OPEC help against U.S.... Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro has sought OPEC support against U.S. sanctions i... I seek your firm support and collaboration to jointly denounce and face this shameless dispossession of .. He wrote that OPEC should help to determine potential solutions based on the impact that this action has on the global energy market, and the risk it represents for the other countries .. Together with Libya and Iran, it is exempt from the latest OPEC-led supply cut Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Benjamin Netanyahu faces the political fight of his life If he is indicted, the prime minister may well be challenged from inside his Likud party, probably by Gideon Sa’ar, a bitter rival seen widely as heir apparent to the Likud throne An EU report suggests last year’s approval of new settlement units will increase the 630,000 Jewish settler population in the occupied West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem by up to 10 per cent
Why can't we talk about the UK sending arms to Yemen? | Anna Stavrianakis A Commons committee is scrutinising UK arms export controls – yet the Yemen conflict isn’t even on the agenda Despite the best efforts of pro-control MPs such as Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Stephen Twigg to get the issue of arms exports to the Saudi-led coalition on the agenda, there is a deathly inertia as Conservative MPs quietly throw their weight behind the convenience of a Labour MP more keen on arms exports than the most arch of Tories
Perspective | The real reason conservatives are suddenly freaking out about ‘socialism’ They grasp for scary rhetoric because they know they’re losing the policy debate. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) waves after speaking at the Women's Unity Rally on Jan. 19 in New York I have seen no progressive plans for universal coverage that turn the private health care delivery system the nurses, doctors and hospitals into a public system, where those who deliver health care are employed by the government
‘Enemy can’t ask us to leave, they must leave’: Iran calls for US to withdraw from the region Tehran has brushed off US calls to pull its forces out of Middle East countries, saying that it is the ‘enemy’ Washington who should go back home. It comes as Iran marks 40 years since the Islamic Revolution. That said, the decision to pull out the majority of US troops caused backlash at home, where politicians across the partisan divide sounded the alarm that it will cause a resurgence of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and leave the country open to Iran and Russia
What exactly does Executive time mean? Donald Trump's schedules revealed DONALD Trump’s daily routine has been revealed and the amount of time he actually spends officially working has raised eyebrows. Here’s what you need to know about Executive Time and what the world… When the term Executive Time is used, I am generally working, not relaxing Trump’s approach is more in keeping to what Axios calls a more off the cuff and less structured way ran the Trump Organization It resembles the style of Bill Clinton, who was chronically late and prone to deviating from his schedule
Leaked Wikileaks Doc: US Military Uses IMF, World Bank as 'Unconventional Weapons' In a leaked military manual on “unconventional warfare” recently highlighted by WikiLeaks, the U.S. Army states that major global financial institutions — such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — are used as unconventional, financial “weapons in times of conflict up to and including large-scale general war,” as well as in leveraging “the policies and cooperation of state governments.” In addition to choosing its president, the U.S. is also the bank’s largest shareholder, making it the only member nation to have veto rights Though it was released over a decade ago, this U.S. coup manual recently highlighted by WikiLeaks serves as a salient reminder that the so-called independence of these financial institutions is an illusion and that they are among the many financial weapons regularly used by the U.S. government to bend countries to its will and even overthrow U.S.-disfavored governments
Analysis | Guaidó backed an amnesty plan for Venezuela’s military. How might that play out? What can we learn from Poland's experience? But in Poland, a country once considered a consolidated democracy, the transition is a cautionary tale of how a new regime can exploit unrequited justice to rationalize illiberalism Victor Peskin is an associate professor in the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University and a senior research fellow at the Human Rights Center at the University of California at Berkeley
Fierce fighting for last IS foothold in eastern Syria BEIRUT (AP) — Fierce fighting was underway Monday between U.S.-backed Syrian forces and the Islamic State group around the extremists' last foothold in eastern Syria, with the besieged militants fighting back using suicide car bombs, snipers and booby traps, a Syrian war monitor and a Kurdish news agency said. The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on Saturday launched a final push to clear the area from IS under the cover of airstrikes by the U.S.-backed coalition. The Kurdish Hawar news agency also reported heavy fighting Monday in Baghouz IS said in a statement posted late Sunday that two of its martyrdom-seekers attacked SDF fighters in Baghouz with their explosive-laden car The U.S. military has warned the group could stage a comeback if the military and counter-terrorism pressure on it is eased
Heartbreaking plight of conjoined twins who died while trapped in blockaded city WARNING DISTRESSING IMAGES Abd al-Khaleq and Abd al-Rahim were born in Yemen's capital city Sanaa around two weeks ago and shared a kidney and a pair of legs, but had separate hearts and lungs But doctors there said they were not equipped enough to treat the infants and could not even carry out an MRI scan Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online Kate stuns in BAFTAs gown Two die in police chase crash Libby Squire suspect faces other charges Pictured: Boy beheaded in front of mum
Inquiry finds Roberts-Smith's lawyer's claims unreliable and baseless Sydney defamation lawyer Mark O'Brien has been found to have made false statements when complaining about alleged leaks from an official inquiry into his client. There is no evidence that any lawyer or other person working for or associated with the [war crimes] Inquiry has made any statement of the kind referred to in the complaint adverse to or which could conceivably be defamatory of Mr Roberts-Smith, the Inspector-General found
‘It is written’: The making of Kid Galahad and his rise to the top From Liverpool to Sheffield to Yemen, this is the story behind the boxer previously known as Abdul Awad and the people who made him It’s still there, it’s where the tourists stop for water after a quick picture outside Ringo Starr’s old home The king of the amateur game has stepped up to become the king of the professionals Keep up to date with all the latest news with expert comment and analysis from our award-winning writers
Trump Provides Reasons for ‘Executive Time’, but the Facts Don't Agree Leaks showing the president spends 60% of his day in "executive time" have called his work ethic into question, but he says that's work time Since the first leaks last week, the White House has launched an internal investigation to find out who released the schedules, and the president’s secretary, Madeleine Westerhout called the leak a disgraceful breach of trust Trump says these are all work-related activities, but Chris Whipple, who wrote a book about White House Chiefs of Staff, said, If the calls had any governmental purpose, it would be on the schedule
Patrick Shanahan, acting defense chief, makes surprise visit to Afghanistan Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan took a surprise trip to Afghanistan on Monday, his first-ever visit to the country where U.S. troops have been stationed for 17 years. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan took a surprise trip to Afghanistan on Monday, his first-ever visit to the country where U.S. troops have been stationed for 17 years The two sides have been meeting in Qatar over the past month Mr. Khalilizad said it’s possible the U.S. and Taliban could reach a deal before the Afghan presidential election in July This article is based in part on wire service reports
The last total revolution turns 40 The Iranian revolution was the last grand illusion of the 20th century. A soldier stands guard in front of a picture of Iran's late leader Ayatollah Khomeini during the anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution, February 1, 2016 [File: Raheb Homavandi/Reuters] I can close my eyes and hear the chants: Marg bar fascism! Marg bar fascism! It was a fine summer day in July 1979 In the making of the catastrophic Islamic Republic, however, the US, the Soviet Union, and their regional agents were all implicated