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What's at stake? Trump may focus on N. Korea nuke complex, Kim on US rewards so the North will likely try to win some economic benefits,'' said Chon Hyun-joon, president of the Institute of Northeast Asia Peace Cooperation Studies in South Korea If lower level officials can't lay the ground for a bigger deal ahead of the summit, the Kim-Trump meeting could be cancelled, said Lim Eul Chul, a professor at South Korea's Kyungnam University who has advised the Moon government on North Korea-related policies
Votel: "Tens of thousands" of ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq Central Command Chief General Joseph Votel aligned himself Sunday with the US intelligence community incuding Dan Coats in his assessment that there are "tens of thousands" of ISIS fighters spread across Syria and Iraq. Joseph Votel told reporters traveling with him to the Middle East for his farewell tour Votel's comments underscore the testimony from Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats before Congress, an assessment President Donald Trump has publicly disagreed with American officials believe the dispersed fighters may be in a wide swath of Syrian desert Votel is retiring after 39 years with the US Army
Xi envisions Sino-African cooperation China stands ready to join hands with Africa to promote cooperation related to the Belt and Road Initiative and build deeper relations, President Xi Jinping said on Sunday. Conflict, poverty and climate change were identified as root causes I believe that Africa is proving that it is possible to solve conflicts and prevent conflicts And this wind of hope can be extended to other parts of the world, he said Contact the writers at
Elizabeth Warren says Trump ‘may not even be a free man’ in 2020, on first day of campaign The Democratic senator, who has often beefed with the president, slated his 'racist' behaviour The volcano-triggered tsunami has left at least 222 people dead and hundreds more injured after slamming without warning into beaches around Indonesia's Sunda Strait Support free-thinking journalism and subscribe to Independent Minds There’s a racist tweet, a hateful tweet And what are we, as candidates, as activists, the press, going to do about it
Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar announces run for president The Democratic senator from Michigan hopes to appeal to blue collar white Democrats who shocked the world by delivering the midwest to Mr Trump in 2016 Officials voiced fears that the toll was set to rise AFP/Getty 1/50 10 February 2019 Lindsey Vonn holds her dog Lucy as she celebrates with coaches and family members after the Women's Downhill event of the 2019 FIS Alpine Ski World Championships in Are, Sweden on February 10, 2019
Trump says he ‘works probably more hours than any past president’ after schedule leaks Remarks come after his daily schedules over three months revealed Emergency services were called on the afternoon of the 24 December after residents of the building had heard cracking sounds throughout the morning EPA 47/50 26 December 2018 A young man dressed in a Father Christmas suit distributes gifts to children in the old city of Mosul AFP/Getty 48/50 25 December 2018 A participant in a Santa Claus costume jumps into the water during the 109th edition of the 'Copa Nadal' (Christmas Cup) swimming competition in Barcelona's Port Vell
Can North Korea exist in international society? It was first put forward by the scholar Martin Wight during a series of lectures at the London School of Economics in the 1950s Imagine you have a devil in one ear telling you about the barbaric nature of the world, an angel in the other telling you about human sacredness David Tizzard ( is an assistant professor at Seoul Women's University
Islamic State 'on verge of collapse': Militants ramp up internet war Britain's top commander against the group, Christopher Ghika, said terrorists in Syria and Iraq were trying to ‘reassert’ themselves online. Islamic State is ramping up its internet war as its so-called caliphate faces destruction on the ground ‘They are in a pocket now which is a couple of miles by a couple of miles,’ said General Ghika ‘In 2014 it was something about the size of the United Kingdom
SNL 44: The best moments from 'Saturday Night Live' Which 'Saturday Night Live' moments stood out this season? NBC, Steve Molina Contreras/NBC None Pete Davidson and Chris Redd performed a rap about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Kate McKinnon playing the high-octane justice with slick dance moves You may also want to view these photo galleries: Replay
Britain can't continue to shirk involvement in foreign wars, says Defence Sec BRITAIN will become “a paper tiger” if we continue to shirk intervention in foreign wars, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson will warn today. Sounding a war cry in a major speech he will say it is … In a pitch that will delight Tory Brexiteers, he will say: Brexit has brought us to a great moment in our history A moment when we must strengthen our global presence, enhance our lethality, and increase our mass RING The Sun on 0207 782 4104 or WHATSAPP on 07423720250 or EMAIL
Opinion | If the I.N.F. Treaty Dies, Blame Russia Since 1987, a treaty with Moscow to limit midrange missile deployment has boosted trans-Atlantic security. But Russia has been cheating, and is fielding missiles banned by the compact. Still, Russia continues to deny it is in violation and instead disingenuously claims that the United States is independently seeking to leave the treaty Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook , Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram
Opinion | No Winner in a New Arms Race Are the United States and Russia entering a dangerous new era of unchecked nuclear weapons development? The pact’s imminent collapse has intensified concerns that the United States and Russia will let the 2010 New Start agreement, with its caps on deployed nuclear warheads, intercontinental ballistic missiles and heavy bombers, as well as requirements for verification and data exchanges, expire in 2021
Post-Brexit UK should be ready to use 'hard power' - defence minister Britain should be ready to use military force to support its global interests af... We can build new alliances, rekindle old ones and most importantly make it clear that we are the country that will act when required Moscow’s relations with the West are strained over issues including Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, allegations of meddling in the last U.S. presidential election and being behind a nerve agent attack in Britain Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
The 1950s car with a tractor engine Neither war nor the Islamic state has stopped Abu Malek driving his 1952 DeSoto Powermaster Classic car across Syria. Media player Media playback is unsupported on your device The 1950s car turning heads in Syria Neither war nor the Islamic State group has stopped Abu Malek driving his 1952 classic car across Syria The 67-year-old DeSoto Powermaster is a bit worse for wear, but still works Fifty years ago, the petrol engine was switched for a British tractor engine
Pompeo trip marks U.S. re-engagement with long-overlooked central... When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits Hungary, Slovakia and Poland this wee... Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said this month the United States could help Hungary diversify away from Russian energy by encouraging ExxonMobil to proceed with long-stalled plans to develop a gas field in the Black Sea Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Myanmar army shelling villages in Rakhine state, rights group told Crackdown part of intensifying military action in country’s northern state over past month Some community leaders also appear to have been arbitrarily detained, Amnesty said Shelling inhabited villages and withholding food supplies is unjustifiable under any circumstances Prosecutors are currently assessing whether enough evidence exists to apply for a full-blown investigation, the second step in deciding whether to lay charges
Afghanistan talks sound a lot like 'peace with honor' ending to the Vietnam War The Trump administration is seeking an 'honorable and just peace.' If only this commander in chief and the Taliban can be trusted to deliver: Our view ►He granted the North Korean dictator the prestige of a presidential summit without concrete steps toward denuclearization But  Afghan security losses  roughly 30 dead per day appear unsustainable If you can't see this reader poll, please refresh your page
End the Afghanistan War: Rep. Ro Khanna We should continue supporting the Afghan government financially and diplomatically after leaving, writes Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif. The Taliban should understand that the United States will use overwhelming force again if they harbor terrorists who directly threaten our homeland The Afghans must eventually earn domestic legitimacy themselves, though If you can't see this reader poll, please refresh your page