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Meghan Markle news: How Meghan and Harry formed FOURSOME with George and Amal Clooney MEGHAN Markle and Amal Clooney have plenty in common: both are strong feminists with successful careers, and both are married to some of the most famous men in the world. Here’s a look at how they sparked a friendship with their husbands. Meghan Markle news: When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married on May 19, 2018, the Clooneys went (Image: Getty) When Meghan made the big move to London, Amal was there to help her adjust to life in Britain, sources claim Harry has long been an avid campaigner on mental health, and started The Invictus Games for wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel
Aerial art: Stunning collection of Air Force photographs These jaw-dropping photographs, collated by Airman Magazine, the official publication of the Air Force, showcase the amazing skill of the pilots in the U.S. Air Force. It was returned to duty in 2007 as a replacement of the Alabama Air National Guard's 160th Fighter Squadron so the state could honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen An Air Force Reserve pararescueman from the 920th Rescue Wing jumps out of an HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter during the second annual Salute to American Heroes Air and Sea Show, in Miami Beach, Florida in May last year Two U.S. Air Force F-15C Eagles, a B-52 Stratofortress bomber and two Royal Moroccan air force F-16s fly in a formation during Exercise African Lion April 20, 2018
Trump considers taking billions from Puerto Rico disaster response for wall Funds for border wall key sticking point in work to end joint-longest government shutdown in US history Tens of thousands of mostly barefoot Filipino Catholics joined the annual procession of a centuries-old statue of Jesus Christ to celebrate the Feast of the Black Nazarene which usually ends before dawn the next day AP 3/50 8 January 2019 A car trapped in snowdrifts in southeastern Poland
Runner-up in Congo election says he beat official winner by wide margin Martin Fayulu’s campaign team says he won 60% of vote, fuelling febrile atmosphere as police and soldiers deployed across country In Kikwit, the capital of Kwilu, four civilians were reported dead and two police officers badly beaten after soldiers cleared unidentified youths who had erected barricades with live firing on Thursday evening He leads a country that suffers from widespread corruption, continuing conflict, endemic disease, and some of the world’s highest levels of sexual violence and malnutrition
CEO of Deplatformed Free Speech Site 'Gab': We Can Beat Censorship by Using Bitcoin Editor's note: Russia Insider enthusiastically supports Gab, a free speech alternative to Twitter. We post our articles there and have a lively following and discussion. If you want to push back against the leftist censorship which so threatens the West, then a simple way to do that is to register on Gab, and get others to do so. That will send a message to Big Tech. Learning how to use Bitcoin and sending a few $ to sites you like is another great way to do it. Something that will not be allowed to happen by The People GabPro offers additional features such as the ability to apply for verification, lists, bookmarking, and more 6 Months: $30 12 Months: $60 5 years: $200 Lifetime: $500 Andrew Torba CEO of Click here to login to your account →
Russia could SHOOT DOWN passenger planes in bid to tackle 9/11 style terrorism RUSSIA could shoot down passenger jets that pose a threat to life or strategic facilities in radical proposals to be approved by the Kremlin. The report said: This will also prevent attacks involving the hijacking of aircraft Drafted legislation says that Russian Air Force aircraft would have to send visual signals and warning shots to the passenger planes before shooting it down But Russia claimed it was shot down over rebel-held territory in Ukraine
Analysis | The Daily 202: ‘The last election was a wake-up call.’ Why GOP leaders are turning on Steve King. The Iowa congressman faces possible censure as he walks back comments on white supremacy. THE BIG IDEA: The top three Republicans in House leadership each rebuked Rep Missing payments on debts could create delays in securing or renewing security clearances, and could even disqualify agents from continuing to serve in some cases.’ [FBIAA President Thomas] O’Connor said FBI investigations already are being affected
Congo election: EU demands sides ‘refrain’ from violence after loser decries ‘coup’  THE European Union said the bloc has “taken note” of the surprise result of DR Congo’s controversial presidential election, as well as objections by runner-up Martin Fayulu that the outcome amounted to a “coup,” as it urged citizens to steer clear of violence. But the government has said the elections were free and fair The Catholic Church and Mr Fayulu are not the only ones to express doubt over the result Ebola, which is highly infectious, causes haemorrhagic fever, vomiting and diarrhoea and is spread through direct contact with body fluids
#ICYMI: Trump's Syria pull-out method is going to be slow, messy and angry (VIDEO) Donald Trump’s off the cuff call for US troops to withdraw from Syria within 30 days was never actually going to happen, but it still made a lot of people angry. The rage over what was essentially an order to leave a war was surprising; well it would have been in saner times What’s even more surprising is that anyone still bothers to get angry about issues they know will never come to pass For more, follow #ICYMI on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
Analysis | The Technology 202: Civil rights leader warns against rolling back anti-discrimination rules in AI era Bias in algorithms is a major concern. A Polish citizen who was deputy head of the Polish Internal Security Agency’s IT security department was also detained Officers of Poland’s counterintelligence agency this week searched the local Huawei office, leaving with documents and electronic data, as well as the home of the Chinese national, Poland’s state-owned broadcaster reported Friday, according to the Journal Shutdown forces FDA to sharply reduce food inspections:
Myanmar judge rejects the appeal of two jailed Reuters reporters The reporters face seven-year terms for breaking the country's Official Secrets Act. Human rights groups say Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo are being punished for their reporting on the killing of ethnic Rohingya by government forces. Reporting is not a crime, and until Myanmar rights this terrible wrong, the press in Myanmar is not free, and Myanmar’s commitment to rule of law and democracy remains in doubt Activists say the decision Friday will only reinforce the belief the case against the journalists was a sham
Nazi prison guard who lived in New York for decades dies at 95 A former Nazi labor camp guard who lived in the United States for decades after World War II has died in Germany, local officials said. Read More It would have been upsetting to many Americans if he had died in the U.S in what many viewed as a comfortable escape, Richard Grenell, the United States Ambassador to Germany, said on Twitter after news of Palij's death emerged CNN's Nadine Schmidt, Sheena McKenzie, Evan Perez, Alexander Rosen, Wesley Bruer, Jeremy Moorhead, Alex Lee and Josh Gaynor contributed to this report
Talks between U.S., Turkish militaries on Kurds to continue next... U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Friday talks between the U.S.... What we’re still pursuing in these military-to-military conversations are assurances and protocols and procedures so that everybody feels comfortable with how this is going to happen And we’re hoping those discussions, which will continue next week, will produce results that are acceptable on both sides, he said in an interview with Hugh Hewitt, according to a transcript Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Time to think smart! Meghan's mission to get women into work THE Duchess of Sussex yesterday marked a landmark day as a working member of the Royal Family by taking on a series of new roles. Meghan Markle is due to give birth to her first child in the spring (Image: John Phillips/BFC/Getty Images) FOUR NEW PATRON ROLES FOR THE BUSY DUCHESS SMART WORKS  PRIVATE visits several times last year helped the Duchess of Sussex get to know Smart Works, a UK charity set up in 2013 which provides training for unemployed women - and quality outfits to wear at job interviews
Reagan was ‘theatrical’ and ‘eager to please’: Diplomacy secrets from Gorbachev’s interpreter During his career, Pavel Palazhchenko interpreted some of the most sensitive meetings of the late Cold War era. Speaking to RT’s Sophie & Co., he shares his experience of translating the words of the world’s most powerful leaders. Despite the problems and obstacles of the late 1980s which included spy scandals and military tensions, Gorbachev and Reagan (later Gorbachev and George H.W Watch the rest here Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you
Japan and South Korea hold talks over stopping North Korea’s nuclear war threat JAPAN and South Korea spoke to each other by phone following North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s visit to China this week. Echoing the prediction, Mr Moon said yesterday: China has continued to play a positive role in the process of inter-Korean dialogue, as well as US-North Korea talks The path toward peace on the Korean Peninsula still continues to expand even at this moment, and it will speed up even more this year The connection of railroads and roads between the two Koreas will help find new breakthroughs for our economy
Analysis | Trump claims that a national security exception allows him to block imports. Is he right? Three global trade cases have huge implications for the Trump administration and the world economy. But if they are not settled, it is hard to imagine that the WTO will diverge too far from Europe’s position It follows GATT XX, which includes 10 items that might provide protection for apparently violating other WTO laws Busch is a professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and host of the podcast TradeCraft
US troops begin leaving Syria as confusion reigns over withdrawal plan Abrupt withdrawal causes confusion among allies in fight against Isis Defence Secretary Jim Mattis resigned following Mr Trump’s announcement, arguing that by leaving so abruptly the US would be abandoning those Kurdish allies The group has said a US withdrawal would imperil those gains and leave it open to attack from Turkey Support free-thinking journalism and subscribe to Independent Minds
Six children die after fleeing Deir Az-Zor amid heavy clashes: UN About 8,500 civilians fleeing eastern Syria reach Al Hol camp and other settlements in desperate conditions, UN says. Acute respiratory infections, cold and flu are also concerns Most of the destruction was caused by heavy rain and floods in makeshift sites In the Bekaa Valley alone, at least 600 Syrian refugees have had to relocate due to floods or severe damage to their shelters
China's Long Game: Hold Tibet, Take Taiwan, Colonize Moon The top story of 2019 – and the years ahead – will continue to revolve around the myriad, dangerous permutations of the economic ascent of China, the resurgence of nuclear superpower Russia and the decline of the US’s global hegemony. Two years ago, before the onset of the Trump administration, I sketched how the shadow play might proceed in the New Great Game in Eurasia. Now the new game hits high gear; it’s the US against the Russia-China strategic partnership. The top story of 2019 – and the years ahead – will continue to revolve around the myriad, dangerous permutations of the economic ascent of China, the resurgence of nuclear superpower Russia and the decline of the US’s global hegemony Thus Tibet should be considered as a natural part of China
Mike Pompeo says the US is a force for good in the Middle East. No, really! US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the US a “force for good” in the Middle East. A closer look at the evidence reveals this to be the greatest lie ever told in the era of “fake news.” Peter Weber noted: Boko Haram is clearly getting richer Its weapons have shifted from relatively cheap AK-47s in the early days of its post-2009 embrace of violence to desert-ready combat vehicles and anti-aircraft/anti-tank guns The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT
Socceroos get Asian Cup back on track with 3-0 win over Palestine The Socceroos are back in business at the Asian Cup after a confidence-boosting 3-0 win over Palestine in Dubai. A smart ball from left-back Aziz Behich found Ikonomidis, who put in a perfect cutback to the striker - only for him to take an air swing at the ball Ikonomidis was again the provider, crossing in after a short corner to the Cyprus-based striker, who headed home from inside the six-yard box
U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria has started An official based in Baghdad says that out of concern for security, "we will not discuss specific timelines, locations or troop movements." It also led to major criticism that the U.S. was abandoning its local Kurdish allies amid Turkish threats of an imminent attack She said Russia has not seen public statements laying out the U.S. strategy in Syria and so cannot be sure that the U.S. is serious about leaving
China Is Set To Become The World's Renewable Energy Superpower, According To New Report "No country has put itself in a better position" claims new report, noting that China accounts for almost a third of all renewable energy patents in the world. Mineral-rich countries such as Bolivia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mongolia could also tap into rising global demand for their raw materials It is imperative for leaders and policy makers to anticipate these changes, and be able to manage and navigate the new geopolitical environment
World War 3: UK unveils £2billion ’Star Wars’ driverless jet to laser down enemies  BRITAIN'S newest warplane was yesterday declared ready for operations as Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson also unveiled the jet of the future. Last year the first F-35s arrived at RAF Marham and have already completed their first trials on the carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Speaking during a visit by Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe, Mr Williamson said: The Royal Navy's presence plays a vital part by continuing to put pressure on North Korea to abandon its illegal nuclear programme
Russia MADDENED by UK: Putin to retaliate as Britain plans military base expansion in Asia RUSSIA has angrily condemned British plans to open military bases in south-east Asia and the Caribbean and said it stood ready to take retaliatory measures if Moscow's interests or those of its allies were threatened. In the event of any measures that pose a threat to Russia's security or that of its allies our country reserves the right to take appropriate retaliatory measures Russia has military bases in several countries across the former Soviet Union and operates military facilities in Syria and Vietnam Due to open in the next two years then will house service and maintanance staff
US begins withdrawing troops from Syria US troops have begun withdrawing from Syria, compounding weeks of confusion over Donald Trump’s policy in the Middle East and raising fears over the fate of America’s Kurdish allies. Turkey has threatened to move ahead with the assault against the SDF, who it considers part of a Kurdish terrorist group, regardless of whether the US slows its withdrawal Out of concern for operational security, we will not discuss specific timelines, locations or troops movements
Treatment of Monica Lewinsky an 'American tragedy' made impossible after MeToo, says lawyer who investigated Clinton 'This kind of pattern of conduct, of the abuse of women, both verbally and otherwise, I think would be viewed now as unconscionable' The former independent counsel investigated Mr Clinton, who in 1998 faced impeachment for obstruction of justice and perjury Russia seized three Ukrainian vessels amid their leaving the Kerch Strait Mr Trump has also been accused of paying hush money to two women to cover up alleged affairs
13-year-old girl missing for months after both parents were murdered is found alive One suspect in custody after dog-walkers stumble across abducted teen Tens of thousands of mostly barefoot Filipino Catholics joined the annual procession of a centuries-old statue of Jesus Christ to celebrate the Feast of the Black Nazarene which usually ends before dawn the next day AP 3/50 8 January 2019 A car trapped in snowdrifts in southeastern Poland