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Democratic Republic of Congo has first peaceful handover in 59 years Elections were held last month after Joseph Kabila, who has ruled DR Congo since 2001, announced he would step aside. The much-disputed official results handed victory to Felix Tshisekedi. Many Congolese objected to Shadary, suspecting that he would allow Kabila to continue to rule from behind the scenes and protect his vast assets Several DR Congo analysts agreed that it appeared Kabila made a quiet agreement with Tshisekedi, saying Fayulu would have posed more of a threat 'This is the beginning of national reconciliation.'
'Stuck in Syria after rescuing my grandchildren' Latifa says she travelled from her home in Morocco after her son died fighting for the Islamic State group. They number around 1,500 mainly women and children, but their own governments are refusing to repatriate them Their fate remains especially unclear since President Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, which many Kurds fear will lead to an attack by Turkish troops
Heroic war veteran MP JOHNNY MERCER confronted legal bosses JOHNNY MERCER: This week I sat in the Palace of Westminster as part of a committee of parliamentarians probing how veterans are pursued over historical allegations. Summer 2010, and one of the heaviest fighting seasons of the war was under way in southern Afghanistan Those who can't quite remember, who don't want to remember, those who have moved on Last week, a U.S. Navy Seal went on trial for murder and the case was adjudicated in-house It ensures that proceedings are carried out with a cool head
'How did language of white supremacy become offensive?' US congressman sparks uproar with remarks on nationalism 'These comments are abhorrent and racist' Elias Lopez is part of a group of Central American migrants that marched peacefully to the border crossing to demand better conditions and push to enter the US AP 49/50 22 November 2018 Lebanese army soldiers march during a parade to mark the 75th anniversary of Lebanon's Independence Day, in Beirut, commemorating the liberation from the French Mandate on 22 November 1943 EPA 50/50 21 November 2018 Indian Muslim devotees wave flags as they parade atop vehicles along a street during Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi celebrations in Varanasi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh AFP/Getty 1/50 10 January 2019 Supporters of Felix Tshisekedi, leader of the Congolese main opposition party, the Union for Democracy and Social Progress who was announced as the winner of the presidential elections; celebrate along the streets of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo Reuters 2/50 9 January 2019 Philippine Coast Guards keep watch as Roman Catholic devotees cross the bridge in a raucous procession of the Black Nazarene to celebrate its feast day in Manila
Bernie Sanders apologises to female staffers over sexual harassment allegations against 2016 campaign staff The apology comes as Mr Sanders considers running for president in 2020 The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council, on 25 November, announced the decision to introduce martial law in Ukraine for a period of 60 days But, a second run for the White House would see Mr Sanders joining a much larger pool of candidates running for the Democratic nomination, including candidates who appear closer to his politics than Ms Clinton was in 2016
Trump and Pompeo Embrace Autocrats and Disparage Opponents at Home President Trump’s affinity for strongmen is well established, but rarely has his administration offered such a striking break with diplomatic tradition. WASHINGTON President Trump has long claimed that he puts America first overseas To those who watched Mr. Pompeo harshly question Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2015 when he was a House member investigating the Benghazi attacks, the fact that he would attack a Democratic president was hardly surprising
How Trump must contend with intransigent Washington elites President Trump announced American forces will finally be pulled out of Syria. But Defense Secretary James Mattis disagreed with that decision enough to resign and the rest of the political elite — people from Nancy Pelosi, to Hillary Clinton adviser Victoria Nuland, to Mitt Romney — joined in to lambast the decision. Iran’s presence in Syria will likely diminish as Mr. Assad becomes more secure in his position When all that fails, the elite complains that the United States leaving will mean America doesn’t have a seat at the diplomatic table Willis L Krumholz is a fellow at Defense Priorities and works in the financial services industry
U.S. lawmakers demand accountability for killing of Saudi journalist U.S. lawmakers called on Thursday for Washington to hold Saudi Arabia accountabl... Democratic Representative Eliot Engel, the committee’s chairman, told Reuters after the event that he planned hearings on relations with Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on a trip to the Middle East, including to Riyadh Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Meet the debt-saddled Brits forced onto the breadline by credit vultures The Daily Mirror's Fair Credit for All campaign aims to shine a light on the interest rates rip-off experienced by millions in the UK That’s my own fault, but I didn’t find it clear at all Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online Deep freeze to grip Britain 'for weeks' Son of infertile millionaire speaks out Mum caught boyfriend having sex with pal Mum's shock as adopted kids are related
Opinion | Don’t let Islamic State monsters get away with murder Withdrawing from Syria would make it more difficult to bring terrorists to justice. By Jeanne Shaheen and Diane Foley January 10 at 6:43 PM Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat, represents New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate and is a member of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees This not only puts the lives of Syrian Kurds in jeopardy but also risks a resurgence of Islamic State violence around the globe
Jakiw Palij, Nazi concentration camp guard who made his way to U.S., dies at 95 Lying about his past, he lived in New York before being deported to Germany in 2018. The exterior of the house where Mr. Palij lived in Queens Associated Press Read more Washington Post obituaries Moshe Arens, Israeli statesman and mentor to Benjamin Netanyahu, dies at 93 Samuel Snipes, lawyer who defended first black family in Levittown, Pa., dies at 99 Eugeniu Iordachescu, Romanian engineer who saved condemned churches under communist rule, dies at 89
What next for North Korea-US ties after Kim's China trip? Sudden visit to Beijing reminder that Pyongyang has other options if rapprochement with Washington fails, analysts say. Xi seeks an end to the ongoing trade dispute, which is hurting the Chinese economy The question now is how far the US is willing to concede from their original goal of complete denuclearisation, and what its response will be if North Korea chooses a better offer