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Is peace in Yemen within reach? After nearly four years of fighting, both sides in the war in Yemen appear ready to end the conflict. The United Nations has warned this could rise to 14 million But what would a peace deal look like for Yemen and what are its chances of succeeding Presenter: Hazem Sika Guests: Elisabeth Kendall - Yemen specialist at Pembroke College, University of Oxford Hussain Al Bukhaiti - Houthi affairs specialist Afrah Nasser - Yemeni exiled journalist Source: Al Jazeera News
Redacted Michael Flynn filing shows 'Mueller's work is far from over', says ex-federal prosecutor Former national security adviser due to be sentenced later this month At least 17 people died after the derailment CNA/AFP/Getty 47/50 20 October 2018 US President Donald Trump waves as he boards Marine One after a Make America Great rally in Mesa, Arizona on October 19, 2018 By Friday’s end, we will know much more about the strength of Mueller’s hand and the threat his investigation poses to President Donald Trump and his administration
Senators prepare to tackle US support for Saudi action in Yemen While Saudi officials have denied that Prince Mohammed is responsible, some senior Republicans said that they were left with zero doubt over his involvement after a briefing from CIA director Gina Haspel on Tuesday In the current circumstances, with the concerns about Yemen and Khashoggi, in the next few months Congress could try to restrict arms, he said
Miss Universe contestant's botched skin job left her looking like an ACID ATTACK victim A MISS Universe contestant has revealed how her modelling career almost ended when she underwent a botched skin procedure that left her face looking like it had been burned with acid. Andrea Diaz, … I lived hidden for almost a year and a half, and I hope you can put yourselves in my shoes It is something I don’t wish on anybody, it is ugly, painful and affects your mood more than you would believe Email us at or call 0207 782 4368
Rand Paul warns political killings will continue in Saudi Arabia if no consequences for Khashoggi Sen. Rand Paul warned that Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi would only be the first political slaying in Saudi Arabia if the U.S. does not take action over his brutal assassination. The slaying of Mr. Khashoggi is the top of a growing list of issues the Kentucky Republican has with the Middle Eastern Kingdom, including its war in Yemen and jailing dissidents We’ll just keep selling you arms because we think there’s a buck to be made
Opinion | Michael Flynn appears to have come full circle The former Trump national security adviser goes from prosecution to confession and eventual absolution and rehabilitation. The Post story queried whether the defendant’s actions violated the Logan Act, which prohibits U.S. citizens from corresponding with a foreign government with the intent to influence the conduct of that foreign government regarding disputes with the United States, the memo notes
Inside the Hezbollah tunnel that Israel never found Discovery of tunnels dug by Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel has raised tensions on border Accoring to the Salvadorean General Migration Directorate, over 1,700 Salvadoreans left the country in two caravans and entered Guatemala Wednesday, in an attempt to reach the US AFP/Getty 35/50 1 November 2018 Google employees hold signs outside 14th street park after walking out as part of a global protest over claims of sexual harassment, gender inequality and systemic racism at the tech giant Reuters 36/50 31 October 2018 The Statue of Unity portraying Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, one of the founding fathers of India, during its inauguration in Kevadia, in the western state of Gujarat, India Reuters 37/50 30 October 2018 A scavenger collects recyclable materials along the breakwater amid strong waves as weather patterns from Typhoon Yutu affect Manila Bay
Everything you need to know about Mueller’s no-prison recommendation for Michael Flynn Flynn has been cooperating with the Mueller probe by providing information for at least three investigations The impoverished Arab country is experiencing a humanitarian crisis due to an ongoing brutal conflict that has lasted more than three years that has driven millions to the brink of famine EPA 9/50 27 November 2018 A petrol bomb was thrown towards the Ajax fans during their Champions League away match against AEK Athens in the Greek capital
Tussle for tech supremacy powers US-China animosity Confucius, in the Analects , argued that if names are not correct and language is not in accord with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried out successfully Some say China took the opportunity to penetrate US universities, laboratories, and companies, gaining access to technology that enhanced its power and threatens America’s security
US state capitol forced to display satanic statue alongside Nativity scene Sculpture depicts snake coiled around woman's forearm, which is holding apple Instead, his speech was a promise to resist AP 40/50 27 October 2018 First responders surround the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, where a shooter opened fire, wounding three police officers and killing eleven AP 41/50 26 October 2018 Broward County Sheriff's office have released a photo of Cesar Sayoc, the suspect who was arrested in connection with the pipe bombs that have been sent to several high profile Democrats and critics of President Trump over the course of this week AP 42/50 25 October 2018 East Island in Hawaii has been swallowed by the sea following Hurricane Walaka US Fish and Wildlife Service 43/50 24 October 2018 Police officers stand outside the home of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after a functional explosive device was attemptedly delivered to the couple AP 44/50 23 October 2018 Turkey's President Erdogan today accused Saudi Arabia of plotting the 'savage' murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi AP 45/50 22 October 2018 Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison (C) delivers a national apology to child sex abuse victims in the House of Representatives in Parliament House in Canberra on October 22, 2018
Italy’s far-right government forces migrants to leave shelters ahead of Christmas New law established by Matteo Salvini abolishes 'humanitarian protection' status for asylum seekers All other nationalities are deemed economic migrants and told to turn back The abolition of humanitarian protection status, the exclusion of asylum seekers from access to reception centres focusing on social inclusion, and the extended duration of detention in return centres and hotspots fundamentally undermine international human rights principles, and will certainly lead to violations of international human rights law, the UN office said in a statement
Here’s How Facebook’s Local News Algorithm Change Led To The Worst Riots Paris Has Seen In 50 Years The Yellow Jackets movement is what happens when you point Facebook's traffic hose at France's small towns. The question now is: How do you turn it off? This week, protesters scaled the Arc de Triomphe, burned cars, and clashed with police in the third consecutive weekend of riots in France The radio appearance is written up by a local news site He’s already discussed the possibility of declaring a state of emergency
Ukraine elections won't derail inflation targeting, forex reforms:... Ukraine will press on with inflation targeting and plans to lift currency restri... As evidence of his credentials to shepherd the banking system through elections, Smoliy cited the central bank’s currency interventions to calm market jitters after Ukraine introduced martial law last week Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Big-money investors see the bull market ending in 2019  The longest bull market run in history is coming to an end in 2019, according to the pros who handle Wall Street's big-money clientele. Kai Pfaffenbach | Reuters People with umbrellas pass by bull and bear outside Frankfurt's stock exchange during heavy rain in Frankfurt, Germany, November 20, 2017 While caution arises over the U.S., 48 percent of institutional investors say the best emerging market opportunity will come in the Asia Pacific region
Yemen peace talks cannot afford to fail, relief organisations warn Delegations from both sides of Yemen's war have arrived in Sweden for peace talks, with the UN hoping the two can at least agree on a ceasefire for the strategic port city of Hodeidah to allow in desperately needed aid. Analysts said that it was unlikely the Houthis would agree to withdraw from territory or lay down their arms in the Red Sea city, a hard-fought prize for the rebels There needs to be immediate commercial and humanitarian imports of food as well as medicines, or 2019 will be a catastrophic year
Despite Afghan deaths, slow peace efforts, NATO vows to stay BRUSSELS (AP) — Fifteen years after NATO took the lead on international security efforts in Afghanistan, the military alliance's foreign ministers on Wednesday reaffirmed their commitment to stay the course despite mounting Afghan casualties and the slow pace of peace efforts. At talks in Brussels, the ministers underlined their "steadfast commitment to ensuring long-term security and stability," reaffirming that NATO's mission in the insurgency-wracked country will last as long as conditions demand it. Zimmermann based his optimism on Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s unprecedented offer of unconditional peace talks with the Taliban, a recent and unprecedented three-day cease-fire agreed with the insurgents as a sign of goodwill and the changing attitudes of Afghan elders weary of years of conflict
Yemen peace talks set to start on Thursday in Sweden A team from Yemen's Saudi-backed government arrived in Sweden to attend pea... A member of the security stands guard during the departure of U.N The Houthi delegation arrived there on Tuesday, having failed to turn up for previous talks in Geneva in September If the consultations proceed positively, we will see an immediate change for people in Yemen Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Low bar for success in talks to ease Yemen's vicious civil war One Yemen scholar says circumstances of 3-year-war are so grim, any agreement at all would be "better than nothing" But previous peace efforts have failed, with neither side willing to compromise And Hadi's administration is unlikely to agree to a power-sharing arrangement that would grant the Houthis a larger role in government, which was one of the original aims of the rebellion Maybe there'll be some more exchange of prisoners or some progress on the economy, but I don't think the Houthis will leave Hodeida peacefully
Lame-duck Wisconsin Republicans pass vote to restrict incoming Democrats in controversial 'power grab' Democrats decry sweeping measures seen being designed to handcuff the new administration - US President Donald Trump said Friday, October 19, 2018, that he found credible Saudi Arabia's assertion that dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi died as a result of a fight AFP/Getty 47/50 19 October 2018 A Palestinian youth runs past a rolling burning tire during clashes with Israeli forces following a demonstration after the weekly Friday prayers, in the centre of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron AFP/Getty 48/50 18 October 2018 Honduran migrants heading in a caravan to the United States, leave Guatemala City
Without gas for cremation, even dying is a struggle in Venezuela Angelica Vera of Venezuela's western state of Zulia planned to cremate her ... But decaying services in other states could spread the practice PRICES JUMP Shortages of wood and metal for coffins and cement for graves have complicated traditional burials President Nicolas Maduro blames an economic war led by political adversaries with Washington’s help Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
U.S. Troops, Raiding Afghan Villages, Fight With Little Hope for Military Victory American commanders see each battlefield win as a means of strengthening the allied position in peace negotiations. The escalation leads to greater risks to troops, especially in house-to-house raids occurring across the country. Concealed behind the blanket was the entrance to a lightless tunnel Stretched across the tunnel, about 25 yards in, was a knee-high wall of sandbags The Green Beret team captain wondered if someone had tipped them off The tunnel, they said, contained large quantities of rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and other weapons
What is forcing thousands of migrants to flee their home countries? | Michael Deibert The United States is more to blame for its immigration problem than it would like to take credit for But perhaps no country’s history attests to the US role in helping to create the conditions for this latter-day exodus than El Salvador Michael Deibert is an author, journalist and Visiting Scholar at Franklin & Marshall College His website can be found at and he can be followed on Twitter at @michaelcdeibert