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Return of ISIS: How terror cult could 'spring new offensive and reclaim territory' ISIS has been given the opportunity to rise again as the terror cult has been allowed to rebuild by the West's lack of intervention in Syria – and if the extremists were to start a new offensive on strategic cities they would "take quite a lot of them", an expert claims. As President Assad prepares to place Idlib – the last rebel-held city – under siege, the stark contrast between the Government’s fortunes now and a few years ago are apparent Mr Orton added: The fundamental weakness of the regime structure and the fact that it tries to take over any space it attacks will allow ISIS to move
Analysis | The Health 202: Blue states move to expand abortion access in rebuttal to bans in Republican-led states 2020 is poised to an especially contentious election year in abortion politics. The two lawsuits filed in Manhattan federal court said enforcing the ‘conscience’ rule would encourage discrimination against women, minorities, the poor, the uninsured, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people by curbing access to legal healthcare procedures, including life-saving treatments, Reuters’s Jonathan Stempel reports
Yemeni rebels hit Saudi airport with missile as Japan’s Abe heads to Iran with hopes of defusing tension Yemen’s Iran-allied rebels said they launched a cruise missile Wednesday at a Saudi airport, an attack the kingdom said hit the arrivals hall and wounded 26... Iran is threatening to resume enriching uranium closer to weapons-grade level on July 7 if European allies fail to offer new terms for the nuclear deal While President Donald Trump says he wants to talk to Tehran, the U.S. has piled on sanctions that have seen Iran’s currency, the rial, plummet, along with Iran’s crucial oil exports We Want to Hear from You Join the conversation Comment
Bernie Sanders to discuss ‘what democratic socialism means to me’ Seeking to rebut President Trump’s attempts to cast him and Democrats as too liberal, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to give a speech Wednesday on democratic socialism, the economic philosophy that has guided his political career. WASHINGTON (AP) Seeking to rebut President Trump’s attempts to cast him and Democrats as too liberal, Vermont Sen Trump and his allies have nonetheless lambasted Sanders and the rest of the Democratic field, warning against what they call the threat of creeping socialism
Perspective | The U.S. women’s national team is American treasure. Pay them a bounty. The women’s program is the most important team in American soccer history — male or female. By Sally Jenkins Sally Jenkins Sports columnist Email Bio Columnist June 12 at 6:30 AM Picture the expressions of U.S. Soccer Federation officials every time Alex Morgan went lightly skipping down the pitch and scored another goal in the Americans’ opening match of the women’s World Cup Along the way with every step they’ve broadened the worldwide soccer market
Analysis | Power Up: Fire and farmers: Trump and Biden duel in Iowa over ways to tackle China threat Rep. Eliot Engel is getting a primary challenger in the mold of AOC. His platform of generational change, perhaps a sign of what's to come this election cycle, calls to reimagine a politics that is inclusive, representative, and transformative, a politics that brings in voices that have been excluded and marginalized In discussion:  I asked him what he could do about the price, Genier Hernández, the head of Hoja Blanca’s coffee cooperative said of his question to acting homeland security secretary Kevin McAleenan traveled to Guatemala in May and met with growers
North Korea's Kim sends flowers for ex-first lady, but no letter... North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sister met South Korean officials on thei... Moon’s press secretary told a separate briefing that Kim Yo Jong also said her brother had a special feeling toward Lee Kim Yo Jong’s visit came exactly a year after her brother and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed at the first U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore to work toward the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, easing fears of war Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Trump has no right to hide the details of an agreement with Mexico Congress does not know what understandings Trump has with the governments of Mexico or North Korea. This is appalling. The power to levy duties (tariffs) is among the first and most important powers granted to Congress in the Constitution This is for good reason, since a tariff is essentially a tax on the public and no single person should ever have that power in a democracy This would provide long-term help for these countries
Jed Mercurio confirms he's in talks for Bodyguard season 2 Series one of the hit BBC drama was the broadcaster's most-watched show since 2008 BBC 1/10 Audiences were gripped by the BBC series about controversial Home Secretary Julia Montague, played by Keeley Hawes, and her PTSD-suffering protection officer David Budd (Richard Madden BBC/World Productions 2/10 A scene from the first episode of 'Bodyguard' which featured Nadia, a timorous suicide train bomber, played by Anjli Mohindra, who was talked down by officer Budd in the toilet of a train BBC 3/10 The drama, written by Line Of Duty creator Mercurio, focuses on Afghanistan war veteran Budd and his personal battles, and Montague, whose decision to hand the investigation of recent terror events to the Security Service ruffles feathers BBC 4/10 Gina McKee played a scheming head of the Metropolitan Police, Comm Anne Sampson BBC/World Productions 5/10 The evening after a sniper attempts to take Montague's life, she sleeps with Budd in episode 2 BBC 6/10 The BBC claims that Bodyguard’s first episode accumulated 10.4 million viewers BBC/World Productions 7/10 The series killed off its deuteragonist, Julia Montague, in episode four BBC/World Productions/Sophie Mutevelian 8/10 Vincent Franklin was Montague’s scheming junior minister Mike Travis and after her death became acting home secretary BBC/World Productions/Sophie Mutevelian 9/10 Richard Madden as David Budd, covered in blood in the finale after he had been Budd is abducted and fitted out in a suicide bomb vest similar to the one Nadia was wearing in the first episode Sophie Mutevelian/World Producti/PA Wire 10/10 The character of Nadia revealed herself to be the terrorist mastermind and bomb-maker at the end of the series
They Hid From the Mob for Decades. Now They Will Surface in a Film. The family of Tommaso Buscetta, whose testimony figured in hundreds of Mafia convictions, agreed to appear in a new documentary. There was no other witness in the case who was able to describe the enterprise, identify the hierarchy and describe the goals of the organization, said Louis Freeh, the lead prosecutor who went on to become director of the F.B.I As she said in the film, ‘It was now or never.’ Advertisement
Oil slides ahead of US stockpile data This data print will likely cause a sleepless night for oil bulls as if the EIA data confirms, we could see a more significant cut and run on WTI oil positioning, said Stephen Innes, managing partner at Vanguard Markets A top oil trader earlier this month told the Financial Times that the oil market is as complicated as I have seen it in a long time
Oil demand growth grinding to lowest in years as global economy stalls World oil markets have undergone a U-turn, switching from supply-side risks like... (GRAPHIC: World oil demand vs supply - POTENTIAL RECESSION The heart of the stuttering demand is an economic slowdown (GRAPHIC: Russian, U.S. & Saudi crude oil production - Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Asif Kapadia: the director who reinvented the documentary He helped a Channel 4 talk show find young Asian guests Screenings brought together cinephiles, Top Gear fans lured by the endorsement of Jeremy Clarkson, Brazilian émigrés and pretty much everyone else Finding the right piece of archive isn’t so different But actually there are always these weirdly profound stories all tied up with this one person
Father’s Day 2019 date: When is Father’s Day in the USA and UK? Does the date change? FATHER’S DAY 2019 is just around the corner and fathers across the world are getting ready for special treatment from their children, but when exactly is Father’s Day in the USA and UK? Father’s Day is a celebration held across the world to honour dads, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers across the globe Bush in 1947 (Image: CORBIS/GETTY) Wanting to honour her father after hearing a sermon about Jarvis’ Mother’s Day in 1909, she proposed a dedicated father’s day take place on June 5, which was her father’s birthday
Iran paper asks Abe: ‘How Can You Trust A War Criminal?’ TEHRAN--With Japan's prime minister on the way to Tehran for a historic visit, a hard-line Iranian p There are concerns over rising tension in the Middle East region, he said Abe also in recent days spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, all of whom are fierce critics of Iran
North Korea's secret weapon? Kim Jong-un prepares to send sister to DMZ NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong Un will send his sister to visit the demilitarised zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea in a diplomatic gesture. Though talks stalled, the first meeting between the two countries in Singapore was seen as an international diplomatic triumph as both sought to work towards the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula North Korea has tremendous potential, and he’ll be there
Seoul: Kim’s sister to visit DMZ to pay condolences over Lee SEOUL--North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sister will visit the demilitarized zone separating the Nor Those talks have since stalled and inter-Korean engagement has dwindled Last year's detente between the two Koreas was seen as a revival of that policy Reclusive North Korea and the rich, democratic South are technically still at war because their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty
How Corporate Forces Are Lobbying for a Coup in Venezuela A video report on the forces behind the Venezuelan regime change lobby in Washington, DC and the campaign of disinformation the opposition and its US backers have waged to gin up support for sanctions and even military intervention. Transcript: DILIANA BUSTILLOS: My fight! My struggle! My building! But what VICE fails to mention is that Bustillos has, as Jeb Sprague and Alex Rubinstein of Mintpress pointed out, a background in corporate marketing and works as a senior manager at a computer technology company who’s clients include Boeing
Kim Jong Un's sister to visit DMZ separating two Koreas, Seoul says North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sister will visit the demilitarized zone ... Those talks have since stalled and inter-Korean engagement has dwindled Kim Dae-jung, president between 1998-2003, is known for championing the so-called Sunshine policy of engagement with North Korea Last year’s detente between the two Koreas was seen as a revival of that policy Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Opinion | If Trump Wants to Take On China, He Needs Allies And he should start with Europe. In March, when President Xi Jinping visited Paris, President Emmanuel Macron of France invited the chancellor of Germany and the president of the European Commission to join him Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook , Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram
Putin Treats Xi to a Very Personal 3 Day Russia Tour, Great Insight Into Their Friendship (Russian TV News) Russian TV tags along for the personal tour Putin gives his friend Xi, showing him around St. Petersburg and Moscow, taking in a ballet, cruising on St. Petersburg's Neva river, clambering aboard historic battleships, visiting the Pandas China recently sent to Moscow (while symbolically removing them from a US zoo). China's conflict with the US is driving her ever closer to Russia. A very interesting and revealing long, in-depth report. Transcript below. China's conflict with the US is driving her ever closer to Russia But that signifies that we have a very broad agenda We'll see how the situation develops in Osaka at the G20 meeting Anyway, I can't remember such serious statements being voiced at the reception of any other state leader
Trump and Kim one year on: A 'beautiful letter', stalled diplomacy A year after President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un met for t... In the weeks ahead of Wednesday’s anniversary of the Singapore summit, North Korean state media has repeatedly warned that the statement signed there was in danger of being rendered meaningless if the United States did not drop demands for North Korea to unilaterally dismantle its nuclear arsenal
SOCCER/ Keisuke Honda helps Cambodia advance in World Cup qualifying SEOUL--Former Japan international Keisuke Honda led Cambodia into the second round of Asian qualifyi Only five of the six matchups were completed as Macau did not travel to Sri Lanka, citing security concerns following the deadly terrorist attacks in the country on Easter Sunday when three churches in Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels in Colombo were targeted in coordinated terrorist suicide bombings which killed over 250 people