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100 Years Ago German Settlers Moved to Deepest Siberia - Today They Are Thriving Germans have been settling in Eastern Europe since the Middle Ages. Perhaps the best known and most adventurous German settlers in the East were those who moved to the banks of the Volga River during the reign of Empress Catherine the Great, known to history as the Volga Germans. Ethnic Germans all over the USSR suffered greatly during the war years, when many were forced out of their homes or sent to forced labor camps. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, many have re-migrated to Germany. Germans have been settling in Eastern Europe since the Middle Ages Beekeeper Yakov Epp has a total of three bathrooms for his guests, for adults, and for kids Soon, the perimeter road is supposed to get repaired We're not jealous, we don’t mind our neighbors having better things
Are tensions between US, Gulf allies and Iran coming to a head? Analysts warn action needs to be taken over deepening tensions between the United States and Iran in the Gulf. 'Warning of what's to come' Analysts told Al Jazeera the attacks underlined the vulnerabilities of regional powers Saudi Arabia and the UAE Sunjeev Bery, director of Freedom Forward, which campaigns for Washington to cut ties with foreign autocrats, said the deepening tensions were a wake-up call for Washington about how to pick friends in the Gulf Counting the Cost Iran and the oil market
Weapons tests, stalled talks complicate South Korea's push for food... Impoverished North Korea is suffering its worst drought in decades and food supp... There is a lot more to consider than two years ago, one of the sources said ‘SENSE OF CRISIS’ The source said there was a sense of crisis brewing within the administration ahead of a key parliamentary election next year amid the stalled nuclear talks and lackluster progress in inter-Korean initiatives Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Oil edges up for third session on Mideast tensions Oil prices pushed higher on Thursday for a third day in a row, as fears of suppl... Supply losses from OPEC members Iran and Venezuela, now under U.S. sanctions, have deepened the impact of the OPEC-led production restrictions The so-called OPEC+ group of producers, which includes Russia, meets next month to review whether to maintain the pact beyond June Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Iran tensions spotlight Trump's questionable credibility The Trump administration, which has disdained truth and consciously snubbed its allies, is now facing a tough burden of proof and history as it barrels towards a confrontation with Iran. The White House argued correctly that the international accord did not halt what Washington sees as destabilizing regional activity, including missile launches and support for extremist groups CNN's Nicole Gaouette, Michelle Kosinski, Barbara Starr and Kylie Atwood contributed to this story
Thailand's Richest 2019: Rockstar CEO Aims To Amp Up 128-Year-Old Energy Drinks Business Last October, Petch led 128-year-old Osotspa in the country’s biggest IPO of the year, raising a $464 million war chest for expansion from a 20% stake that valued the company at $2.3 billion. I’m a creative person, not a businessman, Petch concedes Myanmar’s population of 53 million is roughly three-quarters the size of Thailand’s, but incomes are still where Thailand’s were in the late-1980s and growing fast as the nation opens Instead, he plans to release a collection of short stories this year, he says, stuff I’ve written for a while, some quite erotic
Lonely Planet's top destination suffers a blow after blasts HIKKADUWA, Sri Lanka--Sipping fresh coconut water while sunbathing on deserted Hikkaduwa beach, Alex HIKKADUWA, Sri Lanka--Sipping fresh coconut water while sunbathing on deserted Hikkaduwa beach, Alexi Konchayenko, a sports trainer from Ukraine, struck a stoical note The president of Sri Lanka's Hotels Association, Sanath Ukwatta, said hotels have offered 30 to 50 percent discounts to entice local residents
Choco Leibniz Heiress Verena Bahlsen Faces Social Media Anger For Defending Nazi Forced Labor The German cookie heiress defended her family's employment of Nazi forced labor, adding they did "nothing wrong." Verena’s grandfather Herman Bahlsen founded Choco Leibniz biscuits, and the company employed about 200 forced labourers during the period from 1943 and 1945 A Nazi swastika banner hangs on the facade of the Prefecture Palace in Nice which is being used as part of a movie set during the filming of a WWII film in France, Sept
Russian bridge to Crimea strangles Ukraine ports According to the Ukrainian government, handling of cargo at Mariupol and Berdyansk has fallen by almost 70 per cent and 50 per cent, respectively, since Russia gained control over the Kerch Strait in 2014, incurring nearly $400m in losses for the ports and region at large
Oil rises for a third day amid escalating Mideast tensions Oil prices rose on Thursday for a third straight session, as the risk of conflic... The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said on Tuesday that world demand for its oil would be higher than expected this year Graphic: U.S. crude inventories, weekly changes since 2017 - Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Panama sees surge in migrants crossing perilous Darien Gap PENITAS, Panama (AP) — Venise Felizor lay on a mattress in a warehouse-turned-shelter on a hot, sticky afternoon with her 20-month-old son, Wesly, in her arms, the boy coughing and wailing after... The International Organization for Migration’s Panama branch says migrants who traverse the Darien jungle often arrive in very bad shape They wash clothes in the muddy waters of the Chucunaque, hang things to dry on clothes lines and chain link fencing and relieve themselves in blue portable toilets set up outside the shelter She held up the birth certificate inscribed with her Panama-born son’s name: Darién
Ebola CRISIS: Epidemic out of control after more than 1,700 'terrifying' cases hit Congo EBOLA-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo could be devastated by the worst outbreak in world history if the “terrifying” epidemic continues. READ MORE: Ebola CRISIS: Dozens dead in Congo as disease claims RECORD Jeremy Farrar, head of the Wellcome Trust, said a ceasefire must be called (Image: GETTY) The number of cases has continued to soar, with nearly 300 new reports of Ebola being singled between April 15 and May 5
Lawmakers warn White House against war with Iran, call for more 'clarity' US lawmakers on both sides of the aisle called on the Trump administration to be more open about its strategy on Iran as tensions between Washington and Tehran escalated sharply. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, speaking at a high-level meeting that included the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, urged the Iranian people to be steadfast amid US psychological pressure and called on the US to repent and get back on the right track, according to the state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting outlet
'Loot to order': Facebook a vibrant marketplace for war zone antiques Ancient treasures pillaged from conflict zones are being offered for sale online, including items that may have been looted by Islamic State. The sales are often completed in person in cash in nearby countries, he said, despite efforts in Turkey and elsewhere to fight antiquities smuggling The New York Times Antiques Syria Iraq Yemen Libya Egypt Most Viewed in World Loading
Donald Trump escalates Iran conflict as world frets President Trump defended his aggressive Iran policy Wednesday, claiming his expanding pressure campaign will force Tehran into direct talks, even as critics and supporters alike on Capitol Hill demanded explanations and American allies overseas expressed concerns about another war in the Middle East. But the notion that Tehran seeks to use its proxies in Iraq to foment a military clash is being weighed carefully by analysts They see all these resources, and so they know this guy is for real ⦁ Lauren Meier and Bailey Vogt contributed to this article, which is based in part on wire reports
Citing threats, U.S. builds case — and military force — for confronting Iran The State Department ordered non-emergency employees from Iraq, the latest uptick in tensions with Iran amid a buildup of US military forces in the region. We fundamentally do not seek a war with Iran, Pompeo said later As tensions rose this week, several Saudi oil tankers off the United Arab Emirates and pumping stations along a major pipeline in Saudi Arabia sustained damage in still-unexplained explosions