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Oil little changed as U.S. crude stocks build, Middle East tensions... Oil futures were little changed on Wednesday, with prices pressured by a surpris... Oil prices have drawn support since Saudi Arabia said on Tuesday that armed drones struck two oil pumping stations, two days after the sabotage of oil tankers near the United Arab Emirates The attacks took place against a backdrop of U.S.-Iranian tension Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Opinion | The dirty little secret of the ‘Trump Doctrine’: There isn’t one Trump’s pet intellectuals discredit themselves. Trump’s former National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton takes this idea for a longer test-drive in Foreign Policy This is a president who is capable of changing his mind between the beginning and end of a single sentence Anne Applebaum: It’s clear why Trump likes autocrats Jason Rezaian: The United States should support democracy
Ukraine could nationalise PrivatBank again if needed: central bank The central bank would push to nationalise PrivatBank a second time if a court r... REUTERS/Sergiy Karazy First Deputy Central Bank Governor Kateryna Rozhkova’s determination to keep PrivatBank in state hands for now may reassure foreign creditors and investors, who worry that legal wrangling over PrivatBank threatens Ukraine’s financial stability Ukraine hopes to secure IMF aid worth $1.3 billion after the visit A Kiev court ruled in favor of Kolomoisky in April by declaring that the nationalization process had been illegal Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Democratic presidential contenders of 2020 | Pictures | Reuters The largest Democratic field in the modern U.S. political era is competing for the party's 2020 presidential nomination.The diverse group of more than 20 vying to challenge President Donald Trump, t She endorsed Bernie Sanders during his 2016 presidential campaign.REUTERS/Brian Snyder Close 12 / 24 ANDREW YANG: The entrepreneur and former tech executive is focusing his campaign on an ambitious universal income plan In 2014, she made an unsuccessful bid for a House seat in California as an independent.REUTERS/Bob Strong Close 24 / 24 Share this Slideshow View Again View Next Notable deaths in 2019
U.S. Embassy orders non-emergency staff to leave Iraq immediately as tensions with Iran rise The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad ordered all nonessential, non-emergency government staff to leave Iraq immediately amid escalating tensions with Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's comments came after Yemen's Houthi rebels, who are backed by Iran, launched a coordinated drone attack on a crucial oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia, which leads a coalition supporting the internationally recognized Yemeni government
Failing New York Times Runs 5,000-Word Article Crying About Assad's Final Victory The campaign is on for Syrian national forces to retake the last-remaining redoubt of militants in northwest Idlib. That might explain why the New York Times was prompted to publish a 5,000-word article based on flimsy anti-Syrian propaganda. It is the Damascus government's sovereign right to recover all of its national territory, yet Western media are again trying to spin another "Aleppo-style" onslaught to discredit the Syrian army from its ultimate task. The campaign is on for Syrian national forces to retake the last-remaining redoubt of militants in northwest Idlib Paul Larudee, who chairs the Syria Solidarity Movement based in California, says that the NY Times' article is aimed at smearing the Syrian government and justifying further aggression against the Arab country
Analysis | How Trump became an abortion hard-liner What's happening in Alabama is a continuation of a path that Trump himself has walked. By Philip Bump Philip Bump National correspondent focused largely on the numbers behind politics Email Bio Follow May 15 at 10:24 AM Late Tuesday, the Alabama state Senate passed a law prohibiting nearly any abortion in the state Well, how does that happen where you were pro and not long ago, by the way, and then all of a sudden you can’t even have exceptions, Trump said
U.S. Orders Non-Essential Staff to Evacuate From Baghdad Embassy The decision comes at a time of heightened war rhetoric between the Trump administration and Iran. Chris Ghika, deputy commander of the international coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria that the U.S. leads, told reporters at the Pentagon from his headquarters in Baghdad on Tuesday that Iran continues to present a threat to the allies but that the threat has not necessarily changed in recent weeks
Perspective | Trump says he knows everything. He’s obviously wrong. A president who insisted he alone could fix U.S. problems has, instead, bumbled into new ones. President Trump speaks to journalists at the White House on Tuesday He has spurned his economic advisers on foreign economic policy Those of us who have studied these matters, however, see too many brush fires that can escalate into an uncontrollable blaze
The Daily 202: Marco Rubio slams CEOs for bad China deals, short-term thinking and not investing in U.S. workers Amid growing strains between business and the GOP, Rubio fleshes out his “pro-work agenda.” -- Company documents show that Trump’s resort in Doral, Fla., is in steep decline – Joe Biden, expressing a strikingly naive hope that there will be a return to bipartisanship But all in all it’s a drier, brighter and warmer stretch than we’ve seen in a while ABC News (@ABC) May 15, 2019
Tensions simmer as U.S., Iran tamp down talk of war A drone strike on Saudi oil assets by Iran-backed Yemeni rebels escalated tension between Tehran and Riyadh and triggered fresh unease in Washington on Tuesday, even as President Trump denied a report that he was weighing plans to send 120,000 U.S. troops to the region if Iran continues its provocations. A top British commander working within a the current U.S.-lead coalition of forces in Syria and Iraq on Tuesday disputed the administration’s claims, telling at a news conference there has been no increased threat from Iranian proxies in Iraq or Syria
The US’s For-Profit Weapons Industry Wants Endless War, Russia’s State Owned Arms Manufacturers Don’t Unlike a regular corporation, the corporations that manufacture and sell weapons to their government are virtually 100% dependent upon their government and its military allies, for their own success; their markets are only those governments, not individuals (such as is the case for normal corporations). So: the government there naturally becomes an extension of its major contractors or armaments-firms This type of racket has worked that way for thousands of years, and yet it has always remained Top Secret, or (at least) Confidential or etc.; but, anyway,  very  private and not acknowledged in their ‘news’-media, but instead publicly denied (though, occasionally, also joked-about)
Fighting grips Yemen's Hodeidah port, complicating peace moves Houthi fighters and Saudi-backed pro-government forces battled in Yemen's p... committee overseeing the withdrawal, said in Hodeidah on Tuesday that the United Nations now had full access to the ports, which would allow its inspectors to check ships docking in the ports for any Houthi arms imports, he said Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
A world aching for peace & stability can no longer afford NATO NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg calling for an end to the fighting in Libya is like an arsonist calling for the house he’s just burned to the ground to stop emitting smoke. There is no flag big enough to cover the shame involved in such a squalid turn of events, and no amount of historical revisionism can ever justify it The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT
Oil Traders Are Largely Unfazed By Drone Attack On Saudi Pipeline Saudi Arabia halted operations on its 5 million barrel per day East West Pipeline while investigations are ongoing. The Gemini Star oil tanker, owned by Vela International Marine, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, offloads into a single buoy mooring at the start of the Sumed pipeline in the Gulf of Suez, near the port of Ain Sukhna, Egypt, on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007 It is expected that the pipeline will be back up shortly and the attack did not disrupt the oil supply from Saudi Arabia
Why U.S. Just Ordered Non-Emergency Employees to Leave Iraq Embassy A statement attributed the imminent departures to an “increased threat stream.” Trump says Iran’s missile program and support for militant groups is destabilizing the Mideast region and he has made countering the Islamic Republic a primary focus of his foreign policy, encouraged by Iranian foes led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel
Questions swirl over 'sabotage attack' as Iran tensions ratchet up There is no mistaking the ugly gash ripped in Andrea Victory's stern. MUST WATCH 4 ships targeted in mystery 'sabotage attack,' UAE says 02:38 Fujairah, UAE (CNN)There is no mistaking the ugly gash ripped in Andrea Victory's stern On several of those vessels, water was getting in below the water line On Tuesday, Houthis claimed responsibility for a bold drone attack on an oil pipeline deep inside Saudi Arabia
Oil falls on U.S. inventories rise, Middle East tensions cap losses Oil fell on Wednesday after data showed a surprise rise in U.S. crude inventorie... Given that nearly one-third of global oil production and nearly all of global spare capacity are in the Middle East, the oil market is very sensitive to any attacks on oil infrastructure in this region, Swiss bank UBS said, adding it expected Brent prices to rise toward $75 in coming weeks
‘Culture of impunity’ or ‘unfair investigations’? UK veterans to be shielded from legal claims Former UK military personnel are to receive stronger legal protections to stop “repeated or unfair investigations” under new government proposals, raising concerns it could “facilitate a culture of impunity.” It is high time that we change the system and provide the right legal protections to make sure the decisions our service personnel take in the battlefield will not lead to repeated or unfair investigations down the line Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you
Trump accused of risking 'devastating' conflict with Iran as China trade war escalates - follow live updates Follow the latest updates from Washington Donald Trump has been accused of playing a very dangerous game with Iran and risking dragging the US into a new war in the Middle East that could have devastating consequences Joe Sommerlad 15 May 2019 10:51 2019-05-15T10:15:00.000Z But it was this guy's socks - and the resulting photo - that were surely the true highlight of the day
Trump's attempts to rally allies against Iran falls flat with UK official who says there's no threat 'No, there has been no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq or Syria' While Trump has made no secret of his reluctance to engage in another military conflict in the Middle East, and has ordered US troops home from Syria, his secretary of state and his national security adviser have pushed a maximalist hard-line approach on Iran
Teenage girl ‘jumped to her death’ after posting Instagram poll on whether to kill herself Around 69 per cent of 16-year-old's followers voted for 'death' in poll, police say India is one of the leading producers of tropical and subtropical fruits in the world and is said to be the world's largest mango producer EPA 3/50 13 May 2019 A nurse carries a newborn baby after a fire broke out on the terrace of a children's hospital building in Ahmedabad, India Reuters 4/50 12 May 2019 Members of the action group Extinction Rebellion hold banners in front of the Eiffel Tower after spilling fake blood on the Trocadero esplanade during a demonstration to alert on the state of decline of biodiversity, in Paris
Varied points of view rise from Trump, an ally and Iran as Middle East tensions flare President Trump is struggling to present a unified message on Iran as a military official undercut the basis for his more confrontational strategy. Though the Stratofortress aircraft first flew in the Cold War, the huge warplanes have been updated and can loiter aloft with an arsenal of sophisticated weaponry that can be launched from a safe distance at targets inside Iran Contributing: Kim Hjelmgaard President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, right, and National Security Advisor John Bolton, left, in New York, on Sept
This is what foreign policy looks like when you have no strategy When it comes to foreign policy, Trump has whims and beliefs but no coherent strategy. The result is unforced errors and crises around the globe. It cozies up to dictators like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and treats allies like Germany’s Angela Merkel with contempt But those were easy, accomplished by signing proclamations He succeeded in renegotiating NAFTA, the trade deal with Mexico and Canada But its ratification in the Senate is far from assured It’s not clear that the United States can do it alone
In the Early Days of WW2, Britain and France Planned to Bomb Russia Thus was born Operation Pike. Flying from Allied bases in Iran and Syria, as well as neutral but anti-Soviet Turkey, more than a hundred British and French bombers would continuously attack Soviet oil fields in the Caucuses in a night strategic bombing campaign. This was more than idle planning. Unmarked British reconnaissance planes flying from Iraqi airfields actually photographed oil installations at Baku and Batumi in March 1940. Allied air planners were confident this would be a mighty blow Interestingly, the British seemed willing to do battle with Soviet fighters to accomplish this goal Some British leaders, such as Lord Halifax, had favored making some kind of peace deal with Hitler Nonetheless, Operation Pike might have changed the history of the world
Fighting breaks out in Yemen's Hodeidah as Houthis pull out Houthi fighters and pro-government forces battled in Yemen's port city of H... Lieutenant General Michael Lollesgaard, the head of the U.N committee overseeing the withdrawal, said Hodeidah on Tuesday that phase one would be completed after the parties had agreed details of the second phase Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Analysis | The Health 202: Democrats are putting a political pothole in the way of bipartisan drug pricing bills They're including Obamacare measures Republicans are promising to oppose. Combination pills are created using medicines from multiple manufacturers, he reports Stat INDUSTRY RX Can CBD Really Do All That How one molecule from the cannabis plant came to be seen as a therapeutic cure-all SUGAR RUSH Here's how Trump attacks his 2020 competition:
Turkey says it is discussing S-400 working group with U.S.,... Turkey is discussing with the United States setting up a working group to assess... REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration Tensions between Turkey and the United States are running high over Ankara’s decision to buy the S-400 missile defences, which are not compatible with NATO systems Once we agree on that, we will decide if there will be a working group or not, Cavusoglu told reporters in Ankara The discussions are ongoing, there is nothing certain yet, he added Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles