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China says Japan should do more to seek cooperation, not competition China urged Japan on Monday to do more to follow through on its intention of see... There are major opportunities, and there are also sensitivities and weaknesses, China’s foreign ministry cited Wang as saying The Japanese side has said many times that China and Japan should turn competition into coordination, and (we) hope that Japan can take even more actual steps in this regard Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Soldier to hand back medal in protest at Bloody Sunday prosecution Martin Ledbury (pictured), who joined the Royal Artillery at the age of 16, said he is disgusted at the treatment of the ex-serviceman, who has only identified as Soldier F. The building is linked to a local police station, making it easier to transport high-profile defendants to court He died four months later in hospital, but while many consider him the 14th victim of Bloody Sunday, his death was formally attributed to an inoperable brain tumour
Australian Isis terrorist's children reunited with grandmother in Syria Karen Nettleton has finally had a chance to embrace the orphaned children of Khaled Sharrouf 4corners (@4corners) #EXCLUSIVE: See the moment Karen Nettleton is reunited with her grandchildren after they spent five years with Islamic State: Don't miss the full story tonight on #4Corners April 15, 2019 In the footage, Nettleton is shown doting over her grandchildren and giving them lollies
Factbox: Five things to look for in Mueller's Trump-Russia report Attorney General William Barr has provided only a glimpse of Special Counsel Rob... Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann told a judge in February that an Aug. 2, 2016 meeting between Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnik, a consultant Mueller has said has ties to Russian intelligence, went to the heart of the special counsel’s investigation Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Man sues parents for destroying his £22,000 porn collection after he moved out Unnamed man claims mother and father chose 'to keep quiet and act vindictively' Some 192 million Indonesians are set to cast a ballot in the world's third-biggest democracy, with a record 245,000 candidates vying for positions from the presidency and parliamentary seats all the way down to local council jobs AFP/Getty 2/50 13 April 2019 Hindu devotees throw holy flammable powder onto a fire as they perform rituals during Gajan Festival celebrations in Kolkata
Shamima Begum latest: How much ISIS bride's legal aid bill could cost taxpayers ISIS bride Shamima Begum was stripped of her British citizenship by Home Secretary Sajid Javid. But it is now reported she has received legal aid to help her fight the decision. This is how much Shamima Begum’s legal aid bill could cost taxpayers. Shamima Begum fled Bethnal Green, London to join ISIS in Syria when she was just 15 The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) has accepted her lawyers can make requests on her behalf, despite not being able to speak to her at the refugee camp, as she is staying at in Syria
Analysis | Power Up: Trump's attacks on Omar are a test for Democrats Pelosi asked Capitol Police to make sure the congresswoman is safe. We stand in solidarity with the 'Never Throners.' Don't @ us Over the weekend, Power Up relistened to a Slow Burn episode depicting the hysteria in Washington and around the country following the Sept Viral America, and apparently Washington, loves a comeback
10 Things to Know for Today Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today: 1. 'IT HAS TO STOP' Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota says she's faced increased... Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today: 1 Woods is now three major championships behind Nicklaus’ hallowed mark of 18 CBD GOES MAINSTREAM Retailers are taking advantage of the booming industry for cannabidiol, a compound derived from hemp and marijuana that doesn’t cause a high, even as its legal status and health benefits remain murky
Isis bride Shamima Begum 'given legal aid' to fight to get her UK citizenship back Legal aid rules state that funding should be available if case is held in British court and plaintiff has no means to pay This image show the city from above days after its capture by Isis Getty 11/19 Kurdish forces are stationed on a hill above the town of Sinjar as smoke rises following US airstrikes on 12 November 2015 AFP/Getty 12/19 Kurdish forces enter Sinjar after seizing it from Isis control on 13 November 2015 AFP/Getty 13/19 Iraqi government forces make the victory sign as they retake the city of Fallujah from ISIS on 26 June 2016 Getty 14/19 Iraqi forces battle with Isis for the city of Mosul on 30 June 2017 AFP/Getty 15/19 Members of the Iraqi federal police raise flags in Mosul on 8 July 2017
In Kabul, Moscow has a new cultural center on the ashes of its Soviet predecessor   The Soviet cultural center once symbolized Moscow’s bid for power in Afghanistan. Russia rebuilt the facility for a new era of influence.  Now, after sitting on the sidelines of the U.S.-led war for the past 18 years, Russia is reasserting itself ahead of Washington’s planned drawdown of its 14,000 troops, which President Trump says will come after progress in any possible peace settlement
Will the U.S. crash out of NAFTA? Ratifying the USMCA, or NAFTA 2.0, is up to Congress. This is the wrong issue, and the wrong time, to play chicken with President Trump. He'd happily crash out of NAFTA, hurting American businesses and workers. President Trump’s NAFTA 2.0 trade accord the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is in trouble With fingers crossed in hopes that Trump’s anti-Mexico rants will diminish, Republicans are pushing for a summer vote on the USMCA Casting aside what is essentially just an altered version of NAFTA is throwing the baby out with the bathwater
The dollar could be a curse for America The global appetite for dollars permits Uncle Sam to run the printing presses but that is not an unlimited warrant. All this permits Americans to borrow increasing sums from foreigners and sell U.S. real estate and other assets at handsome prices Peter Morici Peter Morici is an economist and professor at the Smith School of Business of the University of Maryland He tweets @pmorici1 We Want to Hear from You Join the conversation Comment
Priyanka Chopra Goes Broadway, Plus Nicole Kidman, Billie Eilish & More From Hollywood to New York and everywhere in between, see what your favorite stars are up to Vivien Killilea/Getty Breezy Bree Brie Larson attends the 10th Anniversary Women in the World Summit on Wednesday at David H 20th Century Fox Talk the Talk Charlie Sheen mans the mic on Tuesday during an Evening with Charlie Sheen at Annabel’s in London
Sudan military arrests Bashir appointees, protesters assured of security The minister of production and economic resources in North Darfur, Adel Mahjoub Hussein, told the Dubai-based al-Hadath TV that “there are consultations to form a military council to take over power ‘Protesters, not army have solutions’ Abideen pledged that the military council would not interfere with the civilian government State television and radio played patriotic music, reminding older Sudanese of how military takeovers unfolded during previous episodes of civil unrest
Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse | George Monbiot No one is coming to save us. Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot The commonest current excuse is this: I bet those protesters have phones/go on holiday/wear leather shoes Catastrophe afflicts people now and, unlike those in the rich world who can still afford to wallow in despair, they are forced to respond in practical ways The struggle to overthrow our life-denying system has begun
Britain's role in the suffering of Yemen – squalid beyond belief Britain’s unending boast that it stands as a beacon of human rights and justice is belied by the cruel plight inflicted on the people of Yemen. For those who may accuse me of lapsing into hyperbole at this point, consider that with the legal sanction of the British government, the Saudis purchased a sixth of everything BAE Systems produced in 2017, and that, according to the UK pressure group, Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), many of those weapons have been used by the Saudis in Yemen against civilians, thus in violation of international humanitarian law
Conditions for redenomination His statement was immediately transmitted to news agencies Its consequences were: (1) Credibility of the currency increased in economics at the University of Chicago and taught at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the American University, Washington, D.C
Amnesty International silent on Al-Qaeda war crimes to criminalize Syrian government Amnesty International’s biased and misleading report ignores the suffering of communities under attack from Al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria’s Idlib. The town’s monastery had also been targeted in these attacks, a monastery which doubles as a community center and school for the children of the town The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT
S. Korean president calls for 4th summit with Kim Jong Un SEOUL--South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Monday he's ready for a fourth summit with North Kore The North had been urging the South to break away from Washington and proceed with inter-Korean economic projects that are currently held back by U.S.-led sanctions against the North Moon's call for partial sanctions relief to create space for the inter-Korean projects and induce nuclear disarmament steps from the North has caused disagreements with Washington, which sees economic pressure as its main leverage with Pyongyang I have high regard for Chairman Kim's unwavering commitment