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Ansel Elgort Turns 25! A Look Back at His Relationship with His High School Sweetheart From touring the world to attending the Oscars, the Baby Driver star and Violetta Komyshan make for an adventurous and gorgeous couple And I like to go with a girl, the actor told Elle  in 2015 She’s genuine, sweet, caring, hard working, talented Advertisement Replay gallery Share the gallery Pinterest Facebook Up Next Cancel By Stephanie Petit Stephanie Petit Share the gallery Pinterest Facebook
Island fortress where 'prisoners were tortured' is set to become a 5* hotel A FORMER prison fortress is set to be transformed into a luxury resort in Montenegro. Situated on the island of Lastavica, the compound once housed over 2,000 prisoners who were said to have been t… The group is said to have written to the Montenegrin government to accuse the developers of devastating the fortress, which they have denied And there's a hotel in Margate where guests get to experience what life behind bars is like, without having to commit a crime
Avengers Endgame TRAILER: Peggy Carter’s voice teases big RETURN? AVENGERS ENDGAME’S trailer features Peggy Carter’s voice – is she returning to help Captain America? The brand new Avengers Endgame trailer featured some familiar voices including Iron Man She may not be an Avenger but it was Captain America’s old flame, Peggy Carter Played by Hayley Atwell, the British agent died of old age during the events of Captain America: Civil War (Image: MARVEL) Is Peggy Carter making a big comeback in Avengers Endgame
Escapes: Here's how to get beneath the surface of San Diego Plus news of Brexit-induced woes affecting the Eurostar, new paperwork you'll need to complete by 2021 for some European countries, a Disneyland deal and more. If you need cannabis for pain control and have a California medical card, you can now buy cannabis legally in the Aloha State by getting a medical card, Jay Jones writes New rules about hiking the trails may take your breath away (Janice Jim) How to reach us, how to read us
After meteoric rise, Beto O'Rourke enters 2020 presidential race Until he unsuccessfully challenged Republican Senator Ted Cruz last year, O'Rourke was barely known. But the Spanish-speaking former punk rocker became a sensation during the campaign Loading Replay Replay video Play video Play video The sports and entertainment world already had its eye on O'Rourke during the Senate campaign: NBA star LeBron James wore an O'Rourke hat after video of the Texan defending NFL players' right to protest during the national anthem went viral
WATCH: Stomach-churning moment plane passenger finds a MAGGOT crawling in his food FLIGHTS are not always equated with high-quality food but certain standards are expected to be met - especially when you travel in first class. One Delta Airlines passenger was left absolutely horrified by the dish he was served, as this viral video shows. We’re working hard with our food vendors to offer consistent, quality lunch and dinner portions that appeal to all of our passengers, said Delta The transport hub has teamed up with luxury food outlet, Not Always Caviar, to whip up better than average butties with a taste they claim is actually enhanced – not dampened – at altitude
Katz's Delicatessen in New York: Is America's most famous Jewish deli worth a trip? Katz’s is the most famous Jewish-style deli in the nation, and has been dispensing its famous pastrami and corned beef for more than 130 years. Every time you order something, they scribble it on your ticket and you pay on the way out Rating: OMG!  (Scale: Blah, OK, Mmmm, Yum!, OMG!) Price: $$ ($ cheap, $$ moderate, $$$ expensive) Details: 205 East Houston Street, New York City; 212-254-2246;
It’s about the animals on a weekend escape to Orange County’s canyon country Beyond the malls and the mansions lies a very different place where California's flora and fauna come into view--some on two feet, some on four. Beyond the strip malls and waterfront mansions lies an Orange County that seems concerned about neither of those things (Catharine Hamm / Los Angeles Times) Animals! Getting a chance to see animals of many stripes was a surprise The showstopper is Lily, a white tiger rescued from the Midwest
New Google Flights & Hotel Features Help You Travel On A Budget Google Flights may already be your go-to travel planning app for finding flights and hotels. Now there are two new search features that make it easier to predict your travel costs before you book. These tools can be useful whether or not you know where you are going. Google Flights may already be your go-to travel planning app for finding flights FILE - This Oct. 20, 2015, file photo, shows signage outside Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif You can also have Google Flights track prices for a specific route New filters include finding hotel deals instead of only searching by the nightly rate
Review: Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgard and Salma Hayek star in ‘The Hummingbird Project’ Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård and Salma Hayek propel the tech-heist thriller "The Hummingbird Project." This larger-than-life caper drama, set in 2011 and 2012, feels so based in fact that it’s surprising to learn it’s a work of fiction ------------- ‘The Hummingbird Project’ Rated: R, for language throughout Running time: 1 hour, 50 minutes Playing: Starts March 15, ArcLight Hollywood; The Landmark, West Los Angeles ------------
Slammed by heavy snows, Yosemite expects some late openings The National Park Service announced the delayed opening Wednesday, with additional cautions on a spring melt that could complicate recovery efforts. A relentless series of February storms left the Merced and Tuolumne river drainage areas at 143% of normal Park Service photos show wind and snow damage to Half Dome Village and the nearby Upper Pines Campgrounds, both in the heart of the Yosemite Valley For road and weather conditions, call (209) 372-0200 and press 1
Pilot buys everyone on his plane a burger after their flight was delayed THERE are few things that can make being on a delayed flight better. But passengers who were delayed at Tulsa International Airport on Monday were happy to praise a pilot who bought everyone on boa… Walker tweeted: Awesome captain Mesa has here! In a statement to USA Today, a spokesman for Mesa Airlines said the carrier takes great pride in its team and appreciates positive feedback from customers This article was originally published by New York Post and was reproduced with permission
Glossybox to launch beauty filled Easter Egg - and this is when it goes on sale The beauty giant is launching the limited edition treat for beauty fans this Easter filled with must-have skincare and make up essentials The limited edition giant egg will contain seven must-have products from major brands like Benefit, Illamasqua and Pixi and will officially go on sale on 9 April Shoppers who want to ensure they don't miss out can sign up now at to be notified exactly when it launches
No joking, comedians are invading Vegas in the coming months The eight entertainers coming to Vegas range from those well-known for their comic routines to people better known for their work in television and movies. A cadre of comedians is poised to tickle the funny bones of Vegas visitors in the coming months One will even host workshops designed to improve people’s skills in standup and improvisation During the show, Jeff Dunham will debut a newcomer to his cast of puppets
What that $200,000 stay in the Las Vegas suite by Damien Hirst gets you The Empathy Suite, designed and curated by the British contemporary artist, is a 9,000-square-foot jaw dropper on the top floors of the Palms casino-resort. Despite its whopping size, the suite has just two bedrooms and 2½ bathrooms, both elegantly adorned with gray marble (Palms) Guests also receive round-the-clock butler service, chauffeured car service, A-list access to the hotel’s nightclubs and the Pearl Theater and $10,000 resort credit
What happens when cruise ships collide? Tragically, three crew drowned when Costa Europa, a ship owned by Costa Cruises, slammed into the Red Sea port of Sharm el Sheikh in the early hours of February 26, 2010, ripping a two-metre gash in the hull and flooding the cabin where they were sleeping
Flight returns after passenger realizes she left her baby in terminal A flight from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia turned around after a passenger on board realized she left her baby in the airport terminal.
Colin Farrell looks dapper at Dumbo premiere in Japan The 42-year-old actor, who voices Holt Farrier in the movie, was all-smiles as he walked out with director Tim Burton and Japanese actor Hidetoshi Nishijima. The first reviews for Dumbo have been overwhelmingly positive, with viewers hailing the film 'beautiful and whimsical' Early reviews have begun to trickle through already, however, with journalists taking to Twitter to share: 'We just saw @Dumbo and it’s spectacular! You’ll soar to new heights..
The real advantage the rich have in getting into college is biological Money buys better brain chemistry, smarter biology. But the real outrage is the state of the unmanipulated system There’s no crime to charge, no dawn raids to arrest the wrongdoers the basic inequality here is strictly legal Once out of the womb, wealthy kids’ brain advantages only increase It’s a pity they didn’t realize how much of a head start they already had
My Blind Date Took Me To A Sex Club. Here's What Happened. While I was cautious physically, I was reckless in relationships. PBNJ Productions via Getty Images The hypnotic techno music surrounded me with the acoustic thump of a porno flick I also saw a deserted buffet table, laid with fruit, veggies and slices of ham Or maybe we’ll just stay at home, have a quiet dinner and surf through Netflix
Boeing unveils its brand new 777X airplane The longest passenger jetliner in the world just made its debut. The Boeing 777X is 252 feet long with a wingspan of more than 235 feet. What people are really excited about, though, are its unique folding wingtips The new cabin wall design has the potential to allow wider seats, especially in economy, and it's a great thing if airlines choose to take advantage of it So, in 2020, when you see a massive jetliner taxiing to your gate with its wingtips folded like a fighter on the deck of an aircraft carrier, you'll be getting ready to fly on Boeing's new flagship
Japanese tourist sites tell foreigners to stay away Incidents cited have included non-Japanese visitors playing loud music at sacred Buddhist temples and using plates as ashtrays. And climbing on roofs to take pictures. Bowing to pressure from city officials, the shrine reopened to visitors last year, after the ban led to a decline in business at local shops Their destructive actions caused outrage in the country, leading to one unnamed talk show presenter suggesting that designated photography areas should be set up for tourists from China
Why you should skip Edinburgh and discover the driest place in Scotland We Edinburgh townies need little excuse to abandon Auld Reekie to explore the 40-mile stretch of coastline on our doorstep – it’s all endless sandy beaches, picturesque harbours and laid-back seaside towns. We Edinburgh townies need little excuse to abandon Auld Reekie to explore the 40-mile stretch of coastline on our doorstep – it’s all endless sandy beaches, picturesque harbours and laid-back seaside towns The beauty of East Lothian is that you don’t have to brave Edinburgh’s crowds (and prices) if you fancy a festival
Britons to face even longer airport queues due to new e-passport changes FLIGHTS to the UK could see Britons faced with huge queues this summer as citizens from seven further countries are allowed to use e-passport gates at UK airports, leaked government documents have revealed. Flights: More nationalities are permitted to use the biometric passport gates, it has been revealed (Image: Getty Images) E-passport gates use facial recognition technology to compare the passenger’s face to the digital image in their passport This could frustrate Brexit-backing Britons who hoped to see a marked change in the document immediately after the UK’s divorce from the EU
Superheroes and freaky cats: how Captain Marvel rewrote the rules From the story behind Nick Fury’s eyepatch to the rehabilitation of the Skrull, the latest Marvel film has altered comic-book canon in fruitful ways Photograph: AP This doesn’t solve the riddle of what Fury was up to between 1995 and 2008 Finally, how about that mid-credit scene as a primer for Avengers: Endgame Let us know your thoughts on that one, and all the new film’s revelations, in the comments below
Crop top woman almost removed from Thomas Cook flight hits back Emily O'Connor, 21, from Birmingham, appeared on the daytime television show wearing the same black crop top and orange trousers that landed her in hot water on her March 2nd flight to Tenerife. Well done! On social media, Emily was praised by others for 'sticking to her guns' and not letting others dictate what she should wear in public  Emily has won support of social media users including reality star Gabby Allen after tweeting about her ordeal this week On the daytime show, Liz Brewer told Holly and Phil that the outfit was 'demeaning' and wearing it was 'undoing the good work woman had done for decades'
10 insanely affordable vacations for spring 2019 Need to plan a cheap trip for spring? You’ll find plenty of beach locations on this list, as well as alternative vacation ideas for spring break. Note that this hotel is known for its party scene, which is great if that’s the type of spring break you want If it’s not what you’re looking for, check out the Skylark Hotel Palm Springs, where rates start at $169 This story originally appeared on