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Fixture pile-up awaits Victory in pursuit of Perth Perth boss Tony Popovic and Victory chief Kevin Muscat believe an Asian Champions League fixture pile-up could help Glory's rival in their finals push. Loading Replay Replay video Play video Play video But Glory boss Tony Popovic isn't convinced that playing against the best teams in Asia and having to travel to China, South Korea and Japan during the busiest part of the A-League season is the disadvantage it might seem to be ''I definitely would be happy to be in the Champions League regardless If you pointed to the fact that other teams haven't got it, I reckon they would like it.''
Rare Hina dolls from Tohoku go on display at Tokyo hotel With Hina Matsuri (Girls’ Day) just around the corner, Hotel Gajoen Tokyo in the capital’s Meguro Wa Kasafuku from Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture, which is touted as one of Japan’s three major tsurushi (hanging) Hina Matsuri ornaments, and other exhibits also are pleasing to the eye For more information, visit the hotel’s website at (
Why China is obsessed with numbers The Chinese fascination with numbers – and how much they are part of both online and offline lives – is a societal quirk that baffles long-term tourists and expats alike. As a newly minted Beijinger, there were certain things my brain quickly scrambled to make room for: the exact time I needed to leave home in the mornings to avoid being squashed into human dumpling filling on the rush-hour subway ride; the location of the best spots for mala xiang guo (a stir-fried version of hot pot); to never flush toilet paper; and to never, ever attempt eating a soup dumpling by putting it straight into your mouth (poke and slurp, people!) You can order your McMuffin online by typing because ‘517’ in Mandarin is ‘ wu yi qi’
20 Cheap Products To Replace A Whole Bunch Of Disposable Plastic Small things to help the planet. The bristles are very flexible and fine, getting in between my teeth better, so I all around feel cleaner and better after brushing with these Chickadee Get a pack of six on Amazon for $19.07 (about $3.18 per brush) Top trending videos Watch more BuzzFeed Video
20 Under-$10 Products That'll Actually Help You Use Less Disposable Plastic Small things to help the planet. The bristles are very flexible and fine, getting in between my teeth better, so I all around feel cleaner and better after brushing with these Chickadee Get a pack of six on Amazon for $19.07 (about $3.18 per brush) Top trending videos Watch more BuzzFeed Video
Forget Coachella, there’s a vibrant, more affordable music scene around Joshua Tree. The desert region that drew Gram Parsons continues to speak to musicians from all over the world. The oddly shaped Joshua trees help give the high desert its otherwordly mystique Joshua Tree is among the towns in the high desert that have become magnets for musicians Visitors can find live music and open mics most days of the week, and music festivals in spring and fall Kaplan is a freelance writer based in the District
World’s finest train stations: Inside track on dramatic departures Some of the world's finest train stations are attractions in their own right, says ANDREW EAMES All aboard the romance of the railways. Out on the platforms, it's all calm and orderly, queuing in lines for trains that leave dead on time From here trains head west into France and south to Rome but the most eye-catching route is east to Venice, galloping across the fruitful plains of the Veneto, through Shakespearean cities such as Verona and Padua, and finally crossing the lagoon on a causeway into Venice itself
The Perfect New York Hotels For All Your Favorite Neighborhoods New York is a city of distinct neighborhoods, and one hotel company is taking this to heart in a way that helps visitors enjoy the city more, Many guests love these tours so much that the next time they book a different hotel to explore and learn about a different neighborhood I recently popped in to check out the new lobby and was very impressed, it looked great, and you can’t even tell construction is going on It should be a great addition to the neighborhood, and that’s the entire Triumph concept
Perspective | It’s not too soon to make your spring break plans To dodge crowds and inflated prices, reserve early and be flexible about dates and destinations. Resorts are offering rates, packages and promotions that are competitively priced As someone who lived in a touristy destination for years, and survived several hurricanes, I can vouch for that Elliott is a consumer advocate, journalist and co-founder of the advocacy group Travelers United
Tatler lists the top places billionaires will be holidaying in 2019 Jaclyn Sienna India, American founder of an elite travel firm, told the society bible that this year billionaires are straying away from pampering breaks and towards 'adventure and culture'. Iceland, The Retreat  Next on the list of billionaires retreats is The Retreat in Iceland, a spa retreat carved into volcanic rock, surrounded by the Blue Lagoon's natural springs and an 800-year-old lava flow, costing from £924 per night The exquisite rooms boast floor-to-ceiling French doors with stunning terraces opening onto the surrounding waters and views of the volcanic rocks Their 'lava' restaurant is set against incredible scenes of the natural waters and rocks surrounding the eatery, providing fine dining for lucky guests Showing just why it earned its name, guests can enjoy a dip in the surrounding Blue Lagoon, nestled amid the Nordic mist and clouds, making for a scene fit for Instagram 3
Cruising car-free in Santiago, Chile Taking a page from Bogota, Colombia, the capital bans vehicles on Sundays. That clears the way for two-wheeling that lets you see the city on a much more intimate level.
Pilgrims' progress: a new mountain hotel in Vietnam Devout locals have trekked to the holy peak of Yen Tu for years but a new ‘village’ at its foot is drawing other visitors to its pagodas, pools and forests Low-rise buildings stretch up the slope behind an entrance gate with an ivory bamboo bush in a mirror-like pond At a cafe higher up, families are eating pilgrim food – boiled eggs and sweet potatoes By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that Skimlinks cookies will be set
Readers respond: Hotel trouble and new cruise ships Their hotel room was a nightmare, but the resolution to the problem was a dream. Here's how one couple effected a change. As my wife told the clerk our encounters, the clerk’s jaw dropped lower and lower With more billion-dollar cruise ships in the works, it will be interesting to see whether cruisers will determine if Celebrity Cruises will sink or swim in the business of cruising and setting trends