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Ryanair has quietly raised its priority boarding and luggage fees Since November 1, the no-frills airline has no longer allowed passengers to take a small suitcase in the hold for free, forcing them to pay for any bag that won't fit under the seat in front. When the new baggage policy came into force in November, some passengers spoke of their anger of being 'ripped off' by the airline 'Up to 50 per cent of customers continue to bring two free carry-on bags as they choose our priority boarding service.' MailOnline Travel has contacted Ryanair for comment
There is no final destination to self-care, so begin here Self-care is getting what you need instead of just what you want. Narain and Phillips have organised their recommendations into five chapters, with easy-to-follow suggestions, including the following highlights: LOVE For Narain and Phillips it's important that people learn to love and forgive themselves and acknowledge there is nothing wrong with you, including their body
Opinion | Sherrod Brown as Trump-slayer? Here’s his big idea. Senator Brown confirms he's traveling to the early primary states, and talks about his idea to confer dignity on work. Bernstein/Reuters) By Greg Sargent Greg Sargent Opinion writer covering national politics Email Bio Follow Opinion writer January 11 at 10:22 AM Sen Trump campaigned as an economic populist, but went all in with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan economics to shower enormous benefits on the wealthy and corporations
Four things you need to know about Earl Scruggs Scruggs, who invented his own way to play the five-string banjo, is being remembered this Friday with a Google Doodle Earl Scruggs, the celebrated American bluegrass banjo player, is being remembered this Friday with a Google Doodle, during the month of what would have been his 95th birthday He rose to fame as a member of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys, the group largely credited with inventing the bluegrass genre Few tracks are as gratifying, as sexy, as the strut on Foxy Lady
The Good Place review: Subtle, cutting commentary on Trump's America A return to form for the Ted Danson-starring series Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) is a cynical schlub waved through the Pearly Gates by mistake after dying in a bizarre supermarket accident Still, the show’s much better now there’s a narrative path to follow – fighting for mankind’s right to enter the Good Place – and that should put fans’ disappointed with the earlier episodes of the season at ease
Eamonn Holmes reveals Ruth Langsford's toilet habits in intimate overshare EAMONN Holmes exposed Ruth Langsford's dating history on This Morning today. Ruth tried to downplay what had happened, saying: He lives in his own little world, doesn't he OVERSHARE: Eamonn said Ruth had to pull over to wee when they were dating (Pic: ITV) But Eamonn was adamant that it was fact, as he went on: You used to tell me those stories You'd stop and put your lipstick on, fresh your breath They welcomed son Jack in 2002 and their engagement was announced on This Morning
A 'monstrous' amount of snow: what are conditions like in Austrian ski resorts right now? For better or worse, it has been a record-breaking start to 2019 for ski resorts in Austria. For the past week heavy snowfall has left large areas of the country paralysed, with more than 2,000 people trapped in villages earlier this week, resorts cut off from the outside world and at least five fatalities reported so far Ski resorts are have suggested this could be the most snow they’ve seen for nearly 30 years
Ryanair have quietly increased their baggage and priority check-in fees again RYANAIR have increased their baggage charges just months after introducing the new cabin rules. Previously, travellers had the option of paying for Priority Boarding, which costs £6 when booked at … However, the low-cost airline has quietly upped its prices again One eagled-eyed passenger has taken to social media to complain The price of the flight I will never buy raises from 33 to 51£ round way Sun Online Travel has contacted Ryanair for comment
Patty Griffin Debuts New Single 'River' from Latest Album — Her First Since Battling Breast Cancer Two years ago, Patty Griffin took time off from music after being diagnosed with breast cancer — now she's back to announce a new album and new tour Griffin says she wasn’t afraid of passing away thanks to having a great team of doctors and that the most difficult part of what she went through was being physically impaired for a while So it’s really my ticket to travel and meet people in those places
Air France to axe millennial airline Joon Plane Talk: Joon junked after it fails to catch the public imagination Barely a year after it was rolled out as the airline to attract millennials, Air France's Joon brand is to be axed The route network was leisure-focused, connecting Paris Charles de Gaulle with Cape Town, the Seychelles and the Caribbean island of St-Martin, but there are also business routes such as Cairo and Mumbai They mostly do it to try to cut costs, in a bid to compete with newer, leaner low-cost rivals
These are the coldest places on Earth where people actually live See the places where harsh winters are actually endured by their inhabitants. On July 23, 1983 (during winter in the Southern Hemipshere), researchers recorded temperatures as low as minus 129 Fahrenheit, making the region the likely coldest place on Earth 24/7 Wall Street is a USA TODAY content partner offering financial news and commentary Now it's time to put your money where your mouth is
Chores, 'unsupervised time' and jobs the secret to raising confident kids A study of 10,000 Australian high school students found boys and girls derived equal amounts of self-confidence from the same activities. If you are looking at [confidence] generally, I would say get kids engaged outside the house, and with others Marrickville Hudson under 15 girls cricket team players Siobhan O’Donnell 13 (left), Kira Hodgson-Yu 13 (2nd from left), Grace Keating 13 (2nd from right) and April Humphrys 12 (right) put on cricket helmets and lads before doing some catching drills at Petersham Oval.Credit:Kate Geraghty Dr Fitzsimmons also urged parents to nurture gender equality at home by giving their children the same chores, and paying them equal amounts of pocket money Continue the conversation at our SMH Student Facebook group
10 U.S. gyms where you can try a 'Ninja Warrior' course Ninja athletes aren’t just found on TV. NBC’s "American Ninja Warrior" has sparked the development of ninja gyms and leagues across the country. You’ll feel like you’re on the set of a televised competition at Ultimate Ninjas, a small chain of gyms with locations in the Chicago area and St Activities include a foam pit, extreme dodgeball, slack line and trapeze APEX School of Movement Norcal, Concord, California
Mandarin Oriental Bangkok review Before I returned to the city in December, it had been eight years since my last visit to Bangkok and so I contacted various travel journalists and members of the industry for tips. The city’s Chinatown is nearby; at the colourful 24-hour flower market nearby, garlands of orange marigolds, considered auspicious, overflow from traders’ stalls like spills of lava Sign up for the Telegraph Luxury newsletter  for your weekly dose of exquisite taste and expert opinion
Flight secrets: The one passenger habit that leaves airline cabin crew DISGUSTED AIRLINE cabin crew witness all walks of life and all types of characters step on board their flights day in, day out. A former employee has now let slip their top gripe. Flight secrets: Cabin crew have revealed their main passenger gripe (Image: Getty) While she is not suggesting this should not happen, passengers should perhaps be aware to slip them back on before going for a stroll to release their legs, or trip to the on-board bathroom
20 stunning state parks across the USA There are more than 7,500 state parks plotted across the U.S., all of which feature attractions that reach beyond your typical interpretation of a picturesque park. As Tennessee's largest and most visited state park, Fall Creek Falls presents visitors with a long outdoor to-do list Cast a line out into the lake or simply relax by the shore, plan a picnic with your family or explore the surrounding mountains, whatever type of adventure you choose you're sure to learn something new about North Carolina's grand landscape
Amsterdam, Venice and more popular travel destinations that are sick and tired of tourists What happens when all of this interest in popular destinations leads to overcrowding? That's what's happening to major tourist spots around the world. India's government is limiting tourists to no more than three hours there in order to prevent overcrowding Click through the gallery above to learn more about which countries have a growing tourism problem (Photo: Pawan Sharma, AFP/Getty Images) 24/7 Wall Street is a USA TODAY content partner offering financial news and commentary
Eataly Las Vegas: A sprawling new food hall with dizzying menus, wine galore and a lucky bull The Italian food hall and marketplace, part of an international chain, offers six fresh food counters, a restaurant, three bars, a bakery and more. It feels more like home than any other restaurants.'' Not everyone is enamored with the new Eataly There are three bars : L'Apertivo, Enoteca and Gran Caffe Milano The early morning glare at the pastry and coffee shop can be unbearable, and had melted some chocolate at the Venchi candy counter
Ryanair strike dates 2019 called off - why were cabin crew striking and will it still affect flights? RYANAIR is facing a number of strikes this month as cabin crew staff prepare to stage multiple walkouts — but the first date has been cancelled. Here is everything you need to know about the Ryanai… RYANAIR is facing a number of strikes this month as cabin crew staff prepare to stage multiple walkouts  but the first date has been cancelled Previously, it was announced on September 13 that Ryanair cabin crew would stage another 24-hour strike on Friday, September 28
Partial federal shutdown puts Southwest's plan for California-Hawaii service on hold The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the delay in service from San Diego, Oakland, Sacramento and San Jose to Hawaii due to the partial government shutdown. Operations were supposed to start in 2018. During the certification process, inspectors determine whether an airplane can safely complete a long haul over water if an engine fails Lava and quakes have transformed it in interesting ways » From destruction, creation: A new black sand beach is born on the island of Hawaii » In a December interview before the shutdown, Southwest Chief Executive Gary Kelly told Bloomberg news service that the airline was very close to obtaining government approval of Flight Attendants-CWA, Travelers United and the U.S. Travel Assn
The most sung about places in the world revealed Researchers analysed over 200,000 songs to discover which places around the world have been name checked the most in songs that have been released since the 1960s. London takes second place in the fascinating ranking while Los Angeles is third It found that Canadian rapper Drake mentions the most places in the world in his music 'By marrying music and travel over the past 60 years, we hope the project sparks conversation and inspiration for your next trip.'  ARTISTS THAT SING ABOUT THE MOST PLACES  1 Lil' Wayne – four places, three songs Source: Celebrity Cruises
6 real emergencies that should be more important to Donald Trump than the wall Trump doesn't need to manufacture an emergency on the border. From the shutdown to declining life expectancy, there are real crises we need solved. It’s now $22 trillion and projected to soar to get this   $33 trillion by fiscal year 2028, now nearly eight years and nine months away Follow him on Twitter: @WestWingReport The cartoonist’s homepage, Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Marc Murphy, (Louisville, Ky.) Courier Journal Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Steve Benson, The Arizona Republic Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Marc Murphy, (Louisville, Ky.) Courier Journal Fullscreen The cartoonist’s homepage, Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Steve Benson, The Arizona Republic Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Charlie Daniel, Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Marshall Ramsey Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Andy Marlette, Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal Fullscreen Last SlideNext Slide
'I went with a gut feeling - and came out smiling.' How a trip to Lanserhof Lans changed my life An alpine health clinic in Austria cured years of discomfort and left Claire Irvin feeling like a new person. Time for a comfort break! My companions around the conference table, after a long morning’s brainstorming fuelled by bad coffee, biscuits and pastries, looked up gratefully as they took their leave None, however, as grateful as me and none (hopefully!) would have realised how accurate a description this was This was not an isolated incident – more the stomach-crampingly sweet icing on a particularly indigestible cake
How Aussie casino company's $400m punt on Asia came unstuck In the wild west world of Asian casinos trouble is often not far away. Here in Cambodia’s wild west, certain businesses have discovered that catering to Thai gamblers is a decidedly lucrative line of work In the New South Wales Supreme Court, Donaco has also obtained a freezing order against the vendor's 147 million shares in the company, which are now worth $10.1 million Enacting laws is one thing, Cohen says, enforcing them is another
One mystery of Easter Island's statues finally solved, researchers say When it comes to Easter Island's towering stone heads, there's now one fewer mystery to solve. When it comes to Easter Island's towering stone heads, there's now one fewer mystery to solve Researchers from six US institutions analyzed the natural resources near the ahu, focusing on rock mulch gardens in which crops like sweet potatoes were grown, marine resources including sites for fishing, and sources of fresh water
Michelle Mone reveals she's happy with new fiancé after bitter divorce She kicked off the New Year on quite the celebratory note, excitedly announcing her engagement to billionaire partner Doug Barrowman.  In an interview on ITV's This Morning, the Ultimo founder said: 'I'm very, very happy after my divorce 'It's definitely going to be towards the end of this year, because we need time to plan Looking ahead: On Wednesday, she  launched 'Connect 2 Michelle Mone', a free app for those seeking advice, guidance and inspiration
Wellness is the destination for these five retreats Need some help keeping those new year's resolutions? Join a boot camp in Baja and yoga sessions from Hawaii to Colorado in places where where travel and fitness meet. Yoga, stand-up paddling, beach runs, full-day immersion experiences are some of the activities Participants can make this as earthy as they like, staying in ski lodges and hotels with spas, or setting up a tent at nearby campgrounds The 12th festival runs from June 27-30; three-day passes start at $320 plus fees
Amazon chose two locations for its new headquarters. Now, we go explore them. What lies across the river in Crystal City in Arlington and Long Island City in Queens. During the day, the city is frenetic, but you can always find a quiet place along the river or under an idled crane More from Travel: Highly esteemed: An end-to-end walk along Manhattan’s High Line Traveling from D.C From undercover to underwater: Four new Times Square attractions offer a variety of immersive experiences
Former plane is converted into an £80-per-night hotel room  The plane, which is situated in Le Haut Village, in western France, has the exterior of an aircraft but the inside tells a different story with a double bed, two single beds, a kitchen and a bathroom. Holidaymakers can now spend the night on a plane without ever leaving the ground Holidaymakers can rent the plane on Airbnb and it has many five-star reviews Holidaymakers can rent the plane on Airbnb and it has many five-star reviews It had everything we needed with lots of hot water, cooking facilities and a large supermarket nearby
A weekend escape to Alameda, a Bay Area town with family-friendly appeal Alameda Island, often overlooked in the high-wattage glow from its hip neighbor cities San Francisco and Oakland, has been discovered by popular Bay Area restaurateurs, betting that this city of young families will gobble up their new offerings. The city of Alameda, in the San Francisco Bay Area, is adjacent to Oakland but it’s a world apart Kids play outside on streets lined with large trees and striking Victorian homes; there are parks and beaches with million-dollar views fronting the bay We saved room for dessert at Tucker’s Super Creamed Ice Cream, open since the 1940s
Cruise will sail with stars of 'Brady Bunch,' 'Gilligan's Island' and more Classic TV Stars Cruise to Caribbean features actors who were kids on the '60s and '70s shows. Passengers have an opportunity to meet actors during trivia and game shows, panel discussions and Q&As, cooking demonstrations and wine tastings on board the Celebrity Silhouette The itinerary sails from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to George Town, Grand Cayman, and Puerto Costa Maya and Cozumel in Mexico Date : Nov. 8-14 Price : Starting at $1,489, inside cabin, double occupancy
Tidying expert Marie Kondo opens up on reaction to Netflix show ‘I’m overwhelmed with gratitude’, the tidying expert says Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) is a cynical schlub waved through the Pearly Gates by mistake after dying in a bizarre supermarket accident My hope is that by witnessing this transformation, viewers will be motivated to join the movement Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is available to watch on Netflix now
10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, M, JPM, BUD) | Markets Insider AP/Evan Vucci Here is what you need to know The US and China agree to more trade talks An initial public offering could raise as much as $5 billion and value the business at $70 billion, Bloomberg reports, citing people with knowledge of the matter
Brits visiting Florida to be hit by more travel misery due to TSA shortage BRITS visiting Florida should brace themselves for more travel misery due the current government shutdown. With Transport Security Administration (TSA) agents already quitting across the country, M… KP (@kp626) January 10, 2019 @AskTSA you guys need to do something about the checkpoint at Terminal A at EWR The government shutdown started on December 22 following President Donald Trump's US-Mexico border dispute, with no signs of it ending as it enters its third week