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Gordon Ramsay's newborn son Oscar shows off his pout in sweet snap Gordon Ramsay's son Oscar looked adorable in a new snap shared to his social media account on Thursday, as he turned two weeks old. He was born on April 4 and quickly amassed a huge Instagram following The new Instagram snaps come after the adorable newborn had his first ever photoshoot before even leaving the hospital in a sweet video shared to his Instagram account on Saturday Gordon wrote: 'After 3 BAFTAs and one Emmy..
30 Cat Facts That Show How Ridiculously Cool Our Feline Friends Are Cats are amazing, incredibly cute, and have the ability to distract you from any super important task you’re doing. But what makes them so exceptionally fantastic and special? It’s all about their affectionate and independent personality. Or perhaps it’s about the way they purr on our laps. Any excuse is a good one when it comes to worshiping a feline, especially if we’re talking about our own! The family of the domestic cat appeared 12 million years ago As it was impossible to leave all this to an animal, Maria turned her nurse into the faithful guardian of the cat’s fortune We’d love to read them in the comment section! Illustrated by Alena Tsarkova for
The National Enquirer is being sold for $100 million to James Cohen, CEO of Hudson News The supermarket tabloid will be purchased by the head of the travel retailer known for its airport newsstands. By Sarah Ellison Sarah Ellison Reporter covering media and its intersection with politics and technology Email Bio Follow April 18 at 1:40 PM American Media Inc Employees of the publication were told Thursday that they were not moving from their current downtown Manhattan office location, according to people familiar with the discussions
Heathrow Airport disruption: Protesters threaten to CLOSE hub - will your flights be hit? HEATHROW Airport passengers could be set to suffer travel disruption tomorrow as Extinction Rebellion climate activists threaten to shut down Europe’s busiest airport as part of their London protest. Will your flights be affected? Heathrow Airport has said they are working to address anything that could disrupt the hub According to the UK Travel Retail Forum, three million British travellers are expected to fly from UK airports during the Easter period If protesters don't, and break the law, the police will have no choice but to make arrests
Cabin crew secrets: Flight attendant recalls horrifying time a DEAD BODY was found onboard CABIN crew work with hundreds of people every day as they serve plane passengers during flights. One flight attendant recalled a time when one person travelling did not look quite right… and the explanation was truly horrifying. Cabin crew have to deal with all sorts of incidents during a flight, some mundane and others far more dramatic Considering the sheer volume of people who fly every day and the growing number of elderly people who fly, I'm surprised it doesn't actually happen more often, commercial airline pilot Patrick Smith told Business Insider So where do the crew put the deceased passenger for the remainder of the flight
An alternative to flying less? Air travel has a gigantic carbon footprint. And while carbon offsets are imperfect, they make a difference. Here’s how. Fortunately, there are reasons to think they do exactly the opposite This article originally appeared on Ensia, and is republished under a Creative Commons licence Join your fellow readers and vote for us in the Webby Awards ! It only takes a minute and helps support original, in-depth journalism
Queen Elizabeth II: Monarch packed this unlikely item on Africa royal tour - would you? QUEEN ELIZABETH II, 92, has visited numerous countries all over the world during her long reign, making her the UK’s most well-travelled monarch. On one trip to Zambia, Africa she packed a rather surprising item. This job is done by bodyguards whose job it is to protect the royals at all times This was just part of the huge selection of luggage the royals brought on board She'll take a small slice every day until eventually there is only one tiny piece, but you have to send that up, she wants to finish the whole of that cake
The French region with a new currency French Basque Country has its own micro-currency – and it’s hitting the big time. Now other European communities are hoping to replicate its success. Within the first six months of its launch, the eusko became the most developed local currency in France, Edme-Sanjurjo recalled It was coming from a National French Army base, doubtless a group of soldiers practicing at a firing range It will take a few decades, but we will work hard to do it
How and why did religion evolve? Humanity’s most puzzling behaviour has deep roots in our evolutionary past These words, recorded in the Gospels as being spoken by Jesus during the Last Supper, are said daily at Church services around the world before the communion meal is eaten Guilt and shame, for example, two crucial emotions for the development of religion, are the combination of sadness, fear, and anger
The best things to do in the Lake District, from boat trips to Beatrix Potter's farmhouse Read our guide to the best attractions in the Lake District, as recommended by Telegraph Travel. Plan your trip with our expert reviews of the best things to see and do, including Lake Windermere Cruises, Beatrix Potter's House, Keswick and Aira Force. Writers, poets and artists (such as Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth) were drawn here, leaving fascinating homes to explore Wealthy folk built grand houses and gardens to capitalise on the landscapes Windermere and around Take a cruise along England's longest lake  For many people,  Windermere , which stretches for over 10 miles between Ambleside and Newby Bridge, is the..
48 hours in. . . Cornwall, an insider guide to England's wild west Read our Telegraph Travel expert guide to Cornwall, including the best places to stay, eat, drink as well as the top attractions to visit, and all of the information that you need to know before you go. Wild moorland, Grecian blue sea and world-class fish and chips Cornwall is on everyone’s lips these days Despite such popularity the county retains its cloak of tradition and sense of isolation In pole position is Porthmeor Beach Café (01736 793366) which serves superb tapas
Martin Clunes: My Travels and Other Animals, review - all prime-time filler, no thriller Someone was definitely having an off-day at ITV’s title-devising department when they came up with Martin Clunes: Someone was definitely having an off-day at ITV’s title-devising department when they came up with Martin Clunes: My Travels and Other Animals (ITV) This compilation focused on people he met, this time ones with unique and unlikely connections with wild animals
12 of the best restaurants for memorable meals in Palma de Mallorca Read our insider's guide to the best restaurants in Palma de Mallorca, Majorca, as recommended by Telegraph Travel. Find expert reviews, different cuisines, great photos and prices. The joy of Palma’s burgeoning restaurant scene is the sensational choice and diversity on offer And let’s not forget vermuterias, snazzy vegetarian bistros and classy international dining emporiums Inspired and innovative menús del día (lunchtime set menus), accompanied by superb local and Spanish wines, abound, providing exceptional value, even from Palma’s leading gastronomic maestros
10 beautiful riad hotels in Marrakech, including secret gardens, hidden hammams and shaded rooftop terraces An insider guide to the best riad hotels in Marrakech for couples, families, singles and romantic city breaks, including traditional riads within the Medina. These spectacular mud brick mansions – with their citrus and palm planted courtyards – are oases of calm in the hectic medina Riad Jardin Secret Parisiennes Cyrielle and Julien, who used to work in fashion, have worked hard to retain the artisanal authenticity..
Sajid Javid calls for 'full force of law' against Extinction Rebellion protesters Home secretary asks police to be firm against demonstrators ‘disrupting the lives of others’ They said demonstrators’ tactic of lying down meant four officers were needed to make an arrest but said there was no legal justification for more draconian tactics, such as kettling and mass-arresting groups, because the demonstrations were peaceful
Why have the papers become such crybabies about the royal baby? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to keep the birth of their child private. Cue all manner of pant-wetting from Her Majesty’s Press Print journalists, broadcasters and pundits are noisily outraged that they will be denied what the Sun referred to solemnly as their royal rights ‘We’d get together in a pub and we’d talk about everything, get it off our plate Please return to your bootee-knitting, while I nip to Coral and stick fifty on Godfather Arthur
Cannes film festival 2019: an intriguing lineup, with big-name clout | Peter Bradshaw Asian auteurs bring exciting new work, Céline Sciamma and Mati Diop bring verve to the festival, seasoned directors from Almodóvar to Elia Suleiman add class, and it could all kick off with Maradona Her 2009 film Lourdes has a claim to be some sort of masterpiece – and it is great to see her in competition with Little Joe, reportedly a futurist nightmare about genetic engineering By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set
This Couple Trolled Their Loved Ones By Taking Some Seriously Epic ’80s-Inspired Engagement Photos “We take each other very seriously, but we don’t take anything else very seriously." After three and a half years of dating, Collins proposed to Martin, and he very excitedly accepted Luckily, the couple was planning to travel soon to Florida to visit a friend of theirs, who is a photographer As for the wedding, the couple plans to marry in July 2021 I'm really glad I found someone who is as ridiculous as I am, she said
Quiz: Can you guess the city from the vintage travel poster? Think you know Chicago from San Tropez? It’s harder than it looks Turin Trieste A 1930s poster published by the Tourism Board of Italy (ENIT) Berlin St Petersburg Which city is this A 1930s poster with illustration by Roger Broders Singapore You got… Oh dear, you need a holiday Not bad Oh dear, you need a holiday Oh dear, you need a holiday Not bad Oh dear, you need a holiday Not bad Pretty good Pretty good Pretty good Well done Well done Well done Well done! You deserve a trip Challenge your friends Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Submit answers Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to join the discussion, catch up on our best stories or sign up for our weekly newsletter
Climate change protests may not change policy today, but they represent a big environmental awakening Analysis: Extinction Rebellion activists have science on their side Activists have pledged to block five central locations in a non-violent act of resistance and rebellion that campaigners say could go on for weeks PA 32/38 Environmental campaigners walk across Waterloo Bridge as they take part in a coordinated protest by the Extinction Rebellion group on April 15, 2019 in London, England
You can save thousands of pounds by switching hotels halfway through your holiday YOU could save thousands on your next holiday by simply switching to a different hotel halfway through the trip. Even better, there is now an app to help you do it. Staying at two different hotels … While you can easily work it out yourself, there is now also an app that helps you find the best rates Asking which rooms come recommended at the front desk, be it corner rooms or rooms on a higher floor, can make a huge difference And through contracts that they've signed with hotel partners, you also won't be able to find cheaper rates elsewhere
Jade Bird says she's 'surpassed' her dreams by touring & releasing album FIVE years ago, Jade Bird wrote a list of dreams she hoped to achieve, sealed it and gave it to her grandma for safekeeping. She was 16 and a student at the Brit School in Croydon when she penned t… FIVE years ago, Jade Bird wrote a list of dreams she hoped to achieve, sealed it and gave it to her grandma for safekeeping It’s just a bit unimaginative and people calling me country need to listen to my record Someone told me only two singles in the charts in the past five years have been written solely by one person and that was Ed Sheeran and Pharrell
April 19: A full moon of total commitment stirs up your relationships chart ♈ ARIES March 21 to April 20 A full moon of total commitment stirs up your relationships chart. Instead of automatically going along with others’ wishes  you   know what, and who, you really need. … ♈ ARIES March 21 to April 20 A full moon of total commitment stirs up your relationships chart ♎ LIBRA September 23 to October 23 Your personal moon of achievement and excellent ideas can make  your working life feel like new In love matters,  Venus is about to leave your values chart, so finalise agreements now –  or respond to an offer in a smile that says more than words
Passengers could be WEIGHED before flights on 'pressure pads' at check-in desks AIR passengers could be WEIGHED before they board flights in a bit to cut fuel costs and emissions. Discreet “pressure pads” could be used as passengers pass through the airport –… Many allow 88kg (13.8 stone) for men, 70kg (11 stone) for women and 35kg (5.5 stone) for children But this method means airlines often use more fuel than they need to, Fuel Matrix says A spokesperson told The Sun Online Travel: We want to ensure we have the best possible data in use in aircraft performance and loading calculations
Is This New Hotel a Game Changer for Times Square? New York’s ‘Crossroads of the World’ is noisy, ugly, tacky. The highly stylized Edition hotel wants to be the exception. Hotels in Manhattan’s former red-light district exceed the number of states in the U.S. The options range from the art-deco Hotel Edison, opened in 1931, to the 48-floor Marriott Marquis, an ’80s icon Soon to see their names in lights: a 442-foot-tall Hard Rock Hotel and a 234-room Margaritaville Hotel, a Jimmy Buffett tie-in with a rooftop bar, grill and pool
Chef José Andrés is throwing a paella party in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan The Spanish chef will offer regional variations on the rice dish for a week beginning April 27. The tickets ($125) also include Spanish wines and José’s Ultimate Gin and Tonic cocktails Then, let the fire die down, set a timer, and cook the rice for exactly 17 minutes Earlier this month, a pair of Vegas chefs revealed plans to open Valencian Gold, an off-Strip restaurant specializing in paella
Tacos. Tequila. Telenovelas. Nairobi Embraces Its Mexican Soul. In the Kenyan capital, Mexican culture is everywhere, from television to music to restaurants. A primer on the latest global mash-up. We are starting a new movement here in East Africa: a fusion of Spanish and Swahili music, said Romantico, sitting outside a Nairobi taqueria where Kenyan employees clamored to take selfies with him And sign up for our Travel Dispatch newsletter : Each week you’ll receive tips on traveling smarter, stories on hot destinations and access to photos from all over the world