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Zapping the brain REVERSES age-related memory loss in older people Researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois tested electrical stimulation of the hippocampus on the brains of 16 64 to 80-year-olds and found it boosted their memories. If these electrical signals are interrupted or reduced it could affect someone's ability to make new memories or remember old ones 'But they also show us that the negative age-related changes are not unchangeable  – that we can bring back the more superior working memory function that we had when we were much younger.' Today's research by Northwestern University is published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology
7 Credit Cards To Get If You Love Free Money These cards carry no fee and come with great perks. Also, I'm not a financial advisor and can't guarantee how much money you'll actually end up making from signing up for these cards For 2019, the categories are: grocery stores for Q1, gas stations/Uber/Lyft for Q2, restaurants for Q3, and for Q4 There's actually this cool little earnings calculator on their site Sign in and be the first to comment! Post comment
Opinion | An Inside Job at Interior The new secretary, David Bernhardt, is under investigation on complaints that, as deputy, he used his office to advance the interests of former lobbying clients. His predecessor, Ryan Zinke, whose tenure inspired some 15 ethics investigations, left office in January still dogged by a half-dozen inquiries, including whether he inappropriately profited from a Montana land deal involving the energy giant Halliburton
Texas weather: 360 Dallas flights canceled and counting as storms roll in More than 70 million people are at risk for severe storms between now and Friday because of a multi-day severe thunderstorm threat. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Photo: PR NEWSWIRE) Airlines canceled more than 360 flights in and out of Dallas airports Wednesday night as storms moved in to the area Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, Special for USA TODAY Fullscreen An American Airlines Airbus A330 lands at London Heathrow in March 2016
Travel expert reveals how family-of-four can pack 200 items in ONE suitcase for a week's holiday A TRAVEL expert has shared her ingenious way of packing for a family of four into just one suitcase. Karen Edwards, 33, known as “Travel Mad Mum” from London has jetted all over the wor… To keep clothes to a minimum, she recommends taking items that can be used for both dressing up or dressing down And if there are some garments you can't be without, Karen advises  wearing them on the plane Email us at or call 0207 782 4368
Doctors develop 'cure' for babies with 'bubble boy' disease Ja'Ceon Golden and Omarion Jordan were born with severe combined immunodeficiency disorder. You probably know of it as "bubble boy syndrome." A new experimental gene therapy treatment may prove to be a cure, allowing children to live life to its fullest. Three-month-old Ja'Ceon Golden's successful treatment is a blessing, his aunt says When Omarion was born almost a year ago in Indiana, the state did not test newborns for SCID, and his family was unaware of his condition For instance, the same vector that was manufactured here at St
Ivanka Trump wears THREE outfits in one day, ending with a glam look Ivanka, 37, donned a $1,511 crêpe satin dress by Alex Perry to attend a state dinner hosted by the Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara and his wife Dominique on Wednesday evening. It looks as though Ivanka was able to forget about any ill-will towards her family during her trip to the town, where locals gathered to greet her, holding up signs featuring the words, 'Welcome in Adzope Ivanka Trump However, Ivanka's efforts could be complicated by the President's own remarks after his private comments about 's***hole countries' in Africa and other regions were leaked to journalists
How CAN the State think it knows better than a family’s love?  Rosa Monckton whose 23-year-old daughter Domenica has Down's Syndrome, revealed she's challenging the law as the State can make decisions on behalf of the disabled without consulting family. We have had heart-stopping moments with Domenica over the years And because the idea of a shared humanity, with the more able looking after the vulnerable in a kind and compassionate way, is lost in the bureauratic box-ticking of the State The fee for this article has been donated to the charity Team Domenica (
Norwegian Air tells female cabin crew they must wear heels at all times - unless they have doctor's note NORWEGIAN Air told its female staff they have to carry a doctor’s note at all times if they want to wear flat shoes. The airline says its women employees should always be wearing high heels a… And female staff can only wear two rings on each hand, and wearing rings on thumbs is forbidden All jewellery must be made from gold or silver-coloured metal and no religious motifs are permitted Email us at or call 0207 782 4368
Cruise: Why you should never do this one thing on your cruise ship balcony CRUISE ships are a popular holiday choice for many Britons - with more people from the UK taking to the seas than ever before. Cruises often attract couples looking for a romantic break - but there’s one thing you should never do. The 22-year-old man 20-year-old woman fell 50 to 60 feet from their cabin balcony into the sea The website points out that the fact that balconies are tiered could result in others being given quite the show And, even if you don’t mind others overhearing, it’s considered bad manners to be so noisy you’re disrupting others
It's thyme you got to know your herbs with our tricky test Are you sage enough to know your onions from your chives? Often used in Thai cooking, it is handy to repel mosquitos and attract honey bees Has pretty purple flowers in spring and is related to leeks Lovage Read More Food challenges Week on Deliveroo Week eating frozen food Week on tinned food Year on yellow stickers
The Flash season 5 spoilers: Godspeed REVEALED as new villain in first-look images THE FLASH season five is almost over, yet The CW has now teased the villain, Godspeed. However, the villain’s rather unfortunate wardrobe malfunction has been spotted. He wears a white costume with gold lightning bolts and trimmings These costumes don’t always look as good in real life as they do on paper, and that’s to be expected since comic book characters often defy the laws of physics Should the couple travel to the future together, they could end up being separated
The Indian synagogues preserved by Muslims For more than 100 years, the synagogues in Kolkata, India, have been cared for by Muslims in a shining example of friendship uniting faith. And this special bond is what I feel with this synagogue (Credit: Kalpana Prodhan) Melting pot West Bengal is home to India’s third-highest concentration of Muslims, and Kolkata, its capital, has always been something of a haven for religious tolerance Breaking Barriers is a BBC Travel series featuring inspiring tales of unity and humanity in theatres of dispute and division
6 Places Travel Experts Are Heading This Summer These professional vacation planners have a few places in mind for summer travel.
32 Natural Beauty Products To Replace Your Current Favorites These products are all naturaaaal, baby. Or a fruit pigmented palette with eyeshadows, blush, and luminizer created completely with ingredients that have originated from nature and will make you wanna ~check yourself out~ every time you pass a mirror Sign in and be the first to comment! Post comment