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Footie boss Harry Redknapp set for The Full English part two HARRY Redknapp must have thought his management days were over after getting the push from Birmingham City in 2017. But following the success of ITV’s brilliant Harry’s Heroes: The Full English, I’… If Wayne wants a quiet life, then he should probably steer well clear Biz bit LOVE Island’s Georgia Steel claims she’s had tens of thousands of pounds stolen from bank accounts and fears conman ex Medi Abalimba is to blame The Met Police confirmed they are looking into a fraud allegation
A Girl From Russia Reveals What It’s Like to Marry a Gondolier and Move to Venice On September 8, 2012, my life changed forever. When I was sitting at a table at a cafe in Venice, I met a gondolier whose name is Angelo. At the moment, I couldn’t even imagine that this little moment would lead to such major changes in my life, more specifically, my wedding and my moving to Venice. A Girl From Russia Reveals What It’s Like to Marry a Gondolier and Move to Venice 0 0 0 0 558 On September 8, 2012, my life changed forever This is one of the reasons why the new generation chooses to live on mainland Italy and the local population is constantly decreasing
$1 Billion Donated to Notre Dame in Two Days After Massive Fire Ravaged Paris Cathedral A fire broke out at the cathedral on Monday evening, destroying the 850-year-old buildings' spire and roof and threatening the structure We need to do everything we can so that the Notre Dame cathedral is returned to all its splendor for this occasion, Hidalgo said We will rebuild Notre Dame because it is what the French expect of us, it is what our history deserves, it is, in the deepest sense, our destiny
Ryanair hand luggage app tool reveals if you need to pay for your bag - but does it work? RYANAIR has unveiled a way to check if your hand luggage is the right size. The budget airline’s mobile app now has a bag sizer tool which measures the bag and says if you’ll have to pay to take it on board or not. The final size measure may or may not be the actual size They should be able to fit comfortably into the plane’s overhead lockers, or under the seat in front If they are bigger than the maximum size, they will be checked into the hold for an additional charge
Elizabeth Warren Has The Biggest 2020 Presidential Campaign — And It's Only Growing Warren has more than 170 people on staff for her campaign, far more than other Democrats in the race, as she burns through her fundraising. Bernie Sanders, who is leading early Democratic primary polling among declared candidates and raised more than $18 million in the first quarter, has built the second-largest campaign staff with 86 people and more than $832,000 in payroll, according to a spokesperson
Earn Up To 70,000 AAdvantage Miles With These Limited Time Offers While American Airlines has made it more frustrating to use miles on its own flights, redeeming AAdvantage miles for partner awards is still a terrific deal — especially with top-notch airlines like Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Earn up to 70k miles with new increased offers. Forbes has partnered with The Points Guy for our coverage of credit card products Another relatively new feature of the personal card is the ability to earn a  $125 flight discount  after spending $20,000 on it in your cardmember year and renewing the card for another year
GTA 6 release date UPDATE - Major PS5 rumours emerge plus new PlayStation details GTA 6 fans have been delivered some big rumours about the release date for the highly anticipated new Rockstar Games title. The author of the post claimed to be a third-party games developer that has knowledge of Sony’s PS5 plans While ray tracing is a staple of Hollywood visual effects and is beginning to worm its way into $10,000 high-end processors, no game console has been able to manage it
Best passport in the world for 2019 revealed - but did the UK make top 10? PASSPORTS are vital documents for travel and allow holidaymakers to visit countries around the world with varying degrees of simplicity. An index has revealed the best passport in the world for 2019 - so how did the UK rank? Swiss citizens enjoy high levels of liberties and privacy… they are perhaps the most respected travellers around the world, said Nomad Capitalist A shock new poll revealed last week by Direct Line Travel Insurance involving 2,000 Britons suggested passport holders have 159 days on average left on their travel document when being forced to renew under the new guidelines
You can stay in a Big Brother-themed hotel suite – it’s only £65 a night BIG BROTHER fans can live the dream by staying in this hotel suite. BIG BROTHER: It has everything from whirlwind baths to plasma TVs (Pic: SIGNATURE LIVING) We could potentially be hosting the biggest reunion in telly history Kris Mochrie Signature Living first announced plans for the suite earlier this year You can even stay in the cabin Baby stayed in with her uptight parents
48 Dresses That'll Make You Want To Burn All Your Pants In A Ceremonial Bonfire Pants are trash. Let's celebrate! Promising review: Love love love this dress! We went on a trip to Venice and it was the perfect dress! Everyone commented on it, and a few people with a camera kept following us everywhere we went in Piazza San Marco and took pictures of me Sign in and be the first to comment! Post comment
29 Pieces Of Clothing You May Never Want To Take Off Try and make me wear something else, I dare you!!!! The bold hues give it a little something extra, dontcha think A truly magical Harry Potter pets dress covered in wizarding animal friends (and one foe): Fawkes, Hedwig, Trevor, Crookshanks, and Scabbers Sign in and be the first to comment! Post comment
What Will Happen to Notre Dame? Crowds Gather and Pray Along the Seine as Island Remains Closed Notre Dame is often lauded as the most-visited landmark in Europe Chauvet also added that he is unsure about the future of the 67 employees of the church and what they will do in that time period Initial reports indicate it started in the attic, which has a wooden framework and no sprinklers, and spread across the roof and up the 300-foot spire
Teen 'infatuated' with Columbine massacre found dead; wrote about suicide, guns in apparent journal Public schools in the Denver area will be closed Wednesday after authorities said a young woman who is "infatuated" with the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School made threats. Jefferson County Sheriff's Office via AP This combination of undated photos released by the Jefferson County, Colo., Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 shows Sol Pais She has made comments to that effect, but she hasn't identified a specific threat to a specific school
See the newest scary monster, the Mosasaurus, at Universal Studios' Jurassic World ride New ad reveals Mosasaurus, the star of the reinvented Jurassic World - The Ride opening this summer at Universal Studios Hollywood. The ad, which dropped Wednesday morning, offers the first look at the attraction’s featured beast, the Mosasaurus, an aquatic creature far larger than anything in previous Jurassic movies Crews flee through the backlot before a Tyrannosaurus rex bursts though the Universal Studios arch rex and Mosasaurus before riders plunge down an 84-foot waterfall
Retracing Edith Wharton’s Trip to Morocco—For Better or Worse The Gilded-Age novelist, lesser-known as a travel writer, makes for a beguiling, if contentious guide to North Africa. FROM THE crumbling mausoleums to the minaret-spiked sunset, the overlook just outside Fez was almost exactly as my guidebook described Any omissionsthe couples in search of make-out spots or the Eminem fanboys with tomb-rattling speakersweren’t intentional
Pinehurst Brewing Company brings beer and barbecue to North Carolina's famed golf resort The Pinehurst Brewing Company restaurant is wildly popular with both visitors and locals. The outdoor smoker and smokehouse sit next to the beer garden, filling the air with scent of slow-smoked Southern barbecue Rating: Yum!  (Scale: Blah, OK, Mmmm, Yum!, OMG!) Price: $$ ($ cheap, $$ moderate, $$$ expensive) Details: 300 Magnolia Road, Pinehurst; 910-235-8218;
50 most dangerous volcanoes in America 24/7 Wall St. ranked these domestic volcanoes from lowest to greatest level of potential threat. There are 169 active volcanoes in the United States, but which are the most dangerous within 100 km: 82,160 SashaBuzko / iStock 26 Wrangell, Alaska • Threat score: 100 • Last eruption year: 1912 • Pop You may also want to view these photo galleries: Replay
Female cabin crew must wear heels - unless they have a doctor's note, airline says “The year 1950 rang and it wants its rulebook back. The year 1950 rang and it wants its rulebook back Norwegian Labour Party's Women's Federation spokesperson Anette Trettebergstuen released a statement branding Norwegian Air’s rule embarrassing, adding: Uniform requirements are one thing, but to impose heels [...] is going too far
Jet Airways: Indian airline cancels ALL flights amid financial chaos - are you affected? JET AIRWAYS has cancelled all flights, international and domestic, as the Indian airline is struck by financial turmoil. The carrier failed to secure emergency funding and was compelled to suspend operations, Jet announced today. The collapse has left hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded and many other travellers’ future travel plans in tatters Similarly, if you paid by debit or charge card you should contact your card issuer for advice as you may be able to make a claim under their charge back rules
Demi Rose flaunts her hourglass curves in leopard print bikini Demi  Rose set pulses racing as she stripped down to a string bikini for a sultry social media video on Wednesday. She is an Instagram sensation and successful model known for sultry looks Kylie Jenner lookalike Demi was first propelled into the spotlight when she was linked to the reality star's ex, rapper Tyga, after they split That means no birthday cake! 'All I've eaten today is nuts
Kim Kardashian West plans to become a lawyer without going to law school—here's how Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson joined the legal profession this way, too. For the next 4 years, a minimum of 18 hours a week is required, I will take written and multiple choice tests monthly Subscribe to CNBC Make It on YouTube! Don't miss: Women with MBAs earn 74 cents for every dollar their male peers make Georgetown students vote to raise tuition by $27 per semester to pay slavery reparations 29-year-old Katie Bouman 'didn't know anything about black holes'then she helped capture the first photo of one Why Einstein may not have created the theory of relativity if his mom hadn't made him play the violin    1:00 PM ET Fri, 15 March 2019 | 02:00
Revealed! A family-of-four can pack for week's holiday in one suitcase Karen Edwards, aka Travel Mad Mum, 33, from London, reveals her top hacks on how a family-of-four can pack 200 items for a week's holiday using just one suitcase. Packing can be tricky at the best of times, but when you're blessed with a large family, it can be the stuff of nightmares Instead of carrying big bottles of shampoos and shower gels, the expert also decants the products into small bottles or pouches The family set out on their journey just after their daughter was born