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Huawei CEO calls Trump a 'great president' but slams his 'intimidating' tactics Ren Zhengfei says the benefits from Trump's tax cuts could be offset by tactics that discourage foreign investment into the U.S. But he claimed that the American president's tactics with some countries and companies could hurt foreign investment into the United States If a country is poor and they have nothing to lose, they aren't afraid of being attacked We cannot help solve the China-US trade disputes, because we don't really sell in the U.S. and have no influence on China-U.S
Huawei founder says his daughter hasn't faced hardship and her arrest will 'make her stronger' Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei told CNBC the arrest of his daughter Meng Wanzhou "will make her stronger and prepare her for even greater things ahead." Each morning, the Beyond the Valley newsletter brings you all the latest from the vast, dynamic world of tech – outside the Silicon Valley Subscribe: By signing up for newsletters, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy We don't talk about anything else, because we know that our communication is being monitored
WHO'S BEHIND HUAWEI? Ren Zhengfei turned a company with no intellectual property into the world’s largest telecom and made China a global leader in 5G technology. Washington says he had help from Beijing. By NORMAN PEARLSTINE, DAVID PIERSON, ROBYN DIXON, DAVID S. CLOUD, ALICE SU AND MAX HAO LU Standing on Huawei Technologies Co.’s sprawling new campus near Shenzhen, it’s hard to conceive that Ren Zhengfei, backed by five friends of friends, could have single-handedly turned his tiny start-up into a technology-driven colossus If 3G gave cellphone users access to the internet and 4G brought streaming video, then 5G will be remembered as the technology that tethered anything fitted with a chip to wireless networks
World leaders ignore David Attenborough at their peril | Larry Eliott Nations should heed global warming warning – and also take lesson from Bretton Woods in 1944 But this leads on to a second reason to be worried: international cooperation is much weaker than it was in 2008-09 and multilateralism is under threat The bad news is that the chances of the international community rallying round the idea of a global green new deal in the near future look pretty remote
A trade deal might help China’s needed reforms By relying more heavily on the private sector, China is likely to sustain higher trend growth China could find giving up its claim to be a developing country helpful to itself, just as WTO accession proved to be back then, even though many officials resisted the idea at that time
Trade rows cloud global economy as officials fret over slowdown Trade disputes and tighter financial conditions are among the top threats to a slowing world economy, global finance officials said on Saturday, urging countries to take steps to shore up growth. The global expansion, now seen at its most sluggish pace in three years, is likely to firm up next… Trade disputes and tighter financial conditions are among the top threats to a slowing world economy, global finance officials said on Saturday, urging countries to take steps to shore up growth Growth is projected to firm up in 2020, the IMF said, but some officials are worried the expected rebound will be threatened if the weakening in developed economies such as the United States, Japan and Europe worsens
In Cantonese opera, Trump finds his twin brother in China HONG KONG--With the blond wig and red tie, the star of the Cantonese opera in Hong Kong may look fam HONG KONG--With the blond wig and red tie, the star of the Cantonese opera in Hong Kong may look familiar The opera plays until Monday at the Sunbeam Theatre, which is one of the long-established traditional Cantonese opera venues in Hong Kong, created in 1972
What explains dose of pessimism among Chinese investors? It is, however, worth noting that prices are still well below the four-year high of $86 a barrel in October, which is mostly down to the long-term shift in the market brought on by the US shale industry After all, the company’s IPO prospectus, which was released to the public on Thursday, paints a picture of a company burning through tremendous amounts of money to maintain its market share as growth in its core businesses stalls
US willing to face ‘repercussions’ from China on trade — Mnuchin Last month, Wang Shouwen, China’s vice-minister of commerce, said that any enforcement mechanism had to be two-way, fair and equal The US and China have been negotiating a deal to end their trade war since December, when Mr Trump and Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, struck a truce in the aftermath of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mnuchin says hopes U.S.-China trade talks nearing ‘final round’' WASHINGTON--U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Saturday a U.S.-China trade agreement wou Asked whether market openings in the agreement would go beyond what was contemplated in the 2016 Bilateral Investment Treaty negotiations, he replied: We are making progress, I want to be careful I would expect that the enforcement mechanism works in both directions, that we expect to honor our commitments, and if we don’t, there should be certain repercussions, and the same way in the other direction, said the Treasury chief, who is playing a key role in the negotiations with China
Mnuchin says hopes US-China trade talks nearing 'final round' Lighthizer and Mnuchin to hold two calls next week with Chinese Vice Premier Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speaks with Japan's Finance Minister Taro Aso during the group photo at the World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings in Washington, Apr.13 Among the issues under discussion are U.S. demands that China open more sectors of its economy to foreign and U.S. firms