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These 5 factors could stop the stock market’s rally cold Watch the Federal Reserve and trade talks, of course, but also the junk-bond market. They won’t be able to do so in a frozen market for high-yield credit You’ll want to see them going up as much as or more than the investment-grade ETF above At the time of publication, Michael Brush had no positions in any ETFs mentioned in this column We Want to Hear from You Join the conversation Comment
Investors spy big opportunities in beaten-up US bank shares The shift from giddy anticipation to rueful retrospect took place across the second half of 2018 He sees enormous value because there is [much] lower risk than people imagine there to be The pullback has created some interesting opportunities The result will be reflected in lower credit quality or, as Mr Sleeman puts it, credit normalisation
2018 was worst year the dairy industry has ever been through. Farmers think it will only get worse. After years of low milk prices and the closure of 77 Vermont dairy farms in 2018, farmers say the last thing they need is a Trump trade war. Harold Howrigan of Fairfield, Vermont, says the past year set a new low for dairy farmers in the state And to do that Magnan says they'll have to lower U.S. milk prices And lower prices are the last thing dairy farmers need right now I don’t think they fully understand (the problem), nor do I think they care
Thomas Donohue, U.S. Chamber head, urges Congress, White House to end ‘dysfunction’ of shutdown The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce called on Congress and the White House Thursday to resolve the government shutdown, saying the 20-day-old impasse threatens economic growth and delays solutions on immigration, infrastructure and trade. Mr. Donohue said policymakers should reach a deal that includes protection from deportation for so-called Dreamers who came to the U.S. illegally as minors, and border security funding Tariffs that were due to take effect on Jan. 1 have been put on hold for 90 days while talks continue
Trump says U.S. is having tremendous success with China on trade President Donald Trump said on Thursday the United States was having tremendous ... They include changes to China’s policies on intellectual property protection, technology transfers, industrial subsidies and other non-tariff barriers to trade Some 40 days into the 90-day truce, there were few concrete details on progress made so far Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Off the Charts: More blowout earnings. What comes next? NEW YORK (AP) — Forget about "What have you done for me lately?" The big question investors will be asking companies this upcoming earnings season is: What will you do next? Companies are lining up to tell investors how much they made during the last three months of 2018, and the reports get going in earnest this upcoming week with Citigroup and a slew of other banks on deck. Expectations are high, and Wall Street is forecasting a fifth straight quarter where profit growth topped 10 percent for S&P 500 companies. NEW YORK (AP) Forget about What have you done for me lately It’s going to be about revenue expectations and margins more than anything Analysts have been expecting profit growth to slow for companies in 2019 following their blowout 2018, when the first year of lower tax rates provided a big, one-time boost
The euro is still a real worry for all of Europe Amid the dramatic turbulence in international markets, triggered above all else by Trump's trade war with China, the eurozone economy looks like one of the few solid cornerstones of the global financial system. Euro banknotes including the new versions of the 100- and 200-euro banknote are pictured on September 17, 2018, in Frankfurt, western Germany Much has been done to right these imbalances and tie the euro's economies together in order to prevent and correct them in the future
The ‘China shock’ has not been as bad as Donald Trump thinks If you were to ask most ordinary American voters what has happened to their country’s manufacturers in recent years, they might howl with horror or mutter about carnage But there is also a big caveat more accurately, a silver lining to this cloud that Mr Trump has hitherto ignored: while so-called manufacturing jobs have shrivelled, this does not capture what has happened to manufacturing firms
Oil down 1 percent on indecisive U.S.-China trade talks, rising... Oil prices fell about 1 percent on Thursday as no clear signs of a resolution em... But the upbeat mood was dampened after the two sides each issued only mildly positive statements that lacked concrete details, helping end a four-day rally in share markets and pushing the U.S. dollar to a near three-month low (GRAPHIC: U.S. oil production, drilling & storage levels - Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
China offers Elon Musk permanent residency Tesla boss Elon Musk has been offered Chinese permanent residency by Premier Li Keqiang after Musk said he really loves China during a meeting in Beijing, the government said Thursday. Tesla broke ground on Monday in Shanghai on its first factory outside the United States Earlier on Wednesday, a Chinese government spokesman said three days of talks with U.S. envoys aimed at ending a costly tariff battle had ended, but no details were immediately released
Analysis | The Daily 202: Wall fight underscores Trump’s weaknesses The threat to declare a national emergency might not be necessary if he were more popular. -- Contrary to Trump’s rhetoric in his immigration address, apprehensions at the border are relatively low compared with past points in recent U.S. history It may be tempting to answer such a question, but that is not my job Jonathan Karl (@jonkarl) January 9, 2019
The fate of the dollar will shape financial markets in 2019 After rising by 7% against a basket of currencies in 2018, where is it headed next? Henry decides that none of his sons by Eleanor is a suitable heir and condemns them to death Tax cuts and looser monetary policy in China start to stimulate private-sector spending If a fall is all that is left, it matters that you have something to cushion it
Analysis | The Finance 202: Trump can probably stop worrying about Fed hikes for now But prolonged trade woes could change that. THE TICKER Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell speaks at a conference in Atlanta on Friday WSJ Real Estate Partial government shutdown is hurting some borrowers seeking a mortgage The longer the federal brouhaha continues, the more widespread the pain will be
'Collapsing' iPhone sales are not priced into Apple stock yet, investor Dan Niles warns Hedge fund manager Dan Niles believes Apple's troubles are much bigger than China, and Wall Street is largely ignoring them. IPhone sales are collapsing right now, the AlphaOne Capital managing partner said Wednesday on CNBC's Trading Nation The stock has rallied by 8 percent in the past week, but it's still down 29 percent during the last three months Apple won’t be spared from violent year for stocks, tech investor Dan Niles warns    14 Hours Ago | 07:40 Disclaimer
Germany MUST brace for FINANCIAL CRISIS: Stark WARNING to Berlin over MAJOR RECESSION GERMANY should prepare to deal with a financial crisis should the economic structure of Europe’s most powerful country start to crumble, according to EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger. Incidentally, the Federal Government is well advised to prepare for a crisis in order to react quickly if necessary Disruption to levels of car production, caused by new pollution tests that were introduced back in September, have left a negative mark on the German economy, according to figures from last week
Trump is winning the trade battle with China. But China could still win the war China has been throwing all sorts of stimuli at its slowing economy to counteract Trump's trade war. In the longer term, it just might work. (It was a whopping 15.5% in October 2018.) In a survey, the US Chamber of Commerce found that about 30% of US companies in China say they are weighing adjustments to their supply chain The bank says China will most likely nab the world's biggest economy title some time in 2020