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California to withdraw troops from border calling Trump’s immigration crisis ‘manufactured political theatre’ California would become the second state along the border to pull the troops after New Mexico's governor announced He earlier in the day, tweeted that he was 'all alone in the White House' waiting for Democrats to make a deal on border security EPA 5/15 Furloughed federal workers pick up free food at a pop-up store of Kraft Heinz Getty Images 6/15 Hundreds of federal workers and contractors rally against the partial federal government shutdown Getty 7/15 Reuters 8/15 From left, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Sen
Brexit deal summary - key points in UK-EU agreement and why Tories are furious As Theresa May continues attempts to pass her Brexit deal, here's a summary of what's actually on the table We could have to allow access to our fishing waters Brexiteers fear Britain will have to give up access to its waters (Image: Daily Mirror) The document commits Britain to establishing a new fisheries agreement on [among other things], access to waters and quota shares from 1 January 2021
Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect Robert Bowers pleads not guilty Bowers now faces 63 charges after pleading not guilty to 44 others in November Emergency services were called on the afternoon of the 24 December after residents of the building had heard cracking sounds throughout the morning EPA 48/50 26 December 2018 A young man dressed in a Father Christmas suit distributes gifts to children in the old city of Mosul AFP/Getty 49/50 25 December 2018 A participant in a Santa Claus costume jumps into the water during the 109th edition of the 'Copa Nadal' (Christmas Cup) swimming competition in Barcelona's Port Vell
More immigrants sue US over end to protected status Immigrants from Honduras and Nepal have filed a lawsuit alleging the Trump administration unfairly ended a program that lets them live and work in the United States. The lawsuit filed late Sunday in federal court in San Francisco alleges that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's decision to end so-called temporary protected status for the countries was motivated by racism. The suit — which was filed on behalf of six immigrants and two of their American-born children — also alleges that the department changed how it evaluated conditions in these countries when determining whether immigrants could return there. The status is short-term but renewable and some immigrants have lived in the country for decades, raising American-born children, buying homes and building careers She dreams of growing up to be President because she wants to help people who come here from other countries, the suit said
The real purpose of Russia's 100 megaton underwater nuclear doomsday device Until Putin's Russia, nobody has ever built a weapon like this before because there's almost no military utility to so badly destroying the world. Read more: Navy chief says the US needs to hit first and get 'muscular' with Russian and Chinese ships Russia here would not only seek to re-occupy Eastern Europe, but coerce NATO to not act upon an Article V declaration, and thus lose credibility
Essential Politics: Gov. Newsom calls Trump's border crisis 'manufactured,' removes California troops California Gov. Gavin Newsom has decided to cancel the state’s National Guard deployment made to provide border assistance. Amy Klobuchar joined the race for president Sunday with a different promise: credibility with Midwesterners who soured on the Democratic Party in 2016 -- Former First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off the Grammy Awards with a bang, making a surprise appearance alongside Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Lopez during host Alicia Keys’ opening remarks And are you following us on Twitter at @latimespolitics
Coronation Street spoilers: Mary Taylor's death revealed in devastating filming shots? CORONATION STREET fans know that there’s a big disaster on the horizon to do with the roof of the Underworld collapsing, yet it seems as though the victim of this disaster has finally been revealed thanks to behind-the-scenes shots. Coronation Street fans are preparing for some major drama on the soap this month These episodes are said to air in March, and the cast and crew have been hard at work shooting them (Image: ITV) Coronation Street spoilers: Mary Taylor revealed as factory collpase victim in new pictures
Britain’s Gavin Williamson places Russia & China on notice, I'm not joking UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is itching for conflict with Russia and China. He’s not mad. Not even slightly. But he is stupid. Very. By the time they turned their attention to Syria, intent on exploiting an Arab Spring that NATO in Libya transformed into an Arab Winter, Russia had recovered and was able to intervene The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT
'Brexit will NOT take place' - Merkel ally STILL refuses to accept K wants to leave the EU AN ALLY of Angela Merkel has interfered in the Brexit debate by saying he does not think the UK will ever leave the European Union. The former naval officer continued his tirade by saying Withdrawal Agreement negotiations should not be opened despite Westminster MPs emphatically rejecting the divorce deal He said: I expect that in the coming weeks, we will experience another shock to the political landscape in the UK Then the dominance of the two major political parties in Britain would be over for good
Gallup research estimate: 42 million Latin Americans ‘want to come to the U.S.’ “What if there were 42 million at the border?” asked Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of the Gallup poll, in a new op-ed based on new findings from the pollster. asked Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of the Gallup poll, in a new op-ed based on some substantial research Forty-two million seekers of citizenship or asylum are watching to determine exactly when and how is the best time to make the move, he said Answer these questions, and the current discussion can be resolved
The US congressman who coined the term 'freedom fries' has died He said he wished he had never coined the famous phrase Officials voiced fears that the toll was set to rise AFP/Getty 1/50 10 February 2019 Female artists dominated the Grammys with Alicia Keys opening the show up by inviting her sisters Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and Jada Pinkett Smith onto the stage
The (AI) doctor will see you now A study by Guangzhou Medical University in China found an AI model recognised the symptoms of childhood diseases more accurately than junior doctors but not experienced medics. 'However, it should be stressed the machine learning system used still relied on the quality of the recording of symptoms and other findings by clinicians He has argued that controls are necessary in order protect machines from advancing out of human control
Tory MP Christopher Chope has DINOSAUR bunting hung on Commons office On Friday Sir Christopher shouted 'object' to prevent the progress of a Bill allowing the courts to issue protection orders if they think a child is at risk from FGM. Sir Christopher is notorious for using arcane House of Commons procedures to stop measures put forward by backbenchers despite them having widespread support Treasury Chief Secretary Liz Truss told Sky News yesterday she would be 'looking for' Sir Christopher to take him to task over his action
RIP INF Treaty: Russia’s Victory, America’s Waterloo Orlov is one of our favorite essayists on Russia and all sorts of other things. He moved to the US as a child, and lives in the Boston area. Orlov is one of our favorite essayists on Russia and all sorts of other things A victim of hubris Forced to react, the Americans, with the EU in tow, tried to cause public relations scandals over some unrelated matter Ignore Russia’s efforts to demonstrate that the accusation is false
USA weather forecast MAPPED: Freezing rain, ice pellets and SNOW to SMOTHER USA this week THE USA is facing a new round of heavy snow and freezing rain as strong winds will wreak havoc on areas in the midwestern USA this week. Not long after parts of the USA was bombarded with severe winter storms, another low-pressure system is threatening to bring heavy snow and gale-force winds to midwestern parts of the nation AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Billy Clark said: Disruptions to logistical operations are expected due to heavy snowfall causing hazardous travel conditions
Winter snow socks the Pacific Northwest, with more on the way Amounts are expected to range from an inch to three inches through Sunday night. Snowfall amounts were expected to range from an inch to three inches through Sunday night Low-temperature records could fall Sunday, meteorologists said The last time Humboldt County beaches received snow was during the winter of 2002-03, officials said
Coronation Street spoilers: Mary Taylor left reeling as Tyrone Dobbs issues stark warning CORONATION STREET’S Mary Taylor is known for being on hand to nanny the children of some of Weatherfield’s most renowned families. However, as Mary steps in to help Tyrone Dobbs, it seems the mechanic will believe the nanny has ulterior motives. Coronation Street spoilers: Mary Taylor left reeling as Tyrone Dobbs issues stark warning (Image: ITV) Coronation Street spoilers: Mary Taylor offers to help Tyrone Dobbs with his daughter Ruby (Image: ITV) Tyrone is then left grovelling to Mary, trying to make amends for misinterpreting her intentions for helping him
Patrick Hope wants more time to investigate rape allegations against Justin Fairfax The Democratic state lawmaker who abruptly halted plans to file articles of impeachment against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax said Monday that he still wants an investigation into rape allegations against the lieutenant governor. Ms. Tyson alleged Mr. Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex on him when they met as campaign aides at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston Ms. Watson said she suffered a similar attack by Mr. Fairfax in 2000 when they were students at Duke University The message being sent to victims of sexual assault is chilling