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Perspective | Trump treats the border like a natural disaster. He even dresses the part. Trump has a uniform he wears to visit hurricanes and wildfires — and it says a lot that he wore it to the Mexico border. He was scheduled for a roundtable discussion about immigration and border security in McAllen, Tex., and a security briefing at the Rio Grande Trump has a limited imagination when it comes to clothes, so any foray from behind a desk or a lectern has him pulling from a particularly small array of self-edited choices Instead, his attire blared that he had come to inspect the damage
Moody's lowers PG&E's credit rating to junk, joins S&P Moody's on Thursday joined S&P in lowering PG&E Corp's credit rating d... The company (PG&E) is increasingly reliant on extraordinary intervention by legislators and regulators, which may not occur soon enough or be of sufficient magnitude to address these adverse developments, Jeff Cassella, Moody’s vice president-senior credit officer, said in a statement
Prison workers warn of 'escapes' as government shutdown continues: 'We’re the front line keeping MS13 locked up’ For 'essential' prison workers, the shutdown has meant weeks of working alongside gang members and murderers while worrying about paying the bills Guards in some America’s most dangerous prisons are warning that escapes and riots could be coming if the partial government shutdown continues to drag on with no end in sight The two small-sized 'Berdiansk' and 'Nikopol' armored artillery boats had come under enemy fire and are now dead in the water
1,500 miles of snow: Weekend winter storm to roar from Denver to New York City A sprawling winter storm will spread snow along a 1,500-mile path from Denver to New York City. A Georgia driver slid through an icy intersection and slammed into a home in Maine LUKAS BARTH-TUTTAS, EPA-EFE Fullscreen A woman walks on a snow-covered bridge during a heavy snowfall in Skopje, an Gulmarg which means meadow of flowers, was transformed into a resort by the British nearly a century ago
Trump doubles down on threat to declare national emergency as he visits US-Mexico border Visit came as shutdown entered 20th day The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council, on 25 November, announced the decision to introduce martial law in Ukraine for a period of 60 days When NBC News pointed that border officials caught a total of six people on a security watchlist over a six-month period, Kellyanne Conway told reporters Ms Sanders had made an unfortunate misstatement
Person 'decapitated' at Florida airport 'It does appear to be accident,' says local sheriff Authorities are investigating a decapitation involving a helicopter at a Florida airport, according to multiple local media reports A Fire Rescue official, confirmed to local CBS station 10News that the victim was decapitated by the rotor of the helicopter Russia seized three Ukrainian vessels amid their leaving the Kerch Strait
Opinion | The Syria deal Trump should strike What’s needed is a U.S.-brokered grand bargain with Turkey and the Kurds. That’s why the starting point of any grand bargain would have to be concessions from Kurds inside Turkey Read more: Hugh Hewitt: Trump’s ‘two great stars’ deliver a message to the world Josh Rogin: Trump undermines his entire national security team on Syria Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Saudi Arabia still has many questions to answer about Jamal Khashoggi’s killing
White House Looking Into Diverting Army Corps Funds to Build Wall The White House has asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to look into projects approved in a bill providing disaster relief for Puerto Rico, Texas, California and Florida to see where funding could be diverted to build a wall along the border with Mexico, according to a congressional aide familiar the discussions. Almost three weeks into a partial government shutdown, President Trump has signaled he may seek a way out of the impasse over funding a wall by declaring a national emergency at the border with Mexico This money is supposed to be used on projects to defend Americans from natural disasters and rebuild communities impacted by them, Rep We’ll have fewer resources to protect places like Puerto Rico and Houston, TX from being destroyed
Abe says world does not want no-deal Brexit, backs May’s deal LONDON--Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Thursday that the world did not want to see a disorderly B However, investors fear that if her deal is defeated as is expected then the world's fifth-largest economy could be plunged into a chaotic no-deal exit from the world's biggest trading bloc that would severely disrupt supply chains Abe and May said they had discussed strengthening post-Brexit economic opportunities for both nations, with the Japanese leader welcoming Britain's interest in joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership trade bloc
Freight train derails and crashes into a backyard in Texas A 13-car Union Pacific freight train derailed from the tracks in a Aubrey Texas and crashed in a resident's backyard - narrowly avoiding the family's home on Wednesday January 9. Eight of the freight's cars were sent hurtling to a row of homes in Denton County City, but remarkably landed a few feet short It didn’t really tear up anything we can’t fix, except for that tree,' he said Local resident Kemi Moore told NBC 5: 'It could have been a lot worse
Analysis | The Trailer: Kamala Harris's opening pitch In this edition, Kamala Harris's book tour, Bernie Sanders's apology tour, and Tom Steyer's impeachment tour. On Saturday, hundreds of house parties will be organized by supporters who want him to run for president again Mission not quite accomplished, by Brendan James The Oscar buzz for Vice is waxing and waning, but this explains why there's an audience for it frustration with the rehabilitation of the Bush administration's reputation
Eclipse 2019: How is Donald Trump linked to Blood Moon doomsday prophecy? THE January Blood Moon eclipse is a prophetic sign of the apocalypse, according to a prominent Christian preacher who thinks US President Donald Trump will play a role in the end of the world. Evangelical preacher Paul Begley is certain President Donald Trump holds the key to the January eclipse The Blood Moon eclipse was seen over much of Central Asia, Australia and parts of Western Africa The swamp is getting very, very, very, very precarious
UK cold weather: Does THIS prove the Beast from the East will return THIS MONTH? THE Beast from the East hit the UK early last year, bringing widespread snow and icy conditions which lead to 17 lives lost. And now, it looks like similar conditions are forming. A sudden stratospheric warming appeared around Christmas, when there was a sharp increase in temperature over a couple of days The long-range forecast said: These notably colder conditions are by no means certain though, and even if they do occur, they are will probably still be interspersed with some milder, wetter and windy interludes
Debenhams, M&S and John Lewis call for sweeping overhaul of system Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and Halfords revealed a slump in festive sales, while John Lewis warned staff they might not get their bonuses for the first time since the 1950s. Chief executive Sergio Bucher also saw his position thrown into doubt as investors voted him off the board amid anger at the way the company is run - although they kept him on to lead the company, at least for now In August stores in Northampton, Falkirk, Kettering, Newmarket, New Mersey Speke, Stockton and Walsall all ceased trading
Will Queen Anne's reputation ever recover after The Favourite? Tipped for success at the Oscars next month, the movie has an unashamedly quirky take on Anne’s reign, including scenes where she delights in racing ducks and lobsters. Displaying what Sarah called ‘the jealousy of a lover’, she decided that they should regard themselves as equals, and insisted that they refer to each other by pet names, she being ‘Mrs Morley’ and Sarah ‘Mrs Freeman’ The new film will do little to change this perception of the Queen, but it may at least engender some sympathy for Anne, revealing as it does her misfortune in falling in love with the Duchess of Marlborough, surely one of the most beautiful yet scheming women ever to beguile a British royal
Newsreel revives prewar life along Sendai canal hit by 2011 tsunami SENDAI--Prewar newsreel images of a canal have been found, offering a rare glimpse of people's livel This shows how important the Teizan-bori was as part of community life, he said One hundred and twenty-three installments of the news series were screened at movie theaters and elsewhere between 1938 and 1943 The NFAJ currently owns 32 installments of the films The Asahi Shimbun has been studying and organizing the content of the archive for several years now
Border homes, and the wall that would tear them apart Property owners in Texas fear the government will seize land through eminent domain. They could be cut off from their land or lose homes completely. A wall here isn't going to be a good service to anybody, Flores Garcia says Zavaleta calls handing over his property for a fence a giant waste of money and a loss that would be felt for generations But the 70-year-old retired anthropology professor understands a court fight would only delay the inevitable
California's Camp Fire Was The Most Expensive Natural Disaster Worldwide In 2018 The state’s deadliest fire ever was also the world’s costliest catastrophe in 2018. ASSOCIATED PRESSHomes leveled by the Camp fire in a mobile home park in Paradise, California, Dec. 3, 2018 Meanwhile, on Wednesday, President Donald Trump threatened to cut off wildfire aid to California from the Federal Emergency Management Agency He said in a now-deleted tweet that state officials had to get their act together, which is unlikely and improve forest management
TSA officers get some shutdown love They may not be getting paid, but the thousands of TSA officers working at airports across the country are getting plenty of support from the public during the government shutdown. If any of your officers are in need of items for their kids, we can help! HopeSupplyCoNTX (@HopeSupplyCoNTX) January 9, 2019 Appreciated, but again, the ethics issue When one passenger tried to give me a cash tip, I had to refuse, she wrote
UK weather forecast: Latest maps of EXTREME SNOW system over Europe to hit UK in 10 days A DEADLY snow system wreaking havoc across mainland Europe is forecast hit the UK in 10 days-time, according to shock weather maps, as freezing temperatures and deadly storms continue to bring chaos across the continent. Generally, rather unsettled conditions are likely to continue for the rest of the period, with spells of rain interspersed with colder, showery weather BBC weather has issued a red weather warning for south-eastern areas of Germany and Austria, as the Alps reported over 10ft of snow had settled, claiming the lives of many in the area
The Ineffable Hulk, Trump is always one temper tantrum from disaster When Donald Trump became president, America watchers predicted his excesses would be contained, but his inner monster is prevailing. He dubbed himself Tariff Man, which sounds like a particularly lame character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe And he pandered to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and emboldened an international league of strongmen, including the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Italy’s Matteo Salvini and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman Michael Fullilove is the executive director of the Lowy Institute
The Internet Is A Privacy Disaster. But We Still Don't Know How To Talk About It. We know our data has been left vulnerable, or sold, or misused. But do we really understand what that means for our safety and security online — and when it actually matters? Tap to play GIF Over the holidays, PopSugar’s Twinning app experienced a sudden viral resurgence Facebook views this sort of data collection as an industry-standard practice, not an incursion on privacy Convenience, too, is disclosure, fueled by an invasive advertising industry that views its customers as something to be targeted
Alaska earthquakes: Is THIS the reason for 98 earthquakes in Alaska in just 10 DAYS? EARTHQUAKES have already begun to rock Alaska this year, with a staggering 98 quakes in 10 days. But is THIS the reason there have been so many quakes in Alaska? The latest quake to shake the US state occurred Thursday, January 10 and measured a magnitude of 4.1 When faults move, earthquakes occur - however predicting this is not something which can be done This was the second largest earthquake ever to be recorded, the first being a magnitude 9.5 earthquake which rocked Chile in 1960
The oceans are warming faster than scientists thought The ocean is warming at an accelerated rate and is much warmer than scientists thought and could get a lot worse if nothing is done to stop climate change. The warming is convoluted with natural variability, and one of the warmest spots was where [Florence] developed this past year and where Harvey developed this previous year, Trenberth said A US government report in November delivered a similar dire warning that the country could lose hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives by the end of the century due to climate change
Teenage Australian boy killed in Austrian avalanche while skiing with family Sixteen-year-old dies after he and his mother were swept away while skiiing at St Anton am Arlberg His mother was able to escape unhurt, but the boy was buried in 2m of snow The family was believed to be from NSW, the Sydney Morning Herald reported The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said it was aware of reports about the death and stood ready to provide consular assistance to the family of the victim
UK snow radar: We could see SNOW in London this month as BIG FREEZE sets in BRITAIN is forecast to have a fairly mild weekend, but soon after a big freeze is due to set in, with bookies slashing odds of snow hitting the capital. Coral's Harry Aitkenhead said: There's no escaping the plummeting temperatures now and all the signs are pointing to snow sooner rather than later Combined with Storm Emma, the weather brought extensive snow and ice-cold temperatures, claiming 17 lives in the UK and 77 on the continent
Shinzo Abe tells Theresa May the 'whole World' wants UK to avoid no-deal Brexit The World does not want a no-deal Brexit, the Japanese Prime Minister said as he gave his "total support" to Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement. 2:36PM Tory MP U-turns to back Theresa May's deal George Freeman, who previously spoke against Theresa May's deal said he will now vote for Theresa may's Brexit deal with a very heavy heart Japan is the UK's second-largest source of non-EU foreign direct investment and Britain's largest export market outside the EU, US and China
Test for Trump’s steel border wall prototype 'proves it can be sawed through' US officials are defending the feeble border wall prototypes by claiming that it is intended to be destructible The two small-sized 'Berdiansk' and 'Nikopol' armored artillery boats had come under enemy fire and are now dead in the water The US is currently in the 20th day of a government shutdown, which started after Democrats refused to sanction that spending
Blood Moon PROPHECY: This is what the Book of Revelation says about the Supermoon eclipse A BLOOD Moon eclipse this month promises to light up the night skies with an eerie red glow, leading some conspiracists to believe it is a biblical sign of doom. Here is what the Book of Revelation has to say about the Supermoon. The January Full Moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow on the morning of January 21, an event known as a total lunar eclipse There are a total of seven seals in the Book of Revelation, which are believed to be scrolls containing secret information known only by God himself
Greece FREEZES OVER: Europe battles CRIPPLING cold weather as 16 pronounced DEAD ATHENS is the latest country to be gripped by a crippling sub-zero wave of cold weather blitzing mainland Europe, with hundreds of European flights cancelled amid 16 reported deaths from chilling weather conditions across the continent. BBC weather has issued a red weather warning for south-eastern areas of Germany and Austria, as the Alps reported over 10ft of snow had settled, claiming the lives of many in the area Sky News meteorologist Chris England warned: That'll mostly be coming over the cold land as well - unlike the UK, where cold air moving in is generally warmed a bit by the sea
The Guardian view on the Brexit endgame: talking at, not with, each other | Editorial Editorial: Jeremy Corbyn says he might cooperate on Brexit. Theresa May has belatedly decided to see if they can. But there is little basis of trust between the two leaders and their parties Addressing the prime minister directly, he said: If you deliver a deal that includes a customs union and no hard border in Ireland, if you protect jobs, people’s rights at work and environmental standards – then we will support that sensible deal This is a soggy formulation for matters of such importance The political declaration, at which this amendment is aimed, is merely aspirational at present It is a potential disaster that is being pursued with unwitting ineptitude