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Workers tunnelling beneath Stonehenge 'drill hole' in Salisbury Plain The alleged damage was done when gauges were being installed to monitor the water table at Blick Mead, a number of springs on Amesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, considered the 'first place in Britain'. Stonehenge is one of the most prominent prehistoric monuments in Britain Calculations have shown that it would have taken 500 men using leather ropes to pull one stone, with an extra 100 men needed to lay the rollers in front of the sledge The original number of stones in the bluestone circle was probably around 60, but these have since been removed or broken up
'Storm Deirdre' to hit UK with 80mph gales tomorrow before NORDIC BLAST & snow A WINTRY snap threatening freezing temperatures and snowfall is looming on the back of an 80mph gale system that looks set to be named Storm Deirdre. A Nordic blast will sweep in from Scandinavia a… A WINTRY snap threatening freezing temperatures and snowfall is looming on the back of an 80mph gale system that looks set to be named Storm Deirdre However, Atlantic air will not be far away, keeping temperatures milder in the west It wouldn't be surprising if the deep depression which sweeps across the north of the UK becomes a named storm
Alaska earthquake: Alaska hit by 18 earthquakes after huge 7.0 quake hits Anchorage ALASKA was shaken by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on Friday and has been experiencing aftershocks since, with 18 registering as magnitude 4.5 or higher since November 30. Despite the speedy road repairs, there is still a lot of work to be done in Alaska following the huge earthquake Aftershocks can shift the debris and a #selfie is not worth the injury The Ring of Fire is home to 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes, and 81 percent of the largest earthquakes in the world
O2 Users Are Posting Funny Stuff On The Internet About How They Don't Have Any Internet "I might as well have woken up in 2001." Disaster struck the UK on Thursday morning and for once it wasn't about Brexit Panic ensued as the prospect of having IRL conversations with fellow travellers dawned on weary commuters Our technical teams are working on the issue with high priority Please keep an eye on our status checker: 07:33 AM - 06 Dec 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite Not once, but *twice*
Radiation-hit wolves of Chernobyl feared to be spreading mutant genes SCIENTISTS fear wolves living in Chernobyl’s radioactive forbidden zone may be spreading mutant genes across Europe. The European grey wolf population has boomed at the site since the human p… The young wolf began to consistently move away from its home range about three months after scientists began tracking its movements Last year, we told how radioactive boars were running wild in the Czech Republic after eating mushrooms contaminated after the Chernobyl disaster
The Best Actors of 2018 We still crave movement on screen and this year’s great performances were magnificently physical. Movement is a basic cinematic element: They’re called motion pictures for a reason At the multiplex, the city-smashing superhero action sequence supplanted the large-scale production number Hall has been acting in spoofs and dramedies and ensemble crowd-pleasers for more than 20 years, and this is the richest part she has ever had
What Democrats can learn from Newt Gingrich, the man who broke politics Gingrich’s performance before and the year after his ascent to speaker of the House offers two vital lessons – one salutary, and the other cautionary It is already too late for 2018 Democrats to have run their campaigns on a consensus platform along the lines of the Contract With America Samuel G Freedman, an occasional contributor to the Guardian, is a journalism professor at Columbia University and the author of eight books
Opinion | France’s Combustible Climate Politics Climate policy should be about solving problems, not salving consciences. The website finds that every nation it tracks save for Morocco and Gambia is falling short of its Paris commitments Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook , Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram , join the Facebook political discussion group, Voting While Female , and sign up for the Opinion Today newsletter
Centennial will burn. Allowing it to be built would be environmental malpractice L.A. County supervisors should stop a project that would be built in a high-fire hazard area far away from existing cities. Natural areas that have burned in the past will likely burn again We don’t have as much of a housing shortage as we do an overabundance of people You can’t pour 20 ounces of liquid into a 12-ounce container, but greed will try Everything about the Centennial project sounds wrong, and they want to build it anyway
Talks to End War in Yemen Begin Under U.S. Pressure Yemen’s government and Houthi rebels will begin U.S.-backed peace talks Thursday to end a nearly four-year war that has left thousands dead and pushed millions to the brink of starvation. President Hadi is currently hospitalized in the U.S. The parties will likely also discuss reopening the airport in the capital Sana’a, which is under Houthi control, and de-escalating the violence in the Houthi-held port city of Hodeidah evacuate 50 wounded Houthi fighters to Oman for treatment
At least two dead as rain and floods lash Cyprus At least two people died in flooding in northern Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot media r... In minutes, it’s gone from beautiful sunshine to freezing cold with rumbles of thunder in the distance I’m not looking forward to this, one northern Cyprus resident said Normally dry rivers burst their banks, causing damage in the Cypriot capital, Nicosia, and forcing the partial closure of a motorway linking the city to Kyrenia, a historic harbor town on the island’s northern coast Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
UK weather: MASSIVE storm churning towards UK - which areas are under Met Office warning? BRITAIN is gearing up for a massive storm, with the Met Office issuing wind warnings for a big chunk of the UK on Friday. So which areas will be affected? Temperatures are unseasonably high, ushering in even more rain Heavy rainfall may be an additional hazard across parts of northern and western Scotland The south will clear up through Sunday to leave mainly dry conditions with easing winds but turning colder
Energetic husky puppy uses slippery floor like a treadmill The husky was excitable in its home in Zhengzhou City in central China's Henan Province and its owners came up with the ingenious solution. The husky was overly excited in its home in Zhengzhou City in central China The breed tend to get bored if they haven't had 30-60 minutes daily exercise and with puppies like the one in the video, it is recommended they get 1-2 minutes of walking per age
Best places to visit in Europe These are the best places in Europe for travelers to visit on a modern-day Grand Tour that's made easier with frequent flights, high-speed rail and plenty of off-the-radar destinations on offer. Apuseni mountains, Romania: Part of the western Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, the Apuseni make for the ideal summer break, with cooler temperatures and uncrowded paths Mount Brandon offers a strenuous hike, rewarding walkers with views over the Atlantic and across the entire peninsula Those who prefer time indoors can explore Blair or Corgarff castles or sip on single malt at the Dalwhinnie Distillery
Why is pizza so addictive? "It's the Holy Trinity of crust, cheese and sauce," the managing editor of a pizza magazine says. All of the notes merge together to create a singular pizza note, Civille said Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team Pizza is a party! Lisa Drayer is a nutritionist, an author and a CNN health and nutrition contributor
BBC Weather: Europe braced for HEAVY SNOW and strong winds BBC WEATHER forecast low pressure to plough its way into western Europe, bringing snow, strong winds and heavy rain over the next 48 hours. Friday sees the deeper low pressure centre though if anything, sweeping towards the UK, so that will bring the stronger winds It is mild though across western Europe, thanks to that Atlantic influence The warning will remain in place between 3.00am and 11.59pm on Friday
Earthquakes today: Second quake hit South Pacific in 24hrs - Why is Ring of Fire so deadly NORFOLK ISLAND has been hit by a magnitude 6 earthquake today, following the huge 7.6 quake that struck New Caledonia yesterday. Why is the Ring of Fire so deadly? The Ring of Fire is home to around 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes, and 81 percent of the largest earthquakes in the world Then on September 28, a huge magnitude 7.5 quake hit the island of Sulawesi The shallow depth of the Sulawesi earthquake had devastating consequences, killing more than 2,200 people
Australia earthquake: Where did magnitude 6 quake strike? Is it on the Ring of Fire? AUSTRALIA has been rocked by a magnitude 6 earthquake. But is the quake on the Ring of Fire? The earthquake was shallow and struck at a depth of 10km (6 miles) on Wednesday afternoon local time Oliver Ciry, a spokesman for New Caledonia’s directorate for civil protection and risk management, later said: The good news is, we have no injuries or damage He said to The current activity, while eye-catching and news-worthy, is not outside the bounds of normal behaviour
Icebox: the harrowing drama about child separation in America The director of a troubling new film about imprisoned immigrant children talks about the prescience of telling such a difficult story A bewildered boy sits wrapped in a foil blanket on a concrete floor under strip lights in a bleak, cavernous warehouse Sawka’s film follows a 12-year-old named Oscar, played by Anthony Gonzalez, who voiced the character Miguel in the Pixar animated hit Coco
Cubans to get internet on cellphones, but how many can afford it? For years, when Cubans talked about 3G mobile internet arriving on the communist-run island, it was with the same sarcasm that people in other countries reserve for discussions of flying pigs and hell freezing over. The cheapest plan costs about $7 for 600 megabytes of data, or more than one-tenth of what a highly paid doctor earns in a month The average state worker's monthly salary is about $30, according to government statistics, making the new 3G unaffordable for those who don't have relatives that send them remittances from abroad or work in the island's small private sector CNN's Ray Sanchez contributed to this report
George H.W. Bush laid to rest, Golden Globe nominations: 5 things you need to know Thursday Former President George H.W. Bush laid to rest, 2019 Golden Globe nominations are announced and more things to start your Thursday morning. Meteorologists will get a better sense of the storm's weekend track on Thursday Last month, a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan crashed into the sea southwest of Japan’s southern island of Okinawa, though its two pilots were rescued safely
Climate change made UK heatwave 30 times more likely – Met Office Global warming is harming people’s lives and humanity will not be able to cope, say scientists They are the first generation of political leaders with a clear view of the precipice we’re heading towards and may be the last to be able to swerve away from it Scores of extreme weather events around the world, including droughts and severe rainfalls, have been linked to global warming, including the Storm Desmond downpour that caused extensive severe flooding in the UK