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Instagram Influencers Are Flocking To Chernobyl To Take The Perfect Picture Instagram influencers are flocking to the nuclear site in order to take photos for their followers. In the early hours of April 26, 1986, a nuclear power plant's test in northern Ukraine caused an unexpected power surge and a series of explosions where extreme radiation was released A radiation sign set in front of a crucifix in Prypyat, near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, on April 8, 2016
Buttigieg Seeks 'End to Endless War' The Democratic presidential candidate took repeated shots at President Trump, but also sought to make more subtle distinctions with former Vice President Joe Biden. Sanders has called Iraq the worst foreign policy disaster in the modern history of America, and on Tuesday, Buttigieg similarly labeled it a self-defeating .. In April 2007, another fresh-faced Democratic presidential candidate from the Midwest offered a foreign policy vision that lambasted the Iraq War, called for a modernized military and offered a new spirit – not of bluster and bombast, but of quiet confidence and sober intelligence, a spirit of care and renewed competence
Lessons From a Pandemic, a Decade Later Health officials are better prepared to fight flu now, thanks to hard lessons learned when the swine-flu pandemic hit in 2009. A decade ago today, on June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization sounded the alarm that a swine-flu pandemic was spreading around the globe Pandemic viruses are also highly transmissible, so an infected person can go on to infect two or three others
Identical twins are rare in music. But that’s only part of what makes the Mattson 2 so extraordinary. The supreme talent and audacious music of the Mattson brothers — and why they’re unlike any band you’ve seen before. In the fall of 2017, my older son and I showed up at the Hamilton, in downtown Washington, to catch the British jazz trio GoGo Penguin So he would absolutely smile upon hearing what the Mattson 2 have done David Rowell is deputy editor of The Washington Post Magazine
The Daily 202: ‘A product of the 9/11 generation’: Pete Buttigieg leans into his youth as he outlines a foreign policy The 37-year-old mayor talks constantly about 2054 because that’s when he’ll be Trump’s age. -- Trump’s net worth rose to $3 billion despite the multiple setbacks his businesses have faced But organizers hope the screaming-baby balloon will be a sign of what’s to come that day: protests, and more of them Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) read a constituent's letter on the House floor that describes Trump's supporters as racist and dumb:
Chernobyl explained: Was Valery Legasov dying from radiation poisoning? CHERNOBYL on HBO has been widely praised by fans for its accurate representation of the nuclear disaster. One of the main characters in the show is Valery Legasov (played by Jared Harris) whose tragic death opens the series. But was he already dying from radiation poisoning? Legasov helped evacuate the town of Pripyat as well as setting up an exclusion zone In the moments following this, we see him take his own life This was a deliberate choice on the part of the showrunners to begin with this in the show We felt from the very start that we should begin with it
20 years since the Spice Girls emerged – little has changed It’s strange, 20 years on, to think back to the time the Spice Girls emerged, and see how little has changed, says Lucy Jones From 15p €0.18 $0.18 USD 0.27 a day, more exclusives, analysis and extras I wasn’t aware of the academic criticism about the Spice Girls repackaging capitalist power, or corrupting feminism with consumerism, or concerns about raunch culture Support free-thinking journalism and subscribe to Independent Minds
Stunning video shows rocket emerging out of fog The crew of seven was the largest to fly on a spacecraft at that time, and STS-41G was the first flight to include two female astronauts 21/30 A Fresh Perspective on an Extraordinary Cluster of Galaxies Galaxy clusters are often described by superlatives
Sewing for sport: Handmade workout clothes make strides If necessity is the mother of invention, then pending motherhood may have given Sarah Vander Neut a creative boost. The Aurora, Colorado, seamstress was pregnant with her first daughter... (Dakota Amsen/Ruby Amsen via AP) If necessity is the mother of invention, then pending motherhood may have given Sarah Vander Neut a creative boost A few years ago she learned how to dance on skates, and was hooked The three businesswomen are inspired to do more: Vander Neut has expanded into windbreakers, Rizzo recently added new apparel, and Amsen talks about designing jumpsuits
UK weather: Scorching heatwave to return this Saturday as temperatures soar into next week BRITAIN is set for a mini-heatwave this weekend as temperatures soar to 20C putting an end to the horrendous wet weather. It added: Occasional rain or showers remain likely in western and northwesterly areas, and it will probably be rather windy here at times, though there will be dry and bright spells too Flood alert and thunderstorm warnings were also issued for some areas
Hot Mic: Pompeo Blabs That US Was Behind Failed Venezuela Coup US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just spilled the beans on Washington’s regime-change maneuver in Venezuela. The US is not supporting a popular pro-democracy movement, as the official media narrative goes. There is no movement against incumbent President Nicolas Maduro worth talking about, admits Pompeo. It’s all an orchestration by Washington. In short, a criminal plot. The distinct lack of anti-government traction is easily understood in the light of Pompeo’s recent admissions That’s because there is no opposition movement with a popular mandate Rather, it has manufactured this cut-out, non-entity figure They are complicit in unlawful aggression and a gross violation of the UN Charter
Boris Johnson dodges questions on cocaine and Brexit. But it won't hurt his chances Despite a lack of clarity on Brexit and evasiveness on drugs questions, Johnson is still frontrunner to replace Theresa May as British Prime Minister MUST WATCH New-look Boris Johnson emerges as Tory frontrunner 02:51 Luke McGee is a senior producer for CNN based in London MUST WATCH Trump: May's probably a better negotiator than me 00:56 This evasiveness stretched to a question on precisely how he planned to renegotiate the Brexit deal that May struck with the EU
Huge ‘dead zone’ threatens to form in Gulf of Mexico, endangering all marine life living there Animals unable to swim away 'can be close to annihilated', scientist says EPA 1/15 A father and son on a makeshift boat made from styrofoam paddle through a garbage filled river as they collect plastic bottles that they can sell in junkshops in Manila It comes after scientists last year stumbled on an even bigger dead zone in the Gulf of Oman, as well as a 2015 discovery of swathes of oxygen-deprived water up to 100 miles long swirling in the Atlantic Ocean
Katherine Schwarzenegger's second wedding dress revealed in new photos For her wedding to Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger donned not just one, but two custom Giorgio Armani Privé dresses. Saturday, the 29-year-old author tied the knot with Chris Pratt in a Montecito, California ceremony, described by the pair in matching Instagram posts as intimate, moving and emotional JASON SZENES, EPA-EFE Fullscreen Reports emerged four months later that Grande and Davidson had split People via AP Fullscreen Last SlideNext Slide
Chernobyl writer urges Instagram users to respect site after they travel to take lewd selfies The writer of Chernobyl has urged Instagram influencers to stop taking lewd and inappropriate selfies at the site of the disaster. One photograph shows a woman letting a hazard suit fall to her waist, exposing her bra as she flicks her hair in the wind However, the show's screenwriter Craig Mazin has said some are not treating the site with the respect it deserves Those who visit are often given radiation counters and protective clothing, and are screened for radiation exposure on entry and exit
Trump complains about tractors which ‘don’t even hook up’ to internet in rambling speech 'They have not treated the Midwest well with broadband, with anything having to do with the word "computer",' president says Along with Trump, the prime minister and the royal family, French president Emmanuel Macron and 300 Second World War veterans were in attendance The president has previously been criticised for the claim by experts, who say climate change and drought are more important factors than forest mismanagement