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Alabama’s new abortion ban could jail doctors. In some countries, laws already do. The Alabama Senate approved a restrictive abortion ban. Countries including El Salvador and the Dominican Republican already have similar legislation in place. Imelda Cortez, center, is accompanied by relatives after she was acquitted and released in Usulutan, El Salvador, on Dec. 17, 2018 A number of women who received clandestine abortions in the Dominican Republic to end their pregnancies relayed their accounts to the watchdog group, which determined [t]he ban does not stop abortion but drives it underground and makes it less safe
Alabama’s lawmakers want to challenge Roe v Wade That seems unlikely to happen until 2021 at the earliest Rather than challenging Roe directly they chiselled away, introducing state-level regulations so burdensome that clinics were forced to close But it is becoming more diverse and urban, as the inroads made by Democrats in November’s mid-terms attest A recent poll found that more voters in the state opposed the heartbeat bill than supported it
‘To think it has come to this’: Kenny Burrell’s journey from jazz legend to GoFundMe appeal Fellow musicians come to guitarist’s aid after wife says they are struggling with health and financial issues. Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell is 87 and battling health and financial problems It saddens and embarrasses me to desperately need and request help, but it is necessary at this point, Katherine Burrell wrote in launching the crowdfunding effort last week I think the biggest thing to speak to is what a wonderful human being he is, DeFrancesco said
Opinion | Trump’s businesses are faltering. That’s good news. Maybe we can kill the myth that we need more businesspeople in politics. The main entrance to the Trump National Doral Golf Club in Miami But while he’s been doing that, his businesses have been suffering The Trump Organization had planned to build two chains of more modestly priced hotels to be located in red states where Trump is popular; earlier this year the plans were shelved
Presidential hopeful Warren unveils bill to protect U.S. military... Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Wednesday she i... While the U.S. military has warned that climate change is a threat multiplier that can damage bases and increase global competition for natural resources, the Trump administration has considered forming a panel to question the science used in those assessments
Trump needs to take reins from Bolton & pull world back from precipice of war US National Security Advisor John Bolton is driving a war policy towards Iran based on nothing but his own deranged world view and anti-Iran obsession. The incendiary problem with Bolton’s recent warnings of unrelenting response to Iran or its proxies if they were to attack US interests is that the red line is so expansive, vague and prone to paranoid imagination – of which Bolton has plenty Share it with a friend! The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT
Justice John Paul Stevens Looks Back on His Long Career Stevens’s “The Making of a Justice” is both a personal memoir and a meditation on the law. Advertisement THE MAKING OF A JUSTICE Reflections on My First 94 Years By John Paul Stevens John Paul Stevens ended his remarkable 35-year term on the Supreme Court with the approval of the Republican president who appointed him and the Democratic one who replaced him Many commentators have condemned the majority’s contrary decision to halt the recount, and the thin reasoning behind it
Polishing the Silver For these senior citizens, keeping up appearances is simply part of good health. They include Fountaingrove Lodge, a retirement community in Sonoma County, Calif., complete with a spa, a bank, a fitness center and a generously scaled outdoor pool But now that I’ve started to age, I march to my own drummer I don’t want to look absurd, but I do want to try different identities
Yellowstone volcano SHOCK: Eruption 'can kill 5 BILLION' in fiery fallout, warns geologist YELLOWSTONE volcano threatens to kill more than five billion people and plunge the world into a nuclear winter the next time it erupts, a geologist has gravely warned. I estimate, due to the effects of climate change, around five billion people would die from hunger He said: This is not a frequent process for us but from the Earth’s perspective – yes YVO scientists keep track of ground uplift and seismic activity within the Yellowstone caldera though numerous monitoring stations
Analysis | Japan ruling party distributes ‘anti-gaffe’ guide after litany of blunders Critics say the problem isn’t the gaffes themselves, but the underlying views that are reflected in politicians’ comments. In a section about strong words that tend to be used in headlines, it listed five types of problematic speech It is difficult to apologize for, the manual warned Comments about illness and old age Aso, again, this time in 2013 They think putting up a decent facade is sufficient Akiko Kashiwagi contributed to this report from Tokyo
Jarmusch, Gomez, Murray talk modern horrors at Cannes CANNES, France (AP) — The Jim Jarmusch zombie movie "The Dead Don't Die" includes masses of flesh-eating zombies and an Earth thrown off its axis by "polar fracking." But the teaming Cannes... When asked what horror films he finds frightening, its lead star, Bill Murray, didn’t hesitate I don’t understand how it can even be considered as such Some of the things I read this morning about our film were things that honestly hadn’t occurred to me I think the metaphor is stronger than I was analyzing or aware of