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Ethiopia crash plane was set to 'dive', device found in wreckage shows A screw-like device found in the wreckage of the Boeing 737 Max, that crashed in Ethiopia and killed 157 people last Sunday, indicates that the plane was configured to dive. The BEA confirmed it had received the black box recorders from the plane, which was just four months old and crashed minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa on Sunday The Ethiopian Airlines pilots reported similar difficulties before their aircraft plunged to the ground
The Eerie Absence Of Viral Fakes After The New Zealand Mosque Attacks The shooter’s media plan was so comprehensive, and his content spread so quickly, that there was little room for fakes to fill the void. The reason seems to be that the shooter’s media plan was so comprehensive, and his content spread so quickly, that there was little room for fakes to fill the void Email us: or find us on Twitter: @craigsilverman and @janelytv
Netflix agrees to cut real-life footage from Sandra Bullock's Bird Box Netflix has reversed a controversial decision to include real-life footage of a deadly train disaster in hit film Bird Box. 'We're sorry for any pain caused to the Lac-Mégantic community,' the company said in a statement given to the BBC Netflix claimed it had licensed the footage of the disaster from the stock image vendor Pond 5 'We will keep the clip in the movie,' a spokesman said, adding that Netflix would be looking at ways to do things differently moving forward
Long range weather forecast: What does the Bible say about weather predictions? WEATHER forecasts rarely look towards the Bible to make meteorological predictions but could the Bible be a secret source of information for long range weather analysis? Weather forecasts for June 5 predicted developing showers and thunder for the south of England around midday However, as a famous preacher is quoted as replying to a heckler: ‘All I know, is that when I pray coincidences seem to happen; when I don’t pray they don’t happen!’
Perspective | Social media platforms were used like lethal weapons in New Zealand. That must change now. A horrific video circulated, racist haters cheered and the platforms failed to respond decisively. But the tragedy in New Zealand takes this dangerous and largely untended situation to a new level that demands intense scrutiny and reform They must figure out ways to be responsible global citizens as well as profit-making machines For more by Margaret Sullivan visit
17 Families Share What Its Like Living In A Motel After Losing Their Homes In California's Worst Wildfire Survivors of a devastating wildfire that virtually destroyed the Northern California town of Paradise are still sorting out housing, four months after the deadly blaze. Her family relies on FEMA to help pay for their motel stay and has had to changes rooms several times because of the limited coverage provided Workers Brad Bailey, 40, Joe Newberry, 32, and Layton Perkins, 32, stand outside a motel room they've been living in for more than two months while they clear away hazardous tree debris in Paradise left by the wildfire
Ministers in talks with DUP in attempt to win backing for Brexit deal Discussions likely to cover role of Northern Ireland assembly if Irish backstop were used A number of cabinet ministers, including the de-facto deputy prime minister, David Lidington, the environment secretary, Michael Gove, and the chief whip, Julian Smith, have all been involved in recent efforts, as well as the defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, who has a close relationship with the DUP leadership, having brokered the confidence-and-supply agreement with the party in his previous role as chief whip
Netflix Removes Controversial Bird Box Footage of Real-Life Train Disaster After Backlash  Netflix has decided to remove footage of a devastating train derailment that killed 47 in Canada
Take Five: Shall we try again? World markets themes for the week ahead Following are five big themes likely to dominate thinking of investors and trade... Compared to the Fed’s 2 percent inflation target, producer inflation was up 1.9 percent in the year to February, while consumer inflation rose just 1.5 percent to its smallest annual gain in 2-1/2 year (GRAPHIC: Japan inflation - Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
The men who spent seven long years building the Manchester Ship Canal If the men survived their punishing shifts - 130 were killed in the waterway's construction - they would almost certainly suffer from lifelong disfigurements and disabilities. The old diving suit would also be equipped with a lifeline, to tug on in case of trouble, and a copper and brass helmet with a small eye hole Even on the water the crew would wear their normal clothes It brought wealth, prosperity and jobs to the region
Nigeria building collapse: official toll shows 20 dead, 45 survivors There was no immediate information on any casualties, Ibrahim Farinloye, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency’s southwest region, said. A Google photograph of the collapsed building from early 2017 shows no sign of a school inside In the crowd’s midst stood ambulances, fire trucks and a fork lift A floating school built to withstand storms and floods was also brought down in Lagos in 2016, though nobody was reported injured
Ben Nevis survivor pays tribute to his friends after their deaths Ben Nevis avalanche sole survivor Mathieu Biselx has taken to Facebook to pay tribute to his friends after their tragic deaths on Tuesday. Mr Biselx, President of the Club Alpin Suisse (CAS), in Sion, said: 'This trip was not organized by the CAS 'My three friends proposed this trip because I have been going through a difficult time on a personal level In December, Patrick Boothroyd, 21, from West Yorkshire, died after falling in the Tower Gully area
UK weather forecast - 500-mile 'Beast from the West' SNOW BOMB to dump 1ft on Britain tomorrow as Met Office warnings issued A “500-mile Beast from the West” is bringing a “snow bomb” to batter Britain with 30cms of snow, 70mph gales and floods this weekend. It comes as the Met Office issues snow,… A 500-mile Beast from the West is bringing a snow bomb to batter Britain with 30cms of snow, 70mph gales and floods this weekend The BBC warned the low pressure system, bursting with moisture and buffeted by cold air from Iceland, could be named before the weekend and the Met Office did not rule it out
Cyclone tracker: Tropical depression to become cyclone - Great Barrier Reef at RISK QUEENSLAND is on high alert for a dangerous cyclone as an escalating tropical depression heads towards the Great Barrier Reef this weekend. Storm tracking models on show a chance of the tropical low hitting the eastern coastline, which could be devastating news for parts of the Great Barrier Reef Forecasters will be keeping a close eye on the weather system’s development over the next few hours
California Today: A New York Critic on the Los Angeles Art Scene Friday: Grappling with an expansive, diverse art landscape; distributing Pacific Gas & Electric’s assets; and visiting El Jardín in San Diego ( Here’s the sign-up , if you don’t already get California Today by email.) Yesterday was another busy news day in California It’s a question complicated by the typical corporate bankruptcy process, which often leaves some parties at a big disadvantage
This is your captain computing: 737 MAX crashes put heat on autopilots The role of automation is front and centre in investigations into two deadly planes crashes. Business Companies This is your captain computing: 737 MAX crashes put heat on autopilots By Patrick HatchMarch 16, 2019 12.05am Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text size It's not every day that experts in their field agree with what United States president Donald Trump posts on Twitter The solution is to go away and work out what the problem was, and then go and tell everyone
For Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O'Brien, the only way is up The Victorian Liberals' position doesn't look very promising, but party leader Michael O'Brien sees reasons to smile An internal power-play by a hard-right religious grouping was a consistent source of instability and the party’s legal stoush with its biggest funding source, leading to a climactic court battle just months out from the election, is blamed by many for fatally damaging Liberal hopes in November
Ethiopian Airlines says analysis of flight recorders begins Analysis of the flight recorders of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane has begun, the airline said Friday. Members of Israel’s ZAKA emergency response team were granted access to the site and were doing forensic work Canada’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Antione Chevrier, told The Associated Press that discussions on repatriation of remains would begin once the identification process begins to yield results Mulugeta Ayene, AP Fullscreen Last SlideNext Slide
5 of our top opinion pieces this week: ICYMI From air travel safety to Tucker Carlson's comments to a mother's struggle to get medications, here are some of our top columns of the week. Tucker Carlson is another victim of the leftist mob By Tim Young Tucker Carlson said things that were not only par for the course for shock jock radio a decade ago, but also pretty much expected to be heard from the genre The cartoonist's homepage, Mike Thompson, USA TODAY Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Andy Marlette, Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Andy Marlette, Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Andy Marlette, Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Mike Thompson, USA TODAY Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, - [ ] Marc Murphy, (Louisville, Ky.) Courier Journal Fullscreen Mike Thompson, USA TODAY The cartoonist's homepage, Fullscreen 2444264002 Andy Marlette, Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, - [ ] Marc Murphy, (Louisville, Ky.) Courier Journal Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Mike Thompson, USA TODAY Fullscreen The cartoonist's homepage, Mike Thompson, USA TODAY Fullscreen Last SlideNext Slide
‘I anticipate disaster striking me as soon as I step out of the door’: This is how I experience anxiety - The Lily ‘I socially isolate myself to minimize energy-consuming interactions’ Michele Myong March 14 March 14 Anxiety Chronicles is a series from The Lily that examines the journeys different women have with anxiety When things are going well, I look for things to fret and feel bad about because that’s how I’m used to operating
Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan brave the cold weather to film Ammonite Kate Winslet, 43, and Saoirse Ronan, 24, got to work on the Beach at Eype near Bridport, Dorset, to shoot scenes for the upcoming lesbian romance on Thursday. There is apparently no evidence that Anning, pictured, ever had a same-sex relationship A spokesperson for the society added they would 'love Mary even more' if there was evidence she was gay, but hoped the director Francis Lee would treat her story with respect The spokesperson said: 'We are all hoping the press has exaggerated the Mary being gay part! Francis Lee is an amazing writer/director, I doubt contrived gay scenes are his thing! I hope that wouldn't wash with a straight-talking, gay pig farmer from the Pennines!  'But don't get us wrong, if there was proof Mary, a working class, Victorian, self-educated powerhouse was also a lesbian we'd love her, even more.'  Slammed: Some on Facebook, including Harvard geologist Bretton Carter, pictured, have also criticised the film for adding the plot without historical basis Anning is known for making major discoveries in Jurassic marine fossil beds in the cliffs at Lyme Regis and Charmouth