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Free 4K TV with an antenna is almost here Ultra HD, 120Hz refresh rates, better indoor reception -- ATSC 3.0 has everything. So where is it? Get ready for some changes to good old broadcast TV At a most basic level, carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are in the business of selling you data Tweet at him @TechWriterGeoff, then check out his travel photography on Instagram He also thinks you should check out his best-selling sci-fi novel and its sequel
Luminar eyes production vehicles with $100M round and new Iris lidar platform – TechCrunch Luminar is one of the major players in the new crop of lidar companies that have sprung up all over the world, and it's moving fast to outpace its peers. Today the company announced a new $100M funding round, bringing its total raised to over $250M — as well as a perception platform and a new, comp… The company is negotiating more than a billion dollars in contracts at present, a representative told me, and 2022 would be the earliest that vehicles with Iris could be made available If anything the opposite, as established companies battle over lucrative partnerships and begin eating one another to stay competitive
Walmart-owned Sam’s Club launches same-day pickup across the U.S. – TechCrunch Walmart’s grocery pickup business has been scaling quickly in recent years, and is now on track to reach 3,100 U.S. stores by year-end. Now, Walmart’s Sam’s Club business is making its own move to satisfy consumers’ demand for online ordering with same-day pickup. The retail… That said, knowing there’s a limit on how much you can order could dampen consumers’ use of the same-day pickup option or have them turning to rivals instead The company also last year announced free shipping by way of its Plus membership, as an alternative to Amazon Prime
The Safe by Hub6 monitors your alarm system to free you from monthly fees If paying your monthly alarm monitoring fees has got you seeing red but you don’t want to scrap your perfectly good alarm system, we’ve got good news. The $250 Safe by Hub6 lets your alarm talk to you directly without monthly fees. You’ll need to do some basic wiring, but the annual savings are worth it. Though still far from ubiquitous, home security systems are becoming increasingly common The app helps out by giving you a list of the most common locations and sensor types The text message they received contained a broken link, which stopped the process in its tracks
Boosted’s electric scooter is fast, durable, fun and…really heavy – TechCrunch Boosted, the startup that got its beginnings with electric skateboards, has officially taken its first stab at electric scooters with the launch of the Boosted Rev. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks riding the Rev around the streets of San Francisco and, as I put in the headline, it’s… Boosted, the startup that got its beginnings with electric skateboards, has officially taken its first stab at electric scooters with the launch of the Boosted Rev If this were part of a shared scooter model, the weight wouldn’t matter, but bringing it up and down a few flights of stairs on the daily isn’t ideal And we always knew from day one, that’s the vehicle we wanted to make
Former Tesla employee admits to storing Autopilot source code on his own iCloud He is now working at Chinese rival company Xiaopeng Motors. ASSOCIATED PRESS A former Tesla employee is being sued for downloading data related to the company's Autopilot feature and allegedly taking that data to a Chinese rival company Last year, a former Apple employee was arrested after stealing a trove of data from Cupertino's self-driving car lab The company denies any involvement in the actions of its potential employees
Toyota forms a joint venture to make its own self-driving car chips The new company will make sensors and power modules as well. Robert Hradil via Getty Images Toyota is getting into the semiconductor business, partnering with auto supplier Denso to form a new company focused on chip manufacture Denso, which Toyota owns 24 percent of, has experience supplying advanced components for Toyota and Lexus vehicles
Sidecar dogs: On the road with some canine easy riders When these motorcyclists take to the road, a pooch serves as co-pilot. Isabel and Woden test this sidecar's seating capacity at Lake Five Resort, Mont Read more: An arctic fox walked 2,700 miles from Norway to Canada Iguanas spread in Florida as climate warms: ‘They’re a menace’ Dogs may have evolved ‘puppy-dog eyes’ to tug at our hearts
The best iPhone XR cases: our guide to protecting your phone The top cases for Apple's more affordable iPhone XR But, as with any big handset, the XR is a slippery beast, with its airplane-grade aluminum construction lending itself well to reaching terminal velocity on its way to the floor following an impromptu slip At double the price of many on this list, this is one of the most expensive cases on this list Case-Mate's more basic options start at $35 (£26, AU$48), and you can browse through them all on the brand's website
The Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 UK Deals Live Right Now: 1 Year Amazon Prime Membership for £59 Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit for under £36, 55% off XP-Pen Artist22E Pro 22" FHD IPS interactive drawing monitor, Microsoft 13.5-inch Touchscreen Surface Laptop for £586. Unveiled at this year's CES, it features incredible specs including socketed desktop CPU (Intel Core i7-9700 (6-Core, 12MB Cache CPU) and a swappable GPU (Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU), 32GB of memory, and a total of 2TB of storage split between two SSDs and one hybrid hard drive
7 Alexa skills you’ll use time and time again Every few months, Kim Komando takes a hard look at Amazon Echo and catch up on the latest skills. Here are some new skills on Alexa. If it seems like Amazon is listening in, it's because they are 4: Control your Roku Roku owners can voice-control their streaming gadgets and Roku-powered TVs with Alexa Remember, Google Assistant/Google Home already had this capability since last year, so this is a nice treat for Amazon Echo owners I'm proud to say that our broadcast network is at the forefront
Meet the car that warns you about the rain when your sunroof is open A sign of smarter things to come I’ve been maintaining for a while that cars will become much smarter than they are now Apart from the sunroof notification, modern cars could easily track far more data that is useful from an AI standpoint, from repair schedules (which are available in some models I’ve tested, most notably the Volvo brand) to nav routes
Should Neil Armstrong’s Bootprints Be on the Moon Forever? With renewed interest in the moon, some say it’s time to consider whether, and how, to preserve humanity’s lunar heritage. Those objects are still there, surrounded by rugged bootprints marking humanity’s first steps on another world Attempts to classify the Apollo landing sites as American national parks failed precisely because that would violate the Outer Space Treaty I think we can do it right on the moon and other celestial bodies
What parents need to know before sharing a credit card with their kids Adding your child as an authorized user on the right credit card can teach good financial habits and help build a strong credit history. The right credit card can help your child get on a smart financial path If you sign up for a credit card after clicking one of our links, we may earn a small fee for referring you There's no annual feewhich makes the card more affordableand the intro APR is 0% for 15 months (then a variable 17.24% to 25.99%)
BMW gives the M4 CS additional performance cred, but it comes with lots of tradeoffs Splitting the difference between the standard M4 and the hardcore track setup of the limited-production M4 GTS, the CS brings with it a sharper look to match its sharper performance, but there are some caveats involved. In terms of the powertrain, the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is the only transmission on offer with the CS In the meantime, if you’ve got your heart set on a fast BMW, we’d recommend giving the excellent M2 Competition a spin at nearly half the price