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Uber Driver Becomes Unwitting Getaway Driver for Gas Station Robber | Digital Trends A rookie Uber driver unwittingly played the part of getaway driver for a man who robbed a gas station recently. The first he knew about it was when cops surrounded his home and demanded he came out with his hands up. The robber used his regular Uber account, making it pretty easy for cops to make an arrest. As an Uber driver, you can expect to pick up all kinds of people during the course of a day Harris told Owens he was using them to cut strings off his jacket, an answer that was about as believable as a dodgy deepfake In fact, there are several stories going back years of similar crime-related shenanigans, with the Uber drivers unaware of what was happening till the cops showed up
Tesla Pickup Release Problem: How To Appeal To Women Tesla vehicles like the Tesla pickup might be one of the most exciting vehicles being anticipated today, but it might have a problem with appealing to the female market. I think Tesla, in general, has a problem appealing to women In fact, they only represent around 1.4 percent of total vehicle sales last year based on the figures gathered by Morgan Stanley A view of a US automotive and energy company Tesla showroom and service center in Amsterdam on October 14, 2018
Waymo has now driven 10 billion autonomous miles in simulation – TechCrunch Alphabet’s Waymo autonomous driving company announced a new milestone at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility on Wednesday: 10 billion miles driving in simulation. This is a significant achievement for the company, because all those simulated miles on the road for its self-driving software add up to… Dolgov’s point is that the more advanced your autonomous driving system becomes, the more miles you actually need to drive to have impact, because you’ve handled the basics and are moving on to edge cases, advanced navigation and ensuring that the software works in any and every scenario it encounters
Zoox’s self-driving car will provide a smooth ride via independent active suspension – TechCrunch Zoox CTO and co-founder Jesse Levinson revealed a few more details about the company’s autonomous vehicle hardware today, which it’s designing along with its software stack from the ground up. Levinson told us on stage that Zoox’s vehicle will have fully independent active four-wh… Zoox CTO and co-founder Jesse Levinson revealed a few more details about the company’s autonomous vehicle hardware today, which it’s designing along with its software stack from the ground up So for robotaxis, it’s sort of self-evident, you’d want it to be as smooth and comfortable as possible
Games Are Biggest Earners Among the 30 Billion Apps Downloaded in Q2 | Digital Trends According to a new report from AppAnnie, app downloads hit an all-time high in the second quarter of 2019. Games, in particular, saw a ton of growth, despite only accounting for 35% of downloads, games also accounted for 75% of consumer spending on mobile. AppAnnie has released its second-quarter report of app trends in 2019, highlighting that mobile games account for a hefty 75% of mobile spending, despite only accounting for 35% of mobile downloads When it comes to the popularity of game genres, arcade, action, and casual games are the most popular on Google Play, while arcade, action, and puzzle games were the most popular on the App Store
Move Over, Spot. Anymal Is a Four-Legged Robot With Sorts of Tricks | Digital Trends Boston Dynamics isn’t the only company building impressive dog robots. Swiss robotics company Anybotics has also created its own quadruped robot -- and it's pretty darn impressive. Here's what it's capable of, and the kinds of jobs that it excels at performing. Yes, there are versions that can climb stairs, but they tend to be quite big and heavy That restricts the ability to go into narrow environments So stop worrying about a real-life version of the robotic dog depicted in what be Black Mirror ‘s most terrifying episode, Metalhead
Cars-as-a-service, Alibaba and ridehailing, mental health, and the future of financial services – TechCrunch The future of car ownership: Cars-as-a-service It’s Mobility Day at TechCrunch, and we’re hosting our Sessions event today in beautiful San Jose. That’s why we have a couple of related pieces on mobility at Extra Crunch. First, our automotive editor Matt Burns is back with part two of his market ma… In simple terms, co-founder and then CEO [of Fair] Scott Painter , told TechCrunch following its recent raise, for every dollar in equity we unlock $10 in debt, and we borrow that cash to buy cars As transit in China and the rest of the world increasingly becomes multi-modal, who owns the gateway to figuring out the best method and paying for it is increasingly in the driver’s seat:
Bentley's centennial concept car comes with an AI butler Bentley decided to look forward with its EXP 100 GT concept car. The vehicle is meant to help celebrate the automaker's 100 years by looking at the future of gr... But the best thing about the Bentley EXP 100 GT is its AI companion the Bentley Personal Assistant that takes care of tasks like charging the vehicle, adjusting the seating and curating the experience for the passengers via biometric information and environmental conditions
The Ninja Smart Screen Blender Gets a 37% Discount on Amazon | Digital Trends From making a healthy batch of hummus to something as tasty as milkshakes or margaritas, blenders open you up to a whole new list of possibilities. The Ninja Smart Screen Blender (CT650) is currently selling at a discounted price of $82 on Amazon, a sweet 37% price cut from its list price if $130. It is important to note that you should refrain from using abrasive cloths or brushes to clean as it may scratch or dull the surface of either the motor base or the control panel Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers
BMW 2019 i8 Review: Driving yesterday’s car of tomorrow, today – TechCrunch The BMW i8 is a lovely vehicle to drive even though it’s lacking. It hugs the road and commands attention. It’s thrilling in a way that few cars can achieve without speed. Sure, it’s quick, but it won’t set track records or quarter mile times. It just feels great to drive. By the numbers, the… The BMW i8 is a lovely vehicle to drive even though it’s lacking Sure, it’s quick, but it won’t set track records or quarter mile times By the numbers, there’s little reason to buy a $164,000 BMW i8 Roadster This isn’t a car you want to take to a drag strip, but it could be fun at a track day
LG Fixes Its 2019 OLED Xbox Problem Good news for cutting edge gamers. When I reviewed LG’s brilliant OLED65C9 TV, I came across an unexpected problem: the set really struggled to sync properly with 4K HDR feeds my Xbox One S and X consoles I’ve been looking at an OLED65E9 this week, and it was immediately apparent that the Xbox gaming issue wasn’t there