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As thousands more cars fail new MOT test, how to make SURE yours passes CAR due an MOT? Do not get caught out by last year’s changes, which could make it more likely you will fail. Around 190,000 more cars failed the test in the three months after the changes were intr… He advises that garages have no legal right to stop drivers taking cars away, even if they have a dangerous fault If you are concerned your MOT garage is ripping you off, you can call another one and arrange for them to collect it on a truck to repair elsewhere RING The Sun on 0207 782 4104 or WHATSAPP on 07423720250 or EMAIL
Bitcoin evangelist reveals 15 extreme steps for masking your identity A Bitcoin evangelist developed an exhaustive, albeit extremely complicated, list of 15 steps to 'escape the all-seeing eye of corporate America and the government.' In today's all-connected world, it can seem impossible to remain truly anonymous and insulated from being tracked, watched or indexed by the internet or other means This means his device can't keep a record of his location activity, which also prevents apps on the device from slurping up that data too
Vehicular battle royale 'Notmycar' hits Steam on April 5th Play as a roaming weapon of destruction. The battle royale fundamentals are all present in Notmycar: you'll drop from a plane onto an island, race around to pick up guns and gear and fight to be the sole survivor as the playable area shrinks The free game, from Skybound and NMC Studios, arrives on Steam Early Access April 5th
Wall Street is worried that Tesla's going broke yet again Tesla has ambitious plans for the next two years, but once again it's unclear how it will achieve them with the money it has on hand. After two profitable quarters in a row, Tesla is once again in financial trouble US sales saw their worst February since 2015, and even sales in China are contracting But they were not addressed at Thursday's unveiling, and on Friday when the market opened Tesla's stock was down almost 4%
What the Boeing 737 Max Can Teach Us About Self-Driving Cars (And The Dangers Of Machine Learning) The problem lies in how AI-driven machines learn -- and share. We don't yet know exactly what happened with the Boeing 737 Max crashes Self-driving cars have the potential to be much safer than human-driven cars I think we'll see good systems in a matter of years, not decades, that can safely take us from almost any A to almost any B safely and efficiently
Robot valets are parking cars at an airport in France If you plan to fly out of France anytime soon, a robot could park your car. These self-driving, robo-valets look like large, rectangular boxes, about the width of a small SUV They essentially act as a forklift, sliding metal arms underneath your car to lift it by the tires Another test is planned for London's Gatwick airport later this year
We just got a little taste of how complicated things could get for Tesla in China Tesla's talks with Chinese battery maker CATL show that playing in China comes strings attached — strings that cost time and money. So this is a big wildcard since now since Tesla has to qualify another battery manufacturer, Tu Le, founder of consultancy China Auto Insights, told Business Insider He said that if Tesla doesn't ensure that CATL's batteries work exactly like Panasonic's customers will figure it out and opt for the one that works better
Amazon and KIA Team Up for Level 2 EV Battery Home-Charging Stations | Digital Trends Kia Motors announced a new program with Amazon for electric vehicles. Customers planning to purchase a new Kia EV or PHEV can check out recommended Level 2 240-volt home charging stations and arrange installation in their homes. Customers can have home chargers installed before they take delivery of their new cars. It’s just another example of how we’re constantly striving to provide the very best vehicles and customer experience The charging station comes with a 3-year limited warranty Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers
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