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Apple 'black site' facility tough on contract workers: Report The facility mostly houses contractors working on Apple Maps, according to a report. Apple takes stand against some app developers; Amazon invests in self-driving cars Fox Business Briefs: Apple is telling app developers that they need to get user consent before recording their screen time in the app; Amazon is investing over $500,000,000 in a self-driving car technology start-up called Aurora Inovation Workers at the black site facility – a term borrowed from the CIA – reportedly earn about $25 per hour and face steep premiums for health insurance
The Race For The Urban Mobility Soul Of Europe The battle for turf by e-scooters and e-bikes escalates in Europe as newcomers challenge the model for urban mobility both in small and large cities. In a low tech feature, the AppScooter will have more storage space on average than conventional gas-powered scooters with 60 liters/2.2 cubic feet versus an average of 16.6 liters/0.58 cubic feet of storage space The previous wave of Chinese bike sharing companies proved that you cannot just duplicate what you do in the US or in China and make it work in Europe, added Heberah
Lexus UX rocks bespoke tires based on John Elliott's Nike AF1 shoes Tires are just a bit harder to keep clean than sneaks, though. Enlarge Image Don't you dare try to drive this car after Labor Day Well, there's a new collaboration in town, and it's more than just a set of badges The tread has been replaced with a tread that resembles the AF1's, including a metal air valve that resembles the shoes' metal lace tips
Elon Musk says Tesla's 'Dog Mode' could arrive as soon as this week Meanwhile, a separate new update brings additional safety and convenience features. Electrek reports that a new software update this week adds an audible alert alongside Tesla's blind-spot monitoring system The update also adds functionality to the folding mirrors, allowing them to fold automatically every time the vehicle reaches a saved location
Save $100 on the latest iPad, plus video games are ‘buy two, get one free’ at Target These deals are all over the place — in a good way You can no longer purchase it through Amazon directly, though other reputable sellers that ship quickly via Amazon Prime are offering it for around $1,176, which is a bit cheaper than we saw it selling for last week This promotion also loops in unreleased titles like Anthem , Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , and MLB: The Show 19
Samsung's first iTunes-ready TVs are here Samsung's 2019 QLED sets are available, bringing iTunes videos to non-Apple devices in the living room. And if you're the gaming sort, the combination of Auto Game Mode, Game Motion Plus and Freesync support should keep latency, blur and screen tearing to a minimum Pricing is incomplete at the moment, but there are details for Samsung's flagship 8K range
Mars like we've NEVER seen it before! NASA's Curiosity rover sent back the footage from the surface of Mars showing the view from atop the Vera Rubin Ridge. The rover was launched from Cape Canaveral on November 26, 2011. The Mars curiosity rover was initially intended to be a two-year mission to gather information to help answer if the planet could support life, has liquid water, study the climate and the geology of Mars an has since been active for more than 2,000  days The rover was initially intended to be a two-year mission to gather information to help answer if the planet could support life, has liquid water, study the climate and the geology of Mars
Henry VIII's elaborate marriage nest revealed after DNA testing German DNA testing technique firms the oak wood originates from Tudor times. The bed was once dumped in a hotel car park and bought online for £2,000. But Mr Coulson would research his suspicions for the next nine years, during which  various tests were carried out to show the bed dates from the Tudor period as is an original Attempts at dendrochronology, a process to work out its age by examining the rings in the wood, could not yield conclusive results
A Lime scooter accident left Ashanti Jordan in a vegetative state. Now her mother is suing on her behalf. Ashanti Jordan was riding an electric scooter on the street when she was hit by a car in December, leaving her severely injured. The problem, family members say, is that she was following the scooter company's riding instructions. (Photo courtesy of Kelley/Uustal Trial Attorneys) ((Photo courtesy of Kelley/Uustal Trial Attorneys)) By Peter Holley Peter Holley Technology reporter Email Bio Follow February 11 at 12:47 PM Most days, when Ashanti Jordan’s shift at Broward General Medical Center ended, she got a ride home from co-workers In Fort Lauderdale, where e-scooters arrived in November, a series of high-profile accidents has made the devices hugely controversial, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel
Elon Musk's 'reckless' comment about the capabilities of Tesla's Autopilot could put drivers at risk, an analyst says Musk has overstated Autopilot's capabilities, which puts Tesla owners at risk of misusing Autopilot, Sam Abuelsamid told Business Insider. Musk's comments about Autopilot could be dangerous for Tesla owners, said Sam Abuelsamid, a senior research analyst for Navigant Read more: Tesla has booked two straight quarters of profits here are the 5 biggest takeaways from that achievement Tesla launched a new store on Amazon where it's selling iPhone cases, hoodies, and mugs Tesla is shutting down its popular referral program and some owners are not happy about it I've driven every Tesla model you can buy
NYPD demands Google remove Waze app checkpoint feature The Google Waze app is putting officers’ lives at risk, said Blue Lives Matter NYC President Joe Imperatrice. Ticker Security Last Change %Chg GOOGL ALPHABET INC What about the individuals that are wanted for murder, robbery, rape, just stole that car, said Imperatrice to FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Monday There are 100 million drivers using Waze, according to the app’s website
C2A raises $6.5M for its in-car cybersecurity platform Cars are now essentially computers on wheels — and like every computer, they are susceptible to attacks. It’s no surprise then that there’s a growing number of startups that are working to protect a car’s internal systems from these hacks, especially given that the market fo… It’s no surprise then that there’s a growing number of startups that are working to protect a car’s internal systems from these hacks, especially given that the market for automotive cybersecurity could be worth over $900 billion by 2026 Sadly, C2A does not currently talk about who its customers are Maniv’s expertise in autotech and strong network across the industry coupled with ICV’s rich experience in cybersecurity brings the perfect combination of skills to the table
Apple Face ID, Touch ID Could Let Motorists Unlock a Car | Digital Trends Recent patent filings suggest Apple wants its Touch ID and Face ID technologies to spread across the automotive industry. The company outlined how motorists could use their finger or their face to unlock their car, and even make in-car purchases. It hasn't made a firm commitment to bring the technology to production. It would also make driving more convenient for motorists who share a car Cars are a logical first step, especially as carsharing programs pick up steam in the United States and abroad Buyers in select markets (including the United States) will soon find the feature on the list of extra-cost options