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Optoma NuForce Be Live5 review Bluetooth earbuds you can believe in It’s also where the USB Type connector is for charging Optoma’s eight-hour battery doesn’t quite compete with some competitors, such as the RHA MA390 Wireless (12 hours) or Optoma’s own NuForce BE Sport4 (10 hours), but it’s by no means poor Image credits: TechRadar The best wireless headphones 2019: our pick of the best ways to cut the cord
GTA Online UPDATE: Take-Two to continue updating Grand Theft Auto Online on PS4, Xbox One GTA Online will continue to have love and support poured into it by publisher Take-Two, it has been revealed. According to a report by MarketWatch, GTA5 has sold more than 90 million copies since its release, making it the most financially successful media title of all time Some of the updates are based around a particular holiday or significant date So it’s good to know, even though Red Dead Online is doing well, they won’t be giving up on GTA Online just yet
We're one step closer to unified wireless charging standard for EVs It could make WiTricity the industry standard for cord-free EV power. It quickly struck up licensing agreements with Toyota and GM supplier Delphi, while its investors also include Foxconn and Intel's venture capital arm By unifying its rival's passive charging platform with its own, WiTricity will be hoping to speed past the test phase toward mainstream adoption
Everything you need to know about Tesla's new Roadster Our Tesla reporters are here to explain the most important things to know about the automaker's upcoming second-generation Roadster. Who cares?! Nobody buys a supercar for long-distance driving If they do sell any they can pretty much name their price To the internet's amusement Musk has already declared the car will be have an optional Rocket Boosters package courtesy of SpaceX that will be capable of allowing it to hover
Google and Microsoft warn investors that bad AI could harm their brand When algorithms go wrong, no-one is happy Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge For companies like Google and Microsoft, artificial intelligence is a huge part of their future, offering ways to enhance existing products and create whole new revenue streams The idea of the risk factors segment is to keep investors informed, but also mitigate future lawsuits that might accuse management of hiding potential problems
'GTA Online' cheat creator ordered to pay $150,000 in damages A court has ordered creator of a 'Grand Theft Auto Online' cheat to pay $150,000 as punishment. A court has ordered Florida resident Jhonny Perez to pay $150,000 in damages (and $66,869 in attorney fees) for creating and sharing Elusive, a paid cheating tool for GTA Online that allowed infinite money and other cheats Take-Two filed for the judgment after it didn't get a response Critics have accused publishers of abusing lawsuits, exaggerating the damage done to knock cheat developers out of commission and intimidate others
San Francisco, already flush with cash, is about to get a new influx of millionaires Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Slack are among San Francisco's high-growth tech companies that are prepping for IPOs, potentially this year. People want to sell ahead of the IPO because they want to buy a house There is absolutely a certain density and concentration of interest and talent and resources to build a company here, Byunn said You go into a trendy restaurant and three-quarters of the conversations in the restaurant are about technology and start-ups
UK Daily Deals: 2 Month Xbox Game Pass for £1, £250 off Samsung 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV, Free 3 PureVPN for £2.25 per month, 12 month Xbox Live Gold Membership for £32.97, 60% off Bitdefender antivirus. The 100% cashback up to £15 at GAME offer end date is 25/02/2018 23:59 There's a lot of anticipation for the new Samsung flagship phone this year, with S10 likely to be unveiled on 20th February, even though not much has been officially confirmed yet Resident Evil 2/ Biohazard RE2 Deluxe Edition (PC) at SCDKey - was £54.27 , now £33.29 or £31.96 w/ code IGN4
Detroit’s Latest Offering: Big Pickups at Bigger Prices Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler have in recent years introduced trucks at price points well into luxury-vehicle territory, offering plusher interiors, more powerful engines and premium options.
Elon Musk said a Tesla 'dog mode' is rolling out this week, and it might stop pooches from overheating in cars A fan tweeted at Elon Musk in October asking for a Tesla dog mode, which keeps the AC on and plays music. Now, four months later, Musk says the update is ready to launch The American Veterinary Medical Association says hundreds of pets die every year from heat exhaustion because they are left in parked vehicles It said the temperature inside a car can rise almost 20 degrees in just 10 minutes Business Insider contacted Tesla for further detail
Why Korean auto industry falling behind rivals? They noted that struggling carmakers have contributed to the country's falling exports, the main growth engine for Asia's fourth-largest economy The industry has moved onto EVs and SUVs, but domestic carmakers were slow in responding to the trend This led companies to lose their competitiveness in productivity and let other countries edge out Korea
Uber's Bikesharing Service Is Eating Into Its Regular Business | Digital Trends A bikesharing service acquired by Uber nearly a year ago is causing riders to take fewer car journeys with the company. It is, however, part of the plan as Uber looks to offer an urban mobility platform that offers an array of integrated transportation options via the Uber app. Data showed Jump rides beginning to replace Uber trips, with car trips decreasing by 10 percent while overall trip frequency of Jump + Uber increased by 15 percent after riders’ first Jump ride, Rzepecki said, adding, This entire increase can be attributed to the use of e-bikes
Amazon Invests In Potential Tesla Self-Driving Technology Competitor Amazon has invested in Aurora Innovation Inc., a company currently developing its own self-driving vehicle technology. So far, it remains unknown if the company is interested in building a self-driving car of its own or making an OS software for these cars, similar to Google’s Android OS for smartphones Pictured: A picture taken on February 5, 2019 shows the Amazon logo displayed on a tablet in Paris