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'Zero Electric Police Motorcycle Curbs a Telsa Model S | Digital Trends A powerful and quiet Zero DS electric motorcycle police edition pulled over an also silent and fast Telsa Model 3 in a Bay Area city recently. Zero's electric motorcycles require no drivetrain maintenance and fuel costs are a fraction of gas-powered motorcycles, both big pluses for police department budgets. Big… Posted by Zero Motorcycles on Saturday, December 29, 2018 Zero Motorcycles sells police fleet editions of its Zero FX and Zero DSR motorcycles The Fremont PD pilot goals include determining real-world durability, range, performance, and costs
Startup names may have passed peak weirdness For years, decades even, startup names have been getting weirder. This isn’t a scientific verdict, but it is how things have seemed to someone who spends a lot of hours perusing this stuff. Crunchbase News also created its own fictional startup drone chicken delivery startup Internet of Wings in an explainer series on startup funding We also tried to limit the lists, where possible to companies founded in the past three years, although there were occasional exceptions
Turning Vinyl Albums Into Digital Files Has Never Been Simpler Thanks To Denon's New Turntable Two new vinyl turntables from Denon provide playback of records at three speeds and they'll work with almost any audio system. The Denon DP-450USB has a front-mounted USB port for transferring favorite records to digital format for playback on any digital audio device. Both new Denon turntables feature a switchable phono stage so they can work with amplifiers or audio units that don't have a dedicated phono preamp.Denon The newly engineered precision S-shaped tonearm has been designed to reduce distortion and is fitted with a moving magnet cartridge on a removable headshell
The Early Winner Of The Presidential Election? Stripe Candidates like Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul are using Stripe, a San Francisco payments platform, to power their donation websites. Collison said that by using Stripe, campaigns can avoid hiring employees to handle payments and donations Some people ask me why I came to America, he tweeted on July 4 in a message that included a picture of presidential candidate Perry riding a motorcycle in front of a U.S. flag silhouette John Collison (@collision) July 4, 2015
Amazon cuts prices on Garmin Forerunner, Vivoactive, and Fenix 5X | Digital Trends If you're looking for a dependable wearable with a fitness focus, a Garmin smartwatch is an excellent choice. Built-in GPS, activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and vibration alerts come with most of the popular models -- all of which are being discounted right now. Normally priced at $300, a $60 discount from Amazon drops the price down to just $240 for a limited time We actually liked this rugged watch so much that we gave it a near-perfect 9 out 10 in our hands-on review Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers
Everyone who thinks Tesla is a tech company is completely wrong — Tesla should aspire to be Honda Tesla's other lines of business — solar, batteries — suggest an affinity with a wildly successful carmaker that also manufacturers other stuff: Honda. But Honda has been manufacturing motorcycles and scooters since the 1940s, and any suburbanite knows the company produces lawn mowers and snowblowers At a more serious level, Honda has enjoyed decades of success by putting an engineering-heavy culture into practice
The Morning After: Speak & Spell's return Also back in the rotation: Angelfire and FrontPage. Thanks 'Captain Marvel.' Hey, good morning! You look fabulous Fire up the ColdFusion, Geocities is back.The 'Captain Marvel' site revisits classic 90s web design If you remember web browsing in the days of 28.8 dial-up and web rings then the official Captain Marvel site will be an unexpected treat
Cupra Ateca review: is this the future of the hot hatch? The white Cupra Ateca sits outside, ready to go back to its maker. The white Cupra Ateca sits outside, ready to go back to its maker (No, don’t worry, it’s not being sent off to the scrapheap – just being collected by a friendly chap called Dave so that it can be cleaned and sent back out to another motoring hack) It’s the first day since it arrived that there hasn’t been snow on the ground
The next big challenge for Google’s A.I. is a card game you’ve never heard of | Digital Trends DeepMind, the Alphabet-owned deep learning company, has previously built machines that can master games like Go. What does it think is the next big frontier for machine intelligence? Mastering a cooperative card game about fireworks, called Hanabi. Here's why it's such a challenge. In Hanabi, players must communicate with each other to find out which cards they should play and which they should discard This will require capabilities such as understanding intent and point of view of others, and adapting to their approach Inspiring innovation is the main motivation for this benchmark, so in some sense it would be a great success to be proven wrong
Elon Musk announces 'dog mode' in Teslas to protect pooches from overheating ELON Musk’s Tesla cars will have a “dog mode” to protect pet pooches from overheating. The billionaire entrepreneur announced that the new programme would be rolled out to his fle… This already prevents temperatures inside the car from reaching unsafe levels when kids or pets are inside And it is rumoured the car will play loud classical music through the stereo system to draw attention to the intruder - and hopefully scare them off
Tesla's delivery team said to be gutted in recent job cuts Some 150 employees out of a team of about 230 were let go in January at the Las Vegas facility that gets tens of thousands of Model 3s into the hands of U.S. and Canadian buyers, two of the laid-off workers said. Mason Trinca | The Washington Post | Getty Images A Tesla Model 3 is seen in the general assembly line at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, on Thursday, July 26, 2018 Tesla workers around the company were reassigned to pitch in, that source said
Self-Driving Vehicles Will Change The World In Some Unexpected Ways What are some unexpected ways self-driving vehicles will change the world? This question was originally answered on Quora by Gary Shapiro. Answer by Gary Shapiro, President and CEO at Consumer Technology Association, on Quora: Vehicle accidents claim more than 37,000 lives every year in the United State alone Think of all the other things you can do in the car if you’re not focused on driving Technology: How can businesses best position themselves to succeed in today's tech revolution