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Lexus ES could give German rivals a fright with a tricky suspension system VINCENT VAN GOGH, the poor sod. The man lived a life of abject misery — rejected by women, scrimping a living, eventually lopping off his lughole because, as they say, he was “in a bad place”. Now … The man lived a life of abject misery rejected by women, scrimping a living, eventually lopping off his lughole because, as they say, he was in a bad place Build quality is faultless and it’s comfier than a suite at the Four Seasons At high speeds it is floaty, making cornering nervy, while the steer-by-wire system gives all the feedback of a sedated sloth
CES roundup: All the best tech from the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 With CES now over here's a look back at some of the best stuff we saw Although I think you'd struggle to define a lot of the products sold as legitimate robots Read More CES 2019 Hyundai reveals WALKING car concept Ring's new doorbell Smart mirror helps avoid hair disaster Technology to cool your head
CES 2019: Add Futuristic AR to Your Bike Helmet with Argon Transform | Digital Trends Singapore-based startup Whyre have a simple way to make any bike helmet smart, using an attachment which can overlay AR information on a helmet's visor. They showed off the Argon Transform at CES 2019 this year -- a dual-camera system with one camera on the back of a helmet and one on the front. Motorbike riders have been clamoring for an augmented reality (AR) enabled bike helmet for years, hence the long-running and infamous Skully debacle The image is semi-transparent so it doesn’t block the view of real-world objects, and it can display information like a rear-view camera feed, a visual map and audio navigation system, a virtual speedometer, caller ID, and the time
The head of Daimler Trucks, one of the biggest truck makers in the world, reveals what he really thinks about Tesla's semi Daimler Trucks CEO Martin Daum said that while he takes all competition seriously, Tesla will have a tough time cracking the truck manufacturing business. In the North American market which includes the United States, Mexico, and Canada the company sold 176,000 trucks last year Read more: Mercedes-Benz showed off a bizarre-looking, self-driving concept car at CES that hints at how the company may be planning to cash in on autonomous tech The 20 coolest vehicles we saw at CES Get the latest Tesla stock price here
All the big HDMI 2.1 news from CES 2019 The latest on the high-bandwidth, 8K-friendly successor to everybody's favorite AV connection. What 8K content that's out there you'll only be able to get via the web requiring a change from electrons to photons and back again, they likely wouldn't need any external power Tweet at him @TechWriterGeoff, then check out his travel photography on Instagram He also thinks you should check out his best-selling sci-fi novel and its sequel
CES 2019: Futuristic Mask Filters out Air Pollution for Cyclists and Runners | Digital Trends A big concern for cyclists in urban environments is staying safe, not only from car crashes but also from airborne pollutants. A cycling mask shown off at CES 2019 could help combat this problem by filtering out air pollution like toxic particles and diesel to keep cyclists' lungs clear as they ride. For reference, a grain of sand is about 90 microns in size, a human hair is 50-70 microns, dust and pollen particles are 10 microns, fine particles caught by conventional masks as 0.4 microns, and the R-Pur mask filters all the way down to nanoparticles of 0.04 microns
These are the weirdest products of CES 2019 Deep in the corners of CES lurk mind-bending products that sharply stand out from a sea of TVs. Published: January 11, 2019 Caption: Kent German Photo: SonyRead the article 10 of 26 Sphero Specdrums The Specdrum is a musical motion-enabled Bluetooth ring that lets you play musical notes on just about anything based on the color that you touch
When you’re the only company at CES from your country China has over 1,200 companies at CES. Saudi Arabia has one. They assume I'm a tourist cause it's shocking to them people wanting to repatriate, he said Born in India, he's been affiliated with the Art of Living Foundation -- the non-profit organization led by spiritual guru Ravi Shankar -- for nearly two decades With his flowing hair, the CEO strikes an unusual figure among the glitz and gambling of Vegas Follow all the latest news from CES 2019 here!
2019 Detroit Auto Show preview: Explorer, GT500, Supra and more From electrified concepts to the long-awaited return of the Toyota Supra, here's what to expect at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Enlarge Image The LC Convertible looks awesome, and those 22-inch wheels are dope In business news, Volkswagen is expected to announce an alliance with the Ford Motor Company at the Detroit show, possibly sharing electrification and autonomous driving development efforts
Everyone is biased, including you: the play designed by neuroscientists We all cling to beliefs despite the evidence. Immersive theatre experience The Justice Syndicate aims to show why It’s her word against his, says a middle-aged male juror in thick-rimmed glasses The software on which it runs also gathers research data, tracking how consistent participants are when asked three times during the piece which way they are leaning, and how long they view pieces of evidence for
These are the 5 best Amazon deals of the weekend Weekends are the best time to shop and save. Right now, it's on sale for just under $20, so if you live where it's cold, have a pet that can never seem to get cozy enough, or just want to spoil your fluffy friend, we highly recommend this adorable bed Prices are accurate at the time this article was published,  but may change over time
Utah Teen Drove Blindfolded For 'Bird Box Challenge', Why You Should Not Here is what the Layton, Utah, police described as the "predictable result." This emerged from the Netflix movie Bird Box  in which the characters had to travel through treacherous terrain while blindfolded, searching for their destination while trying evade creatures and low ratings Don't text, don't play games, don't drink alcohol, and, for Pete's and everyone else's sake, keep your eyes on the road
The best portable mini projector By Daniel Varghese and Adrienne Maxwell This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editori... Considering that other projectors we tested from AAXA and LG sounded compressed and actively unpleasant, we don't think the shortcomings of the Mars II are a big dealespecially since you can easily connect external speakers via a 3.5 mm input or Bluetooth
CES 2019 — Google v. Alexa, Samsung & LG top winners Much of what people were buzzing about at the gadget extravaganza were actually introduced at last year's show. Still, we were wowed by TVs, little else. People are captured by FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared) HD Thermal Imaging Cameras as they walk near the FLIR exhibit (Photo: Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY) Jolly: Lenovo Smart Clock Verizon says the challenge is open to venture-funded companies, bootstrapped startups, non-profits, educators, and yes, creative individuals
A revolutionary drug that could treat a rare and devastating disease is prohibitively expensive. But one state has a plan to pay for its potential $5 million price tag. A one-time treatment for a devastating rare disease could be paid for with an installment plan in Massachusetts. That could set a roadmap for the US. In Massachusetts, only one or two dozen patients are expected each year at most, according to Trusheim Additional reporting by Lydia Ramsey Read more about pharmaceutical innovation: The CEO of $230 billion pharma giant Novartis explains why he's not scared of buying biotechs at an earlier and riskier stage Big drugmakers are sitting on billions of cash and top pharma executives are hinting about big M&A to come in 2019 One of the biggest drugmakers in the world thinks it has 26 billion-dollar drugs in the pipeline here's what they aim to treat
The top 10 products of CES 2019 CNET has searched CES to find the most amazing products of the show. From a rollable TV to a solar and heat powered watch, here's what we loved. Published: January 10, 2019 Caption: CNET staff Photo: Sarah Tew/CNETRead the article 5 of 10 Best Beauty Tech: P&G Opté Precision Skincare System The Opté Precision Wand scans your face with a tiny camera at 200 frames per second and detects darkness like sunspots, freckles or moles
8K TVs show the tech industry indulging in a bad habit One of the bigger developments in TV tech at CES, 8K televisions, shows the downside of focusing on what you can build instead of what you should. Icaros says their products Combines fitness with virtual reality and enables users to fly, dive or drive through virtual worlds while improving fitnes Two, you will need a very large screen to see that extra resolution That’s worth applauding far more than the debut of a budget-busting lineup of TVs To submit a tech question, e-mail Rob at
Verizon Gaming To Port 'Red Dead Redemption 2,' 'God Of War' Outside Consoles? Verizon is currently developing Verizon Gaming, which somehow has PS4 exclusives as part of its starting game lineup. Currently, it’s been a long trend in the video gaming community for players to ask for exclusives to be released on specific platforms The annual Mobile World Congress hosts some of the world's largest communications companies, with many unveiling their latest phones and wearables gadgets
Packs of robot DOGS could soon deliver packages at your doorstep Continental unveiled a concept delivery system at the CES in Las Vegas that imagines four-legged robot dogs hopping out of driverless delivery vans to ferry packages straight to your doorstep. It summons an elevator by extending one of its articulated arms and pressing a button Atlas is capable of    Standing up after falling over Running Balancing on a narrow beam Cleaning, including vacuuming and sweeping Karate kick Throwing a paper aeroplane
PS5 Release Date News: PlayStation 5 graphics revealed by Sony's new 8K TV using PS4 game? THE PLAYSTATION 5 release date is unlikely to be 2019, but Sony may have once again revealed some spectacular new 8K graphics using one of its most beloved games. And once again, not for the first time, it involves PS4 racing exclusive, Gran Turismo Sport In Toyko however, it wasn't a 98in TV, but something much much bigger We certainly can't wait to see what else they're cooking and how this might impact the state of graphics on the PS5 moving forward
Elon Musk's rocket company SpaceX cuts one tenth of workforce Company cites ‘extraordinarily difficult times ahead’ behind decision to slash about 600 employees SpaceX’s Starlink program is competing with OneWeb and Canada’s Telesat to be the first to market with a new satellite-based internet service Another Elon Musk company, electric car maker Tesla Inc., said in June it was cutting 9% of its workforce by removing several thousand jobs across the company in cost reduction measures
3 Insights For The CTO Building The Telecoms Network Of The Future The telecommunications industry has played a significant role in the evolution of apps everywhere, altering both developer and consumer behaviors and expectations. Discover the three things every visionary CTO should consider when working with AI and accelerated computing in telecommunications. Even the best operation professionals can’t contemplate the number of simultaneous variables present in today’s networks, especially in SDN/VNF environments Get up and running quickly and reduce the complexity typically associated with setting up software