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Nissan executive resigns amid investigation of ex-Chairman Ghosn Nissan Chief Performance Officer Jose Munoz has resigned — the first high-profile departure at the Japanese automaker that's been publicly acknowledged as related to the arrest of former Chairman Carlos Ghosn. Munoz, a Spaniard who oversaw Nissan's global strategies, worked for Nissan for 14 years I love the company, my talented co-workers and Nissan's industry-leading dealers, he said In Japan, suspects are routinely held for months until their trials start
Tesla CEO Elon Musk Announces Cheapest Model S And X Won't Be Available Anymore Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces that the 75 kWh versions of Model S and X will be discontinued and cannot be availed anymore after Jan. 13. The higher 100 kWh versions of Model S & X costs around $94,000 and $97,000 respectively at the moment Pictured: Visitors look at a Model X car of electric-carmaker Tesla Motors at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai on November 6, 2018
Ford reveals 'docking station' technology American car maker Ford is developing a ‘docking station’ which will allow a pushchair to be loaded straight into a vehicle without needing to collapse it. Ford says the pushchair could be mounted instead of the front passenger seat so ‘the child is located within reach of the driver’, but it could also be mounted in the rear Patent applications are intended to protect new ideas but aren’t necessarily an indication of new business or product plans.’
BMW has tried to fix caravans BMW’s new concept should be music to the eyes and ears of anyone who has been stuck behind a caravan on a B road. The trend in motoring for ever bigger cars has been accompanied by an ability to pull larger loads, and as such, caravans have become even bigger fibreglass behemoths.Now though, BMW’s Designworks team have collaborated with American outdoor enthusiasts The North Face to redesign the traditional home on wheels.
Boom boxes, mixtapes and instant cameras as hot new tech? Yes, it's actually 2019 Why were so many boom boxes straight out of the '80s everywhere? Turns out some of the most popular new tech launching this year isn’t so new at all. So why then, I wondered as I trekked through the seemingly endless halls packed with every gadget imaginable at this year's CES, were there so many boom boxes straight out of the '80s everywhere E-scooters are everywhere, and now skateboards, which have been waiting for a resurgence since reaching a peak in the mid-'70s, are getting in on the action, too SMITH, EPA-EFE Fullscreen Last SlideNext Slide
Look forward to your morning commute with one of the best ebikes available A capable electric bike is perfect for a daily commute or trek along the trailhead, with some models offering pedal assistance and a long-range battery. But how do you know what's best in an increasingly crowded field? From Specialized to Giant, these are the best electric bikes currently available. While falling gas prices have temporarily halted years of gains in the number of bicycle commuters, more and more of us are using the bicycle to get around The lithium-ion battery provides enough juice to give the bike a range of up to 80 miles between recharges, making it a great option for daily commuters
Looking for an interesting case for your device? CES 2019 has you covered We saw lots of tempting phone accessories at CES 2019 and some of our favorites were cases for both phones and tablets. Here's a rundown of our picks of the bunch, from Speck, Incipio, and others. It's always a smart move to protect your devices from damage with a decent case. We didn’t see many phones at CES 2019, but there was certainly no shortage of mobile accessories The case is Otterbox’s Symmetry series which offers plenty of protection Incipio Aerolite ($35) One of our favorite case makers unveiled a whole new line at CES this year They’re also very lightweight and they look fantastic
After the Smartphone: The Race for the Next Big Thing Venture-capital investors are spraying money into fields like virtual reality, smart watches and even implants in the brain. The glasses, released last fall, can display directions, texts and other simple displays by beaming hologram-like images into eyes Much of Silicon Valley is obsessed with the autonomous car’s potential as a digital platform is trying to build an autonomous car from the ground upone that might not include a steering wheel
GM is transforming Cadillac into an electric brand General Motors is turning Cadillac into its lead electric vehicle brand in a bid to compete against Tesla as well as a host of other automakers bringing EVs onto the market. Plans are already underway to introduce the first model from the company’s new battery electric vehicle architecture, G… General Motors is turning Cadillac into its lead electric vehicle brand in a bid to compete against Tesla as well as a host of other automakers bringing EVs onto the market GM said this new BEV architecture will be the foundation for an advanced family of profitable EVs, a  word choice  likely meant to express the automaker’s conviction to offer up true competition in the EV world, which has been dominated by Tesla on the luxury side and Nissan in terms of pure volume sales The Bolt appears destined to continue, at least for now
Top Nissan Executive José Muñoz Resigns One of Nissan Motor Co.’s top executives, José Muñoz, has resigned, the first shake-up of the Japanese auto maker’s top management since the arrest of former Chairman Carlos Ghosn. Mr. Muñoz, who went on a leave of absence a week ago, was a close ally of Mr. Ghosn and oversaw business strategy for Nissan’s seven regional and business units and had direct oversight of the company’s China operations Related Nissan’s José Muñoz to Take Leave of Absence (Jan 4.) Ghosn’s U.S. Push Irked Nissan Executives (Dec
Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2019 Review | Nathan Ponchard road tests the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, assessing the performance SUV for its power, economy, handling, features, space, comfort and value Same goes for the seating quality in its tombstone-like 18-way sports front buckets In all instances, the twin-turbo V8 requires 98-octane premium fuel Any laziness is rewarded with an embarrassing dose of neutral I can't afford to buy such a vehicle, but thanks for putting me in the driver's seat, just f ...VIEW ALL
SsangYong Tivoli 2019 new car review With a little more time, the Tivoli could make a big impact CarReview - MORE x What do you get for your money The ELX adds dual-zone climate control, roof rails, tinted glass and HID headlights And the low position might not be high enough for those after a commanding high SUV type outlook Wait for the upgrade, as it's likely ...VIEW ALL