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CES 2019: Autonomous Shuttles Will Still Need Human Help | Digital Trends Autonomous shuttles could become the first widespread, real-world application of level-five autonomous technology. They won't be entirely human-less, though. Mike Mansuetti, the head of Bosch's North American division, predicts, human intervention could keep the shuttles safe and boost consumer acceptance. PreviousNext 1 of 7 Ronan Glon/Digital Trends Ronan Glon/Digital Trends Ronan Glon/Digital Trends Ronan Glon/Digital Trends Ronan Glon/Digital Trends Ronan Glon/Digital Trends Ronan Glon/Digital Trends CES wouldn’t be complete without a diverse catalog of autonomous shuttles presented as the next breakthrough in public and private transportation And, if you choose to ride alone, you can decide whether you want to sleep, party, work, watch a movie, or all four during various stages of the trip
CES 2019: Google vs. Amazon, who won? Google is seemingly everywhere at CES 2019, but Amazon put Alexa into more products. From connected bicycles, pianos and toilets to cars & even glasses. People are captured by FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared) HD Thermal Imaging Cameras as they walk near the FLIR exhibit But even with the smaller physical presence, Amazon won the CES bragging rights, by just having more products from more companies available for Alexa, he says
Daily Deals: Alienware GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming PC for $1399, RTX 2080 Ti for $1899 20% off Like New Video Game Hardware at Amazon Warehouse (HTC Vive Complete VR Bundle for $390), 2018 Model TCL 50" 4K Roku Smart TV for $319, 20% off LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, 45% off Valkyria Chronicles 4 Collector's Edition for Switch, and More. This edition includes a Hafen Tank statue, 100-page artwork, and DLC Udemy is one of the largest online course sites in the world, and there are tons of courses on relevant topics like computer programming, game design and development, tutorials on Photoshop, Maya, Premiere, and more
Founder Of Ocean Cleanup Vows Return, Says Failure Talk Is 'Rubbish' Dutch inventor Boyan Slat says The Ocean Cleanup will regroup in Hawaii, fix problems with its device, and get back to plans of cleaning 90 percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by 2040. Slat said they didn't get that far when the end section broke off a lot of them are entrepreneurs and technologists themselves as well and familiar with iterative development processes A lot of the elements of the concept, we were able to be confirm We just have to clean slightly faster, maybe, he quipped
The latest threat from the government shutdown: More robo-calls Robo-calls from telemarketers, scam artists and debt collectors already assault Americans' phones at all hours of the day -- and the government shutdown threatens to make the problem even worse. (Getty Images/iStock) By Tony Romm Tony Romm Staff writer covering technology policy Email Bio Follow January 11 at 12:17 PM Robo-calls keep ringing and ringing Americans' phones and the government shutdown could make the never-ending assault even worse But she couldn’t reach anyone at the FTC because of the shutdown
Valley of the Boom mashes up fact and fantasy of dot-com disaster National Geographic's drama/documentary about 1990s Silicon Valley might overload your bandwidth. On the other hand, Valley of the Boom goes further in blurring the line between fact and fantasy The fourth wall gets completely demolished by Lamorne Morris from New Girl Culture: Your hub for everything from film and television to music, comics, toys and sports 2019 movies to geek out over 74 Photos
The U.S. continues to hammer Chinese tech It’s another week, and another bevy of hits on Chinese tech by the U.S. government. Let’s get up to speed, plus a request for startup lawyer recommendations. TechCrunch is experimenting with new content forms. This is a rough draft of something new — provide your feedback directly to the author (Da… TechCrunch is experimenting with new content forms The ban is not yet law, as final action has been put off until this year Reading docket What I’m reading (or at least, trying to read) The Planet Remade by Oliver Morton and Networks of New York by Ingrid Burrington
Britain's most dangerous road junctions - the places where pedestrians are most at risk PEDESTRIANS are among the most vulnerable road users in the UK, with thousands involved in traffic collisions each year. And the junctions where they are most at risk around the country have now be… Tragically, one person died in May at the Tooting crossing Outside of London, the junction near Nottingham's Victoria Centre saw five injury-causing incidents, as did the junction of Elizabeth Street and Everest Lane in Corby, Northamptonshire The problem of impaired pedestrians seem to be growing so extra care is needed around people who maybe drunk or tired
Do you own an old Ford Mondeo? The 'future classics' that could one day be worth a small fortune EVERYDAY cars are quickly developing reputations as “future classics” tipped to skyrocket in value, experts have revealed. Ford, Renault and Audi lead the list of older cars priced from… Alfa Romeo's 147 GTA, released in 2004, could also prove popular among collectors as there were only 5,000 released worldwide And it might look your typical family car, but the Volvo 850R 2.3 is something to keep your hands on But there’ll always be nostalgia for everything retro
Massive drone could be flying you home from the pub in just a few years Bell Helicopter launched its new passenger drone at CES 2019 and it blew everyone away Inside the drone has seating for four passengers and a pilot A demo on the stand showed the propellers spinning up - at low speeds - and how they can be rotated to direct the craft Read More CES 2019 Hyundai reveals WALKING car concept Ring's new doorbell Smart mirror helps avoid hair disaster Technology to cool your head
PlayStation is launching a limited edition console - and you can get it for free With a price tag of £449.99, the special translucent dark blue console has an illuminated interior - and you could get one to keep Whether you've been there since day one with the original PlayStation, joined in on the PS2 era, spent long car journeys glued to your PSP, or started off your gaming life with the PS3, PS Vita or even PS4, the world of PlayStation has been entertaining us since 1994 3) This competition is open to UK mainland residents only
Cadillac will lead General Motors’ push into an electric future The first model will feature GM’s all-new battery electric vehicle architecture. Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Cadillac will become the leading electric vehicle brand of General Motors, the company announced on Friday The flexible platform will provide a broad array of body styles and will be offered in front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel configurations, the automaker said
Lexus LC Convertible Concept Debuts Ahead of 2019 Detroit Auto Show | Digital Trends Debuting in January at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, the Lexus LC convertible concept adds open-air motoring to the sleek LC's resume. But Lexus won't commit to a production version of the car just yet. Lexus hasn't sold a convertible since the IS C went out of production in 2015. A production version of the LC convertible concept would essentially take the place of the Lexus SC 430, which went out of production in 2010 It will share the limelight with, among other things, the Toyota Supra, the highly anticipated sports car from Lexus’ sibling brand
CES 2019: from beer tech to a banned sex toy – 10 standout gadgets Also unveiled in Las Vegas: the world’s first rollable TV and Alexa for your toilet Walking car Hyundai says its Elevate walking car could be the perfect go-anywhere emergency response vehicle All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that Skimlinks cookies will be set