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CES 2019: Riding a self-driving Lyft car made me giddier than I have any right to be Here's what it's like to be a passenger in an autonomous car. All the cool car stuff at CES 2019 56 Photos The ride Vernon, our driver/not-driver, sits in the driver's seat, his hands always resting on or near the steering wheel Samsung Galaxy S10 News • Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors: Feb. 20 launch, 5G talk at CES 2019 and everything we know about specs, features and price
Ford is shutting down its Chariot shuttle service Ford is shutting down Chariot, the shuttle startup that it purchased just two years ago that was supposed to be a part of the automaker’s fresh effort to move beyond the traditional business of buying and selling cars. Chariot will end service on commuter routes in the UK on January 25, accor… A post in August by Streetsblog noted that Chariots shuttles in New York were empty most of the time, according to data provided by the company and evaluated by transit analyst Eric Goldwyn That strategy, which has evolved over time, involves increasing connectivity (and the services that come with that feature) in its cars, developing autonomous vehicle technology, and using big data collected from sensors in cars to learn more about how people travel, and launching Ford Smart Mobility, a private subsidiary tasked with investing in and building out transportation services, including car-sharing and ride-hailing
Activision Appoints New President The promotion comes after working with Activision for nearly 15 years. Other new appointments include former CFO and SCO Humam Sakhnini overseeing Candy Crush maker King Digital as president With these proven, principled leaders at the helm, we will continue to invest in the strategic growth drivers of our business In other Activision news, the publisher and Bungie officially split ways, with Bungie maintaining publishing rights to Destiny
Jaguar Land Rover is cutting 4,500 jobs Jaguar Land Rover has announced it needs to find 4,500 redundancies as part of its plan to save £2.5 billion over 18 months. The aim is to reverse its recent slip into loss from a profit the year before.That's in addition to the 1,500 job cuts announced last year. Most of the redundancies are going to be in the UK, so the company will be losing more than one in 10 of its people here.
U.S. gadget love forecast to grow despite trust issues The U.S. tech industry is weathering a crisis of confidence over data protection and a difficult geopolitical situation, with record sales expected in 2019, organizers of the Consumer Electronics Show said. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) predicted that U.S. retail revenue in the sector would climb to a record high… President Trump's motives are appropriate but his tactics are inappropriate The trade event features 4,500 exhibitors across 2.75 million square feet (250,000 square meters) of exhibit space showcasing artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart homes, smart cities, sports gadgets and other cutting-edge devices But if you're talking about someone's medical history, that's very important
You’re buying more Rolls-Royces than ever before Rolls-Royce is 115 years old, and has never been hotter than it is right now. Okay, those aren’t Rolls-Royce’s exact words, but that’s the gist of the news from its Goodwood headquarters today. The sales results for 2018 are in, and they’re healthy. Very healthy.
Opinion: Video Games Have a Dead Football Player Problem My heart tells me there’s something wrong with the way we’re treating sports in video games. It exists at the perfect junction of accessibility, depth, realism, and fun Its legacy is so well regarded that decades after launch, unlicensed cartridge versions with updated NFL player and team rosters are still released annually And we now clearly understand that the men who play it professionally do so at their peril Until something changes, I have plenty of other games to play
Nissan’s new Leaf E+ is packing more than just 226 miles of range Electric vehicle competition is heating up and it’s pushing some of the first entrants to add range and other features in hopes of keeping up with automakers that are just bringing EVs to the market. Nissan has been in this EV game for nearly nine years now. The company has sold more than 380… The system can also help the driver steer and keep the vehicle centered in its lane This thin film transistor display features smartphone-like operation including swiping, scrolling and tapping The big story here of course, is the increased range and power U.S. sales are expected to begin in the spring of 2019, and European sales will start in mid-2019
Ford’s on-demand bus service Chariot is going out of business The on-demand bus service will cease operation February 1st. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the news to The Verge In 2017, Chariot featured prominently in Ford’s presentations at both CES and the Detroit Auto Show (A spokesperson for the automaker declined comment.) Last month, the company acquired Spin, an electric scooter sharing service
Mackenzie Bezos deserves half of Jeff Bezos fortune because there would be no Amazon without her MacKenzie Bezos was there from Day 1 helping to build and conceptualize what became Amazon. But there's another reason she deserves half of the $137 billion Amazon fortune. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos created the world's most valuable company during the 25 years he was married to MacKenzie Bezos MacKenzie was part of Amazon's early team, helping to come up with the name and serving as its first accountant MacKenzie drove while Bezos punched out a business plan and revenue projections in the passenger seat
Can Elon Musk Actually Make A Flying Tesla Car? Elon Musk turned a few heads on Twitter yesterday, January 9 when he claimed that an upcoming Tesla car might have the ability to fly. But is such an idea actually possible? He cited the huge energy costs of the system as being a major problem, and noted that even if the thrusters did work as planned, you’d probably only be able to lift the car off the ground for a few seconds You might not be taking to the skies any time soon, but a little hop off the ground would still be rather impressive
AIOps: The Decision Center For Orchestrators By standardizing on an orchestrator platform (e.g., Kubernetes), an organization can strive for “workload nirvana”—a journey that often requires navigating complexities of scale that distributed systems demand. Container orchestrators, infrastructure-as-a-service solutions, and auto-scaling groups in the public cloud are really good at taking action when told tosuch as provisioning an additional resource or placing a workload And although a lot of AI concepts are still fluid in this rapidly evolving space, there’s little doubt the next chapter in IT software operations is the convergence with AI
How to spot new 'yellow vulture' speed camera that can fine you for using mobile, eating or even SMOKING behind wheel SPEED cameras capable of fining drivers for using mobile phones, eating or even SMOKING behind the wheel are set to watch the roadways of Britain. The so-called “yellow vulture” cameras… The new system is part of the new Safety Camera Partnership and the cameras have already started appearing on UK streets A smart motorway is a section of a motorway in Britain that uses technology to manage the flow of traffic during busy times We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team Email us at or call 0207 782 4368