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Uber Is About to Restart Self-driving Car Tests but on a Reduced Scale | Digital Trends Uber is reported to be on the verge of restarting its autonomous-car program, though on a significantly reduced scale compared to before. The company halted the test program in March 2018 following a fatal accident involving one of its vehicles, but its cars could be back on the road within weeks. More details are emerging about Uber’s plan to restart its autonomous-car program The safety driver is believed to have been streaming a TV show on her phone and so was unable to take over control of the car Information from a number of current and former employees, as well as internal documents and emails seen by the news outlet, suggest that Uber’s cars had until recently been experiencing problems with the software that powers them
Suzuki Jimny on-sale next month | Suzuki has confirmed the new Jimny and Vitara Series 2 will officially go on-sale next month. Subscribe to an Audi from $269 per week FIND OUT HOW Both the Jimny and Vitara have a strong heritage and following in Australia, which has been none more evident than the demand for pre-orders since the all-new Jimny was confirmed for the Australian market, said Suzuki Australia General Manager Michael Pachota
Citroen launches glasses to cure car sickness | New SEETROEN glasses almost 100 per cent effective. Citroen may by the first to come up with travel sickness glasses, but other car brands are already attempting to cure the bug Last month, Jaguar Land Rover announced its next generation of vehicles will use biometric sensors to record physiological signals that will create an algorithm to then generate a ‘wellness score’ for each passenger Let's start a personal and meaningful conversation! Leave a comment (Get advice from an expert)
5-star safety rating The Hyundai Motor Santa Fe SUV runs on the road The automaker said Thursday the SUV received the maximum five-star safety rating from the European New Car Assessment Programme, an independent vehicle assessment organization
Tesla's China factory is set to begin production late next year, Shanghai government says Tesla is on pace to begin producing in China, which would allow the electric car company to reduce costs significantly. The article described a visit by Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong and Vice Mayor Wu Qing Tesla did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment The company has said it is operating at a 55 percent to 60 percent cost disadvantage with a domestic peer due to ocean transport costs and tariffs
Dakar Rally to break with tradition in Peru The beauty of the dunes and the extreme characteristics of the rally have attracted hundreds of participants The 334 registered vehicles include 167 motorcycles and quads, 126 cars and 41 trucks It was moved to South America in 2009 because of security concerns
Kia Picanto used car review | Is it better to buy a new or used example of this city car? CarReview - That goes for outside, too, and with such appeal to younger drivers, the Picanto is no stranger to the odd rub or bump on its extremities Probably the best reason to buy a Picanto second-hand is that it will be even cheaper than it was new, but will also have anything up to six years of factory warranty left to run Let's start a personal and meaningful conversation! Leave a comment (Get advice from an expert)
VW to quit combustion engines in 2026 | The end is near for production of Volkswagen's petrol engines. Please feel free to comment first! 0 Comments Please Note: Leave a comment below to ask our expert editors anything related to the article you have just read Let's start a personal and meaningful conversation! Leave a comment (Get advice from an expert)
Daimler and Bosch Preview Autonomous Car-to-People Communication | Digital Trends Eager to show off their progress with autonomous cars and perhaps do some early consumer softening as well, Daimler and Bosch previewed car-to-pedestrian communications. A Mercedes Benz S Class with a full load of sensors seems to wink at a pedestrian by blinking one headlamp on a closed test course. For example, blue LED light stripes on the roof-mounted sensors indicate the vehicle is in self-driving mode In a culture exposed to cars that talk and even have emotions in television series and films, from the short-lived 60s sitcom My Mother the Car to   Knight Rider‘s Kitt and Cars ‘ Lightning McQueen, accepting that a vehicle greets you on the street isn’t much of a stretch
Is SpaceX contaminating the International Space Station? Sensors onboard the ISS designed to measure ozone molecules and aerosols in Earth's atmosphere have picked up worrying levels of chemicals. 'Thus, Space Environments must evaluate all external payloads as contamination sources, regardless of sensitivity to contamination.' Experts now believe the ISS issue may be down to outgassing from the visiting Dragon capsule The outcome of this research was Alion's proprietary Z-93C55 coating.' However, if Alion Z-93 gets contaminated after curing, it's prone to degradation when UV rays hit it, a phenomenon first documented in 1971