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Tom Cruise has a new mission: Improving your TV video for 'Mission: Impossible-Fallout' Tom Cruise took a break from filming 'Top Gun: Maverick' to instruct TV owners how to get a better picture when they watch 'Mission: Impossible--Fallout,' which landed on home video this week. He wants you to turn off "motion smoothing." What's that? premiere, Mission: Impossible - Fallout stars salute the action movie's jaw-dropping stunt sequences But in the meantime – should you accept the assignment – you can dive into your TV settings menu and change them yourself Simply type into a search engine: Turn off motion smoothing (your TV brand), and it will direct you to a tech help site such as Tom's Guide (different Tom) or It Still Works – or a TV maker support page – and it will instruct you how to turn off the feature, which in the case of LG displays is called TruMotion
This Tiny Music Player From Shanling Is Smaller Than A Matchbox And Makes An Ideal Christmas Gift This minuscule music player is small enough to pop in a breast pocket and yet carries up to 512GB of music. Using a clever operating system called MTouch, the Shanling M0 can be controlled using taps and swipes on the touch-sensitive screen. It's an affordable alternative to more expensive players. There’s a graphic equalizer to customize the tone, but I found the M0’s flat response setting was absolutely fine and the sound was even better without using the EQ function More info: Specifications: Dimensions: 40x35x45mm Screen: 1.54 inch 240x240 touchscreen Weight: 33g DAC: ESS Sabre ES9218P Playing time: approx 15 hours Deep standby: about 30 days Charging time: approx 2 hours Battery capacity: 640mAh lithium battery Storage: up to 512GB MicroSD Audio output: 3.5mm stereo jack Output power: 80mW @ 32 Output impedance: 0.16 Channel separation degree: 70dB Recommended earphone impedance: 8-300Ω Frequency range: 20Hz~20kHz (-0.5dB) Distortion: 0.004% (A-Weighting, output 500mV) Signal-to-noise ratio: 118dB (A-Weighting) Bottom noise: <3uV (HIGH GAIN) Colors: Black, Red Blue, Titanium, Violet A range of colors is available including Black, Red, Blue, Titanium, and Violet.Shanlin
How to turn off motion smoothing on your high-definition TV Motion smoothing can affect how you watch your favorite films. Here’s how to get rid of it. Photo by James Bareham / The Verge Cinephiles, take note: your TV may be messing with your favorite films Photo by James Bareham / The Verge Roku TV If you have a Roku TV, hit the star button on your remote, find advanced picture settings, and look for Action Smoothing
Ichthyosaurus that lived 180 million years ago were like dolphins A remarkable analysis of its fossilised soft tissue - conducted by Lund University in Sweden - has shown for the first time that ichthyosaurs had blubber to insulate them against the cold water. Professor Schweitzer said: 'We developed a panel of antibodies that we applied to all of the samples, and saw differential binding, meaning the antibodies for a particular protein - like keratin or haemoglobin - only bound to particular areas This work really shows what we're capable of discovering when we perform a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional study of an exceptional specimen.'
Nvidia's A.I. Creates Entire Virtual Cities by Watching Dash Cam Videos | Digital Trends Creating virtual versions of real cities for video games takes thousands of hours. Technology unveiled by Nvidia could make it much easier, however. Its new machine learning tech can generate a convincing virtual city simply by showing it car dashcam videos. Here's how. Nvidia From the Grand Theft Auto franchise to the plethora of available Spider-Man titles, plenty of video games allow you to explore a three-dimensional representation of a real (or thinly fictionalized) city We’ve created a new way to render content using deep learning using A.I
Proof that driving tests are more difficult than ever as pass rates drop to a 10-year low PASS MARKS for driving tests are the lowest they’ve been in a decade, following changes made to the exam last December. Nearly 55 per cent of exam takers failed the practical test over the pa… This would demonstrate multi-tasking while driving, which could prove more difficult or distracting for test-takers under pressure At work and at home we constantly need to update and develop our skills as new technology comes along and its worth taking that same mind-set with you as you start your motoring journey
Google releases Chrome 71 with features to block abusive ads Along with billing warning screens Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Google has announced that Chrome 71 has left beta and is publicly rolling out for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as spotted by 9to5Google Separately, in 2017, Google said it planned to support the guidelines set by Better Ads Standards for what constituted a bad ad, which includes flashing, animated ads and full-screen rollover ads
Workato raises $25M for its integration platform Workato, a startup that offers an integration and automation platform for businesses that competes with the likes of MuleSoft, SnapLogic and Microsoft’s Logic Apps, today announced that it has raised a $25 million Series B funding round from Battery Ventures, Storm Ventures, ServiceNow and Wo… As we’ve all seen, the number of SaaS applications run by companies is growing at a very rapid clip, he said The idea here is to give those departments a kit with pre-built workflows that helps them to get started with the service without having to bring in IT
Waymo starts giving public rides in self-driving vans Waymo is starting to let the public take rides in its self-driving vans. Waymo is calling this is a small, but important, first step to launching an actual driverless ride sharing service. MUST WATCH New York (CNN Business)Waymo is starting to let the public take rides in its self-driving vans Read More The service, called Waymo One, will operate 24 hours a day giving rides in the Phoenix area In the race for the self-driving car, this information is invaluable
This list of PlayStation 4 exclusives puts its competitors to shame When deciding on the top console of the generation, what is your deciding factor? The PlayStation 4's robust game library and great exclusive games, could make anyone with an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch think twice. From shooters to puzzle games, here's our list of the latest and greatest PS4 exclusives. When it comes to exclusive games, the PlayStation 4 is at the top of the console heap Yakuza 6 even lets you play baseball and scout new players while you’re out and about, and you can command a clan of allies in a strategy game against other players online
The next foldable phone could use this flexible glass An exclusive look at Corning's ultra-thin bendable glass that could help protect the next wave of foldable phones. Corning's ultrathin bendable glass is still in development, but it can fold almost in half Read next : What 5G really feels like Real also : We got an early look at the ultrasonic fingerprint reader Royole FlexPai Preview • Royole FlexPai: First foldable phone beats Samsung to the punch
Best PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro Deals and Bundles The deals on Pros and Slims are... slim. But there's still money to save. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale See it at Walmart See it at Amazon See it at GameStop See it at Best Buy PS4 Slim 1TB GTA 5 Bundle This Walmart PS4 bundle gets you a copy of one of the best-selling games, probably ever, in GTA 5
Fiat Panda scores second ever ZERO stars in Euro NCAP crash test - and around 1,500 Brits could already be at risk THE new Fiat Panda has become just the second car in Euro NCAP history to score zero stars in their crash test. The 2018 version of the supermini was judged to be one of the worst performing cars e… Also owned by the Fiat Chyrylser Corporation, the Wrangler scored just one star - but did receive a much higher Child Occupant rating of 69 per cent A Fiat spokesperson said: We take the safety of our customers and other road users extremely seriously The Fiat Panda complies with all safety legislation in every country in which it is sold
This 4K action cam is a great GoPro alternative for just $60 Whether you're an aspiring travel blogger or extreme sports fanatic, you're going to want a quality action cam to record your adventures. While your first insti... Whether you're an aspiring travel blogger or extreme sports fanatic, you're going to want a quality action cam to record your adventures Inside the kit, you'll also find a variety of mounts to take your camera with you on the go, including mounts for your car's dashboard and your bicycle