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iPhone SE 2 Features Show ‘Little Brother’ To iPhone XS? We might get an earlier release of the rumored iPhone SE 2 and some are saying it will be the mini version of the iPhone XS. And now there could be one in the offing as reports show that Apple could be coming out with a smartphone that measures 5.42 inches In a supposed leaked photo of the potential iPhone SE 2, one can see an updated display which is believed to be Liquid Retina that extends to the corners of the gadget launched its iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 inch on March 31, 2016 in Japan
Apple Watch Series 5 Features Might Include Cool Motion Detecting Sensors Apple's next smartwatch could have cool motion sensors that would allow people to answer messages and calls without tapping the screen. The sensor could work through the smartwatch’s ECG and built-in tilt sensor, which means that by making specific wrist movements it can carry out commands that usually needs the user tapping on the screen to work Pictured: Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple Inc., speaks during an Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on September 12, 2018 in Cupertino, California
Lex in depth: can Snap survive? In the spring of 2017, global markets crowned Evan Spiegel the new boy king of tech Yet, in another key part of product development, Snap has been too slow Its camera-toting smartglasses, Spectacles, sold poorly and required a near $40m write down of unsold inventory in 2017 That core understanding of the product is the differentiator
Most of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s intense wellness habits actually make sense Health experts support the meditation, sleep tracking and exercise practices — but worry about his fasting. If you don’t have an extra hour or so to spend walking to work in the morning, or you don’t have access to a safe pedestrian route, simply taking a walk around your building for 30 minutes on your lunch break is a great way to get in some extra steps and work up a sweat, Miranda-Comas said
Russia’s Rusal makes $200 million Kentucky aluminum investment The deal is the first U.S. investment for Rusal since the resolution of a sanctions dispute with the White House. China, Russia expand their presence in Western Hemisphere Asia expert Gordon Chang discusses the trade negotiations between the United States and China We see a renaissance in U.S. added-value manufacturing, advanced manufacturing The deal requires board approval from both companies, expected by early summer
Huawei reportedly ‘open’ to selling 5G chips to Apple Huawei Technologies is “open” to selling 5G smartphone chips to Apple Inc., the Chinese tech giant’s chief executive told CNBC in a new interview. That could spur Apple to look for another chip supplier Read: A little-known risk to Apple is 5G cellular technology It’s unclear if any potential Huawai-Apple deal would run into opposition by the U.S. government, which has called Huawei’s telecom equipment national security risks and has sought to restrict their sales We Want to Hear from You Join the conversation Comment
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MacBook Pro 2019: What About That Big, Brash 16-Inch Model? Undoubtedly the most interesting MacBook Pro (reportedly) coming down the pike is the 16-incher. That future 7nm graphics card has been possibly spotted in the source code of Mojave The problem is, it adds a lot of cost to a MBP ($300 for the MBP 13, though that includes faster silicon too) without commensurate utility, at least according to some reviews So some minor tweaks to the Touch Bar aren't out of the question ---- *The chips are not official yet, according to Anandtech
Does Google Make The Better Tablet? iPad Pro 2018 Vs. Google Pixel Slate: Six-Month Review The Pixel Slate is a stunning piece of hardware. But then so is the 2018 iPad Pro. Which wins in the long run? Credit: Apple The Pixel Slate is a stunning piece of hardware The bottom line is, Chrome OS running on the Slate with the keyboard can be used as a full-time laptop replacement as long as you're not wedded to applications that can only be run on Windows or the Mac
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