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New iPhone keyboard trick lets you text your mates in any language IPHONE owners can now translate to and from foreign languages while texting pals. It’s all thanks to an update for Google’s Gboard keyboard, an optional add-on that gives you extra typi… IPHONE owners can now translate to and from foreign languages while texting pals Then go into Setting and scroll down to find Gboard Tap into it and select Keyboards, then switch the Gboard toggle to on Beware the Google Maps scam that could leave your bank account empty
AirPods 2 Likely In Production And Available Within Days, Oh, And iPad Too AirPods 2 and iPads, too, huh? New rumors suggest that AirPods are so close you can almost smell them. There have been rumors for some time that AirPods 2 could be coming soon but the latest suggestions are that you can, you know, start holding your breath Of course, Apple is likely to mention that the products are coming but the event itself looks like being laser-focused on services
Apple Fires Back at Spotify in Escalating App Store Feud The iPhone maker says the music streaming giant wants to benefit from the App Store without contributing fired back at Spotify Technology SA’s antitrust complaint, saying the music streaming giant wants all the benefits of its app store without contributing to the marketplace The majority of customers use their free, ad-supported product, which makes no contribution to the App Store, Apple said
Apple hits back at 'misleading' Spotify antitrust complaint  Apple has accused Spotify of “misleading rhetoric” in a response to an antitrust complaint made by the company earlier this week. The iPhone maker published a blog post on its website on Friday responding to Spotify’s claims that Apple abuses its dominant position to deliberately disadvantage competing music streaming services The tax does not apply if people subscribe through a non-Apple device, such as on a desktop, and then use the service..
'Laughter is a terrible medicine': How comedian Jay Leno uses tech to monitor his health Jay Leno uses tech to monitor his heart health. He has a KardiaMobile device that connects with his iPhone to check his heart rate. Fullscreen The Fossil Gen 3 Venture with built-in activity tracking lets you track your everyday accomplishments: steps, distance and calories burned Seventy-one million American adults (33.5 percent) have elevated LDL-Cholesterol, according to the CDC It's amusing and fun, but as a medicine it just sucks
Can iPhones Get Viruses? We Asked an Expert | Digital Trends You may believe that iPhones are immune to viruses or malware, but you’d be wrong. We take a look at the risk of viruses or malware to iPhone users, ask an expert how safe the platform is, how it compares to Android, and discuss some other security risks and what you can do about them. If you read the tech headlines every day, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re in the middle of a security meltdown with software viruses and malware running rampant, and there’s certainly some truth to that There are also many more Android users, so it’s a bigger target
Apple says Spotify wants benefits of a free app without being free Apple Inc said on Thursday Spotify wants all the benefits of a free app without ... FILE PHOTO: Customers walk past an Apple logo inside of an Apple store at Grand Central Station in New York, U.S., August 1, 2018 Spotify is free to build apps for and compete on our products and platforms, and we hope they do Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Why Apple’s iPhone X Fold Late Release Strategy Could Work Apple is expected to release its iPhone X Fold late but this could work to the company’s advantage. The only plausible conclusion is that Apple wants to retain its reputation of coming up with premium devices Pictured: Visitors inspect the new iPhone X R during an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre on September 12, 2018 in Cupertino, California
Apple Watch Series 5 Feature: Will Upcoming Smartwatch Be Waterproof? The Apple Watch Series 5 is reported to have various health functions but can it also be fully waterproof? He also mentioned that the next Apple smartwatch could revive the ceramic casing which would make the device lighter and more scratch resistant Pictured: General view of the Apple Watch during the Apple Covent Garden re-opening and iPhone XR launch at Apple store, Covent Garden on October 26, 2018 in London, England
Why Sony silently stopped selling phones in Australia It's been a long time since an Xperia phone was a bona fide hit in Australia, and Sony's mobile arm appears to have called it a day. When I was signing up for my first post-paid phone contract in 2013, the Xperia Z was frequently positioned alongside the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 But Xperia phones seemed to become less and less prominent in Australia as time went on You can still get it online at Catch, TobyDeals and a few others
Don't Underestimate Apple's iPhone Business The segment is an invaluable asset to Apple's overall business. Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone business has a bad reputation recently But the media seems to have glossed over Cook's confidence that China will remain a key driver of Apple's business over the long haul -- and his confidence wasn't based on fluff, but rather on concrete trends
Qualcomm owes Apple almost $1 billion in rebate payments, judge rules A federal judge issued a preliminary ruling late Thursday that Qualcomm Inc. must pay Apple Inc. almost $1 billion in patent rebate payments, Reuters... A federal judge issued a preliminary ruling late Thursday that Qualcomm Inc AAPL, +1.11% almost $1 billion in patent rebate payments, The tech giants are battling on multiple fronts over the wireless chips used in iPhones The judge's ruling will not become final until after an upcoming trial is completed, Reuters said
Apple's new TV ad shows they hope you care as much about privacy on iPhones as they do The commercial subtly showcases Apple's approach to private versus its rivals, without mentioning any competitor's names. The spot ends with the tagline If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on, after which a padlock morphs into the Apple logo Apple's approach to privacy is to process as much data as possible on the iPhone and other devices themselves so that only you get to see that information Email:; Follow @edbaig on Twitter
U.S. judge rules Qualcomm owes Apple nearly $1 billion rebate payment A U.S. federal judge has issued a preliminary ruling that Qualcomm Inc owes Appl... Judge Curiel sided with Apple, ruling that Qualcomm owed the missed rebate payments Although the Court today did not view Apple’s conduct as a breach of Apple’s promises to Qualcomm in the 2013 Business Cooperation and Patent Agreement, the exposure of Apple’s role in these events is a welcome development, Don Rosenberg, executive vice president and general counsel of Qualcomm, told Reuters in a statement Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles