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AirPods 2 May Start Mass Production Now For Imminent Release, Oh, And iPad Too AirPods 2 and iPads, too, huh? New rumors suggest that AirPods are so close you can almost smell them. There have been rumors for some time that AirPods 2 could be coming soon but the latest suggestions are that you can, you know, start holding your breath Of course, Apple is likely to mention that the products are coming but the event itself looks like being laser-focused on services
Samsung working on full-screen phone with cameras under the display Samsung could be getting closer to releasing a truly 'full screen' smartphone. The Korean tech giant is working on a new handset that will place cameras and sensors beneath the display. By moving the camera under the screen, it would remove the need for any kind of cutout on the front display Samsung Galaxy S10+ Price: $999 Screen Size: 6.4-inch Camera: Three rear-facing lenses, two front-facing lenses  RAM: 8GB or 12GB Memory: 128GB to 512GB Processor: Snapdragon 855 Standout features: In-display fingerprint reader, AI camera, notch-less 'Infinity O' display    Apple iPhone XS Max Price: Starts at $1,099 Screen Size: 6.5-inch Camera: Dual rear-facing lenses, dual front-facing lenses RAM: 4GB Memory: 64GB to 512GB Processor: A12 Bionic chip Standout features: TrueDepth camera technology, glass casing, facial recognition
‘Privacy matters’ in Apple’s latest iPhone ad The ad comes just over a month after Apple’s FaceTime privacy bug If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on, says the commercial, as it flips through a wide range of privacy-related scenarios, including keep out signs, people avoiding eavesdroppers at diners, window locks, curtains, and padlocks
Facebook shares tank nearly two per cent after 17-hour partial outage Facebook's stock dropped nearly 2 per cent after a 17-hour partial outage made the world's largest social network inaccessible to users across the globe. In addition to looking at the data deals, the probes focus on disclosures that the company shared the user data of 87 million people with Cambridge Analytica, a British consulting firm that worked with US President Donald Trump's campaign We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience.'
Apple's latest iPhone ad promises privacy matters The last time Apple bragged about iPhone privacy things didn't work out so well. Maybe this will be different? It's tied up with the tagline If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on Still, it's impossible to forget that almost immediately after its January ads, a teenager revealed a flaw in iMessage that let anyone listen in on the mic before a call started, and was unable to get a response from Apple about fixing it before knowledge of the bug became widespread Here's hoping their pride doesn't go before another fall
S&P 500 eases amid U.S.-China trade uncertainty The S&P 500 slipped on Thursday, snapping a three-day streak of gains, as uncert... In the latest of a series of votes, British lawmakers voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to seek a delay in Britain’s exit from the European Union Facebook Inc shares fell 1.8 percent to $170.17 after the world’s largest social network suffered a major outage that frustrated users across the globe for about 24 hours Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Apple's App Store fees are coming under increasing pressure from Spotify, Netflix, and regulators. Cutting them could lower its earnings by 10% next year. Apple's cut of App Store purchases are the biggest component of its services business, which it's been promoting as its future. Cutting them could cost it dearly. Spotify's complaint comes amid growing scrutiny of the business models of Apple and other tech giants Elizabeth Warren said that she would seek to bar such companies from both operating a platform or marketplace and offering apps or services on that marketplace that compete with those from third parties To read the full article, simply click here to claim your deal and get access to all exclusive Business Insider PRIME content
Apple touts data privacy in TV ad campaign Apple Inc on Thursday launched a television advertising campaign promoting its s... REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger The 45-second commercial will begin airing on U.S. TV stations Thursday and run throughout the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s annual March Madness basketball tournament that draws millions of viewers, Apple said Apple’s campaign comes as large technology companies are under unprecedented scrutiny of their data privacy practices Google and Facebook have drawn consumer lawsuits and inquiries from lawmakers Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles
Taiwan's tech industry hunkers down after worst month since 2016 Key iPhone assembler Pegatron warns of a 'hard year' ahead Pedestrians walk past an iPhone advertisement in the Chinese city of Nanning It will be a tough year for smartphone makers ...and it's even tougher for those brands that are not in the top 5 positions to grab consumers' eyes and stay in the race Leading global chip assembler Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the sole provider of iPhone core processors, recorded its worst monthly revenue of NT$60.8 billion since April 2017, down 5.8% from a year ago
Apple ad focuses on iPhone’s most marketable feature — privacy Apple is airing a new ad spot focused on privacy today in primetime. The spot is visually cued, with no dialog and a simple tagline: Privacy. That’s iPhone. In a series of humorous vignettes, the message is driven home that sometimes you just want a little privacy. The spot has only one line of tex… I did find it interesting that the iconography of the ‘Private Side’ spot very very closely associates the concepts of privacy and security But attempting to ignore that you host the data platforms that thrive on it is a tasty bit of prestidigitation But that might be a little too verbose as a tagline
Apple is expected to reveal its new software for iPhone and Mac on June 3 Apple will host WWDC 2019 from June 3 to June 7, and a keynote where it unveils new software for iPhones, iPads, Macs is expected June 3. Apple on Thursday announced that it will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference , or WWDC, from June 3 through June 7 in San Jose, California But, in 2017, it used the opening keynote to reveal updates to the iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro and also introduced the HomePod and a 10.5-inch iPad Pro
Uber plans to kick off IPO in April Ride-hailing company Uber is planning to kick off its initial public offering in April, putting it close on the heels of its smaller rival Lyft, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday. studioEAST | Getty Images A man holds an Apple iPad Mini as he uses Uber app The Wall Street Journal previously reported that proposals for Uber's IPO valued the company at $120 billion SoftBank's Masa Son: Tech evolution not slowing down at all    23 Mins Ago | 01:36
Why some investors say tech stocks are becoming less risky The evolution of the information technology sector has made it less cyclical in recent years, some investors argue. Skeptics hear echoes of the late-90s tech bubble. Echoes of the tech bubble Anyone who lived through the late-1990s tech bubble is probably cringing now, wrote Bernstein Such odd economics might work when employment is strengthening, but seem unlikely to work should employment cyclically weaken at some point We Want to Hear from You Join the conversation Comment
One day after Facebook and Instagram went down, iCloud has problems After a server change took Facebook and Instagram down for many for most of Wednesday, Apple's iCloud faced its own share of issues Thursday. Use a cloud service, like iCloud, to back-up your important photos and other files, but you only get 5 gigabytes for free Apple's other apps and services including iMessage, FaceTime, Siri and Apple Music all seem to be unaffected by the issues plaguing iCloud as of 3:25 p.m. EDT Follow Eli Blumenthal on Twitter @eliblumenthal