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Washington Post reported "Brexit: Parliament votes to delay, rejects a second referendum for now" on Thursday

[] Passions are high as hardline Brexiteers fear May’s strategy will either force them to accept a deal they don’t like or they will lose their beloved Brexit When you come to the end of a negotiation that’s when you really start to see the whites of people’s eyes, said Foster, and you get down to the point where you make a deal A delay request would need approval by the other 27 E.U. members.

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BREAKING: Labour WON’T support vote on second Brexit referendum tonight (Pic: DS) This is a breaking news story and is constantly being updated Reporters working on will be working to source the latest information, reaction, pictures and video related to this story Or download the Daily Star app for flash alerts on the biggest stories of the day

Labour will not support tonight's vote for a second Brexit referendum The Labour Party will NOT back an amendment tonight which would see MPs call for a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer said the party would not whip MPs to support Independent MP Sarah Wollaston 's amendment tonight This is a breaking news story and is being updated

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UK Parliament votes to delay Brexit - World During my consultations ahead of (the leaders' summit next week), I will appeal to the EU27 to be open to a long extension if the UK finds it necessary to rethink its Brexit strategy and build consensus around it, Tusk wrote on Twitter Contact the writer at