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USA Today reported "Facebook reportedly faces criminal investigation over data sharing with Amazon, Apple and more" on Thursday

[] At least two major companies that make smartphones and other devices have been subpoenaed by a grand jury in New York seeking records from the firms, the Times reported, citing two people familiar with the situation We've provided public testimony, answered questions, and pledged that we'll continue to do so Then on Wednesday, Facebook suffered its largest-ever outage, as the social network and Instagram went down for most of the day across the globe A New York grand jury is looking into the deals Facebook made with other tech companies over sharing of users' data, according to The New York Times.

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Facebook under new criminal investigation for its data-sharing deals Apple was reportedly allowed to access contact numbers for Facebook users who had explicitly disabled all sharing with outside entities, while Microsoft's search engine, Bing, was allowed to see the names of users' friends Mr Zuckerberg could also face a legal summons from the Canadian parliament if he refuses to appear before an international hearing in Ottowa in May

Facebook 'criminally probed over data deals with Apple & Amazon' In a blog post on the changes, CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised to stop old photos popping up many years later This philosophy could be extended to all private content AFP or licensors 2 Facebook is attempting to move past a string of damaging scandals around user privacy

Facebook under criminal investigation over data sharing with tech firms - report Investigations by the Federal Trade Commission, the justice department and the Securities and Exchange Commission have all been previously reported The company’s services have been suffering outages across the world throughout the day, with no explanation thus far

Facebook is reportedly under criminal investigation over deals that gave Apple, Amazon, and other companies access to user data Under the terms of those deals, which the Times first reported in December, Facebook allowed partners including Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft to access personal user data, including friend lists, contact information, and sometimes even private messages and not always with the user's consent Most of those partnerships have ended over the last several years We've provided public testimony, answered questions and pledged that we will continue to do so Facebook did not respond to an immediate request for comment from Business Insider