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The Sun reported "What is a No Deal Brexit, when could a deal with Brussels be agreed and what happens if a deal with the EU is not signed?" on Monday

[] The Border Force is also planning for a possible No Deal Brexit as they fear there will be significant outbound queues at the Eurostar and a degradation of border security, Sky News reported The papers show: Imports from Europe would be subject to customs duties and VAT from day one of a No-Deal Brexit European banks will be able to operate in Britain for at least three years without any change But UK institutions would have to strike their own deal to avoid being shut out of the EU market completely Ministers are refusing to impose new checks on European medicines because they fear harming the NHS Organic farmers could be badly hit because their goods would be shut out from the continent Cigarette packets would get new warning images - because the current ones belong to Brussels Civil servants are ramping up their work on No-Deal Brexit with thousands more officials involved in the plans THERESA May’s request for more negotiations with European Union over the Irish backstop have been rejected, increasing the chances of a No Deal Brexit. Here’s what you need to know abou…

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British mobile users could face roaming fees in the event of a no-deal Brexit The UK is working to come up with a trade agreement with the European Union and is facing a rapidly approaching a deadline before a mandated withdrawal from the economic bloc If the UK crashes out of the EU, the requirements on UK mobile operators to guarantee surcharge-free roaming for customers in the EU are inoperable after exit, says the memo, because the UK would no longer be part of the EU regulatory structure

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What are the latest no-deal Brexit odds and what is the likelihood there will be a second referendum? THERESA May faces a crucial time in the Commons that could carve the shape of Brexit, with fewer than 60 days remaining until the UK is due to leave the EU Brexiteers say it would be a boost for the UK to be free from Brussels rules and we will be able to strike deals with other upcoming nations around the globe

100,000 jobs could be at risk in Germany in a no-deal Brexit A no-deal Brexit could put as many as 100,000 jobs at risk in Germany with car industry workers especially at risk, it has been claimed Dieter Kempf, the boss of a German industry lobby, said companies were 'looking into the abyss' after MPs voted down the exit deal by a huge margin

EU talks with the UK about managed no-deal Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman (Image: Getty Images) A source at the WTO said that the organisation does not want to make a public statement on the issue because it does not want to intervene in the complexities of the Brexit negotiation It also warns that the phrasing around EU students means they could also be added to those getting permanent residency, which the Bow Group said could increase the number eligible by 500,000

What is a No Deal Brexit, when could a deal with Brussels be agreed and what happens if a deal with the EU is not signed? BRITAIN could end up leaving the European Union without a deal after Brussels has repeatedly rejected Theresa May's requests for talks over the Irish backstop In a pure No Deal Brexit scenario, businesses would lose their passporting rights, which allow them to sell their services across the EU without having to obtain licences in each individual country

May can secure a Brexit deal with EU - minister FILE PHOTO: Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to the press at the European Council headquarters in Brussels, Belgium February 7, 2019 She also rejected the idea of a UK-EU customs union - something the main opposition Labour Party supports and that the EU has said it is interested in pursuing, but May staunchly opposes Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles

No-deal Brexit ferry contract scrapped A spokesman said: The government is already in advanced talks with a number of companies to secure additional freight capacity - including through the Port of Ramsgate - in the event of a no-deal Brexit It added that its confidence in the viability of the deal with Seaborne was based on Arklow Shipping's backing of the company and the assurances it received from them