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The Sun reported "Group of 200 travellers evicted from Surrey park move just 6 MILES away" on Tuesday

[] BPM Media 9 The travellers broke a gate at Cobham Recreation Ground to gain access BPM Media 9 The area abandoned at Shalford Common was left in a state by the travellers Your update states that bins are provided Email us at or call 0207 782 4368 A GROUP of  200 travellers evicted from a posh Surrey suburb have arrived at a village just six miles away. Just days after being evicted from picturesque Cobham – home to celebs such as tenn…

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200 travellers moved from Surrey common invade village SIX MILES away 'The police are warning us to lock everything up as they've had reports of an increase in bike thefts The park is becoming a bog land and area ruined by all the drifting of vehicles All everyone can do is contact Elmbridge (council) with all that is witnessed.'