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The Guardian reported "Senate rejects national emergency declaration in sharp rebuke to Trump" on Thursday

[] Trump declared a national emergency last month after signing a funding agreement that did not include the money he requested to build a wall Given Trump’s anticipated veto, the best chance of blocking his emergency declaration may come through the courts, where the action faces serval legal challenges from Democratic state attorneys general, borderland residents and environmental groups Twelve Republicans joined every Senate Democrat in rare move to block president’s effort to divert funds for US-Mexico border wall

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Senate passes resolution to overturn Trump's national emergency declaration Portman announced during his remarks that he would support the resolution, but made a point to say -- as have many other Republicans -- that he believes President Trump is right about the crisis at the border CNN's Phil Mattingly and Lauren Fox contributed to this report

The Senate votes to terminate Trump's national emergency in a stunning rebuke, and the president will have to use his first veto to get his border wall We were right then, Paul wrote in an op-ed announcing his support for the resolution There's been some concern in the media about whether or not this creates a dangerous precedent It's not as if he just didn't get what he wanted so he's waving a magic wand and taking a bunch of money

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Trump renews veto threat as Senate prepares to rebuke him on national emergency Mike Lee (R-Utah), who was leading an effort to craft a compromise aimed at curtailing presidential emergency powers in the future, became the latest Republican to announce plans to defect and vote for a resolution to nullify Trump’s declaration when it comes to the floor on Thursday

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