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Southeast Asia reported "Tesla Unveils Its First Crossover SUV, The Tesla Model Y" on Friday

[] As for the interior, the Model Y will offer up to seven seats with an optional third row, a 15-inch touchscreen, an expansive and panoramic Glass Roof, and more For more on Tesla, be sure to check out our review of the Tesla Model S, learn how Elon Musk tried to license Mario Kart for an in-car version, and watch us play classic Atari a Tesla! Say hello to the Tesla Model Y.

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Tesla unveils its Model Y crossover To say Tesla has been busy lately is a bit of an understatement So why not keep the news coming with the unveil its next car.. Musk announced that pre-orders for the vehicle are open right now The CEO also said that the Model Y should be coming off production lines in 2019

Tesla Model Y crossover SUV unveiled - Roadshow If the vehicle appeals to buyers who hadn't previously been interested in a sedan like the Model 3 but couldn't afford a Model X, then it's all gravy Of course, that also depends on whether Tesla is able to decide officially where to build it and if it can build it without the quality issues it suffered with Model 3 Elon Musk comes alive on social media: Part entrepreneur, part madman 18 Photos

Tesla unveils its Model Y crossover Roberto Baldwin / Engadget To say Tesla has been busy lately is a bit of an understatement It finally opened orders for its long-awaited $35,000 Standard Range Model 3, it reversed a decision to shutter some of its showrooms, and it showed off its V3 Supercharging

Tesla Model Y livestream: How to watch If history is any guide, Tesla's enigmatic executive won't just pull a sheet off of the 2020 Model Y and be done with it -- there's bound to be a few surprises There are lots of questions yet to be answered about the Model Y, and plenty of questions about the state of the embattled automaker in general

Tesla Model Y livestream: How to watch It's easy: The Silicon Valley electric carmaker is hosting a livestream exclusively on its website today While you're at it, we recommend keeping tabs on Tesla's official Twitter account and CEO Elon Musk's always-spicy Twitter feed We'll know more later tonight starting at 8 p.m. Do you plan to tune in

Model Y: Tesla to unveil new electric crossover SUV Tesla (@Tesla) Model Y Thurs 8pm PDT March 14, 2019 Last week, it was revealed that Musk’s security clearance, which he needs for his company SpaceX, is also under review by the Pentagon, after the billionaire smoked marijuana on a live-streamed podcast in September

Here’s how to watch the Tesla Model Y reveal And unless you are one of the lucky few to score an invite to the exclusive event, chances are you’re like us, stuck at home and wondering how to watch the party As of this writing, the link has not been posted yet That should help the crossover make it into production quicker and cost less money to develop

Here's how Tesla's Model Y SUV is different from the Model X and Model 3 Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's newest production car, the Model Y, at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California Elon announced the base model compact SUV will cost $39,000 Watch the video above to see some of the differences between the Model Y, Model 3, and Model X